Bicolano solon lists Marcos' 'cardinal sins'

MANILA, August 9, 2016 (Bicol Standard) -- Albay 1st District Representative Edcel Lagman has released a list of what he calls the twelve cardinal sins of Marcos that make him unfit for hero's burial.
Edcel Lagman
The list, released earlier today to the members of the media, reads:

1. He declared Martial Law for malevolent and contrived reasons to perpetuate himself in power.
2. He padlocked the Congress and arrogated the role of sole legislator.
3. To stifle dissent, he incarcerated titans in the political opposition and personalities in the Left.
4. He emasculated the judiciary.
5. He wantonly violated the people's political, civil, economic, and human rights.
6. He forcibly closed media outlets, detained journalists, suppressed the freedom of the press and expression.
7. He closed and took over private enterprises and public utilities.
8. He plundered the economy and amassed ill-gotten hoards estimated to reach US $30 billion.
9. He allowed cronies to inordinately and criminally enrich themselves.
10. He ballooned the foreign debt from $1-B in 1965 to $28-B in 1986, the payment of which, including the behest loans, stifled the budget of the subsequent administrations at the expense of socio-economic services.
11. He submerged the economy to negative GDP growth.
12. He was ousted as a tyrant by people power and thus, dishonorably discharged by popular action, while the Supreme Court barred his return to the Philippines.

Lagman added: "Marcos' having been a soldier and a former President is dwarfed by his 12 cardinal sins against the Filipino people.


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