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Cam Sur village chief killed due to anti-drug campaign?

CALABANGA, Camarines Sur, August 4, 2016 (Bicol Standard) – The punong barangay of Salvacion Baybay here identified as Jose Ipo was gunned down at around 7:30 p.m. last night by two unidentified assassins three meters distance from where his wife was standing in front of their residence.

The incident, however, raised numerous questions in the minds of the residents.

“The personal support that Ipo, a former member of the military, has extended in the campaign against the proliferation of illegal drugs is likely the only reason why he was killed. He visited the houses of alleged drug personalities. He was open in convincing them to surrender to the police,” the residents here told the Bicol Standard.

Police investigators say that Ipo suffered three gunshot wounds, two of them fatal.

Acting Chief of Police Inspector Ace Christian Mendoza, in an interview this morning, confirmed that Ipo is one of the village chiefs who was supportive of the program to eradicate illegal drugs.

“He would help the residents identified as illegal drug users to surrender and pledge that they would abandon the use of said substance”, Mendoza said.

Eyewitness accounts said that the assailants who were riding in a motorcycle stopped in front of the victim’s residence. The motorcycle back rider whose face was covered with a bonnet disembarked and went directly to where the victim was seated. Without saying a word, he fired two successive shots from his firearm, hitting the victim in his body. Afterwards, the suspects boarded their getaway motorcycle.

The victim’s body was brought to the hospital in Naga City.

However, at around 2:30 a.m., he was pronounced dead.

Meanwhile, the investigators are still consolidating their report regarding this incident.

“I certainly believe that he is a good man. He has no known enemy. He has no more political ambitions. But, he might have revealed to the police the names of other drug users who could have planned for this incident,” an informant who asked for his name not to be disclosed said.

Police here have organized Task Force Ipo to investigate specifically on the killing. (BICOLSTANDARD.COM)


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