Señar vs Bengua in CSur PCL race

NAGA CITY August 31, 2016 (Bicol Standard) – Provincial Philippine Councilor’s League (PCL) President Bani Señar said that he will pursue his plan to for run for re-election as president of the said organization, which is scheduled on September 20, 2016.

LEFT: Señar, RIGHT: Bengua (PHOTOS: SP CamSur/ Rogel Romero Totaña)
In a radio interview over DWLV, Señar said he cannot simply ignore the overwhelming endorsement and support from the members who encourage him to be the head of the Provincial PCL League and as an ex-officio member to the Sangguniang Panlalawigan.

“Actually, I had a meeting with President Rody Duterte, who is my fraternity brother in Davao City. We are both members of the Lex Talionis frat, at San Beda College of Law. That’s why I am close to him,” Señar said.

“There are only about 400 members of this fraternity. We are very close to each other,” he added.

During their brief meeting, Señar explained that together with their other fraternity brods, each of them was given a piece of paper where we were asked to write our preferred position in his administration, if any of us intends to join the government service.

“For my part, I have clearly discussed with the President that my only intention is to run for re-election as PCL President. Immediately, he endorsed me to one of his undersecretaries, who was instructed to inform the local leaders of Camarines Sur, of my aspiration to be PCL president again. He also instructed the undersecretary to coordinate with the local leaders to help me in the said PCL election,” he said.

Apart from the most important endorsement by President Duterte, Señar said that it is his obligation to the PCL members of Camarines Sur to pursue and strengthen further the gains they earned during his incumbency.

Senar took pride in saying that during his term, he was able to convince the PCL National Board to hold the National Convention of the organization here.

He added that for the record, he is probably the only PCL president here who has submitted a clear accounting of the funds that the organization to the National PCl organization.

Meanwhile, when he was asked if he is supported by Gov. Miguel Villafuerte in his re-election plan as PCL president, he declined to give a direct answer.

“I think I will be misinterpreted by some local leaders here. But, if ever I asked for the blessings and endorsement of President Duterte, it is for the reason that we are brothers in the fraternity,” he added. Señar was confident, however, that 1st District Rep. Rolando (Nonoy) Andaya Jr., will be behind his candidacy.

He then explained the reasons why Andaya would support him. First, they are both from Ragay and the 1st district of the Province. They are also blood relatives. But, most of all, he said he is also very much qualified for the position.

He also said that since Cong. Andaya and Cong. LRay Villafuerte are not politically aligned with each other, it is predictable that the former would not support the candidate who is supported by the latter. Besides, Andaya supported President Duterte last election. There is no reason why he would not support the candidate who is endorsed by the President, he added.

Expected to challenge Senar in the PCL election is Pasacao Municipal Councilor Jorge Bengua a known political protégée of the Villafuertes.

Prior to Bengua’s election as municipal councilor, he was the Liga ng Mga Barangay President of Camarines Sur. He was supported by the group of Cong LRay Villafuerte.