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Colgante Bridge needs immediate repair, says DPWH

NAGA CITY August 24, 2016 (Bicol Standard) “The Colgante Bridge is already dangerous.”

This was the statement made by DPWH 2nd District Assistant District Engineer Ricky Ragrario, in an interview earlier today at DWNX.

Colgante Bridge
Photo by Oscar Esmenda

Colgante Bridge
Photo by Oscar Esmenda

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Ragrario said that upon the request of the City Government of Naga, they have already inspected the said bridge and made the necessary recommendations.

He further said that they have noticed some problems in the structural component. Some portions of the structure are rusty already, hence the need to immediately make some retrofitting or rehabilitation, he added.

Moreover, he clarified that the responsibility of making the repair or retrofitting belongs to LGU Naga, since it is not classified as a national bridge.

“All national bridges, like Mabulo, Tabuco, Panganiban, as well as the one in Magsaysay has been regularly inspected by our personnel and are all in good condition.

Regrario clarified further that he is not recommending the closure of Colgante bridge to traffic. However, for safety, he recommends closing the same to traffic and even to pedestrians during the Fluvial Procession.

It will be recalled that on September 16, 1972, at least 140 persons died, including several media personalities, due to the collapse of the said bridge during the Fluvial Procession.

During that time, this bridge was constructed using lumber materials, unlike the present one that is made of concrete and steel.

However, there is no regular maintenance, thus the present deteriorated condition.

Meanwhile, at press time, Bicol Standard has not been able to get the reaction of the City Engineer’s Office, since they were still holding a meeting at their office.


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