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Art Workshop

NCCA calls for proposals for culture and heritage promotion, programs

LEGAZPI CITY – The National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), as part of their nationwide caravan to encourage initiatives for cultural promotion, conducted a “Call for Project Proposal 2017” conference here to invite submissions of project proposals that will feature and develop local arts and culture.

According to NCCA, with a total estimated budget of P34 million, the commission is willing to provide funding for approved project proposals as competitive cash grants. Hence, the said budget has been broken down and allocated to project categories conceptualized by NCCA.

The projects to be funded were classified into two categories. Category A covers projects which have been conceptualized during various levels of planning workshops following the identified needs of the locality. Specific outputs and deliverables have already been specified, Category A projects are those which would now only require implementers.

The second category, Category B, calls for proposals conceptualized by proponents to important cultural concerns. Under Category B, the organization submitting the proposal may cite their own plans and targets in line with NCCA’s priorities and outcomes.

The budget may be considerable but limited, so only the best proposal per project category is to be given the grant. Under Category A for instance, the “Probinsyudad”, which attempts to push culture-based development from cities to provinces, has only five slots available but with a grant of Php 2 million per project implementation.

However, to qualify for the NCCA’s Grant Program, the proponent must first submit an endorsement from their head office, if the implementer is a government organization or office. For private civic society organizations (CSOs), the proponents must first be registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA).

If a CSO is to be a beneficiary of the proposed project to be funded, they must first present a Certificate of Accreditation from the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD). This, according to NCCA, is a requirement set forth by the Commission on Audit (COA) to ensure that the grants are given to legitimate organizations in need of the funding.

NCCA’s Grant Program is the commission’s response to the government’s recognition of the important role of culture as the foundation for national development and unity. The program was the result of a series of organized participative planning workshops, which focused upon culture-based development strategies responsive to the sustainable development of communities.

As expressed by the NCCA team during their “Call for Project Proposal 2017” write-up session in Legazpi City, the Bicol region sets high hopes for project proposals due to the Bicolanos deep respect to tradition and culture.

“We (NCCA) are open to ways and means that may showcase the communities’ culture and arts, whether it’s in the field of literature, visual arts, music, theatre, cinema, or others… “, said Dr. Jasmin Llana, NCCA representative.

Being a Bicolana herself, Dr. Llana added: “Being someone who is once involved in the arts and cultural scene here in Albay, I am confident that we can expect brilliant project proposals from you (fellow Bicolanos).” (MAL/JBE-PIA5)


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