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CHURCH | Life lived in faith

by Fr. Joey D. Gonzaga

There is nothing that we have that does not come from above.

Everything is grace-birth, death, moment of prosperity or adversity, period of fortune or misfortune. Yes, all things and persons are God's blessings if we consider them from the perspective of our faith in God.

Without faith our work, health, wealth, money and property will be regarded as a result of purely human efforts.

Without faith, our life will be meaningless and pointless.By faith, however, we value our present life and look forward in hope to the next life.

When we live without faith in the realities of heaven, hell, purgatory and divine judgment, we will not care for the needs of others but only for the satisfaction of our selfish desires of the flesh and the palate.

By faith, we consider ourselves as trustees, stewards, caretakers of our own life, the lives of others and creation as well.

Without faith, everything including the natural resources is subject to human domination and exploitation.

By faith, we see the beauty of nature and its Creator.

Without faith, the other person is regarded as a competitor, an outsider and therefore should be eliminated and hated.

By faith, we see the other person as a cooperator, a collaborator, a sister or a brother in Christ.

Without faith, we will value and highly esteem only persons who are efficient, proficient, dependable and knowledgeable.

By faith, we see each other as persons without distinction and exception.

A living or dead person is a human being worthy of our caring and loving! A criminal is a person just like all of us.

Let us ask God to strengthen and renew our faith so that we may be able to see the things we refuse to see and understand the things and situations which are difficult to be understood.


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