LGU Casiguran restocks river with tilapia fingerlings

CASIGURAN, Sorsogon, August 20, 2016--About 25,000 tilapia fingerlings were released into the San Pascual River in Sitio Cabungahan, Barangay Boton, this town last Monday, August 15.

Benigno Bejison, municipal agriculturist, said this is part of the fishery program of the local government and, at the same time, to rehabilitate the town's river system.

The re-stocking of tilapia fingerlings of inland bodies of water covers the rivers of San Pascual in barangay San Pascual, Boton and Trece Martirez; Insangahan in barangay Burgos and San Cruz; Namuat in barangays of Inlagadian, Escuala and Burgos; Talinga river in barangay San Juan, Tigbao and San Isidro; Marabook river in barangay San Antonio and Adovis; and Himaoyon River in barangay Gogon, Timbayog and Colambis.

According to Bejison, re-stocking of tilapia fingerlings in various rivers in Casiguran will be conducted every fifteen days.

“It must be remembered that the fishes in the rivers are almost all gone because of illegal fishing using electrocution and poison,” said Bejison.

Stiffer penalties for the use of illegal fishing methods will also be imposed, he added.

Within a few months, residents will start benefiting from the re-stocking of fish, based on local government projection.

Mayor Edwin “Boboy” Hamor said agriculture is one of the priority programs in local government to uplift the conditions of ordinary people and to give them other sources of income.

He also said that he is allocating more funds from the local budget for various agriculture programs next year.
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