EDUCATION | Good communication skills in a changing world

by Maribel B. Calayo
Juan F. Trivino Memorial High School
Caranan, Pasacao, Camarines Sur

Communication refers to the exchange of ideas aimed at conveying information. Since the dawn of language, communication skills have been important to humans. With communication, we are able to put across ideas that would otherwise be impossible to convey through the two modes of communication, speaking and writing. 

Through communication, we are able to give instructions, pass our community’s narratives, and articulate our hopes and aspirations.

Communication, however, is more than writing essays or engaging in conversations. It also involves non-verbal signals, such as facial expression, body language, gestures, and one’s personal appearance.

In whatever sector you find yourself in—the academe, government, business, or the media—effective communication skills are important in achieving a myriad of goals.

In business, for instance, effective communication skills are necessary in creating compelling corporate materials, and ensuring better workflow and productivity in the work environment.

In the government, as well as private and public organizations, effective communication skills allows for wise decision-making and problem-solving—skills which are key in any institution.

In the academe, they are imperative in sharing thoughts and ideas, from the simplest to the most complex.

In the media, communication skills allow for clearer and more responsible information dissemination, which is at the heart of said sector.

In a changing world where borders are constantly eroded by technological advances, and possibilities grow endlessly at breakneck speed, however, good communication skills have become even more important.

The need to communicate effectively becomes more pronounced in a globalized world, where content travels fast and information is exchanged at any given moment.

These days, for instance, it has become important to know not only to write a conventional letter, but also to send it via one of the many modes of communication. One’s tone and register changes, it must be noted, whether a thought is communicated via text message, Facebook message, e-mail, snail mail, or a handwritten note.

It has become necessary, likewise, to be more conscious of other people’s emotions, especially with the rise of the political correctness movement and efforts at class, gender, and racial equality.

Other communication skills which needs have become more evident in a globalized world are the proper use of humor, the ability to resolve conflict positively, and the capacity for minimizing stress.

As the world continues to change in a swift, almost overwhelming speed, so must our adaptation to its demands. Learning and honing our communication skills is one vital way of adapting to these changes and making sure that we succeed in our goals.


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