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Suspected drug dealer killed in Nabua

NABUA, CSur (July 25, 2016) –A suspected drug personality here identified as Romel Ostonal a.k.a “Inoy”, was pronounced dead upon arrival at the Medical Mission Group, when the joint police operatives fired upon him, in a buy bust operation at 5:30 PM, today.

The report claims that Ostonal pulled his firearms and fired at the police operatives, which prompted the latter to retaliate in order to immobilize him.

In the incident report, the police operatives said that they were able to recover the following pieces of evidence that confirms his alleged participation in the illegal drug trade in this town.

The recovered items include: one (1) calibre .38 revolver; four (4) heat sealed transparent plastic sachets of suspected “shabu”, one heat sealed plastic, believed to contain dried marijuana leaves; six (6) live ammunition for calibre .38; and five (5) live ammunition for calibre .45.

The buy bust operation was conducted at Brgy. Paloyon Oriental, this town.

Meanwhile, the investigators told the BICOL STANDARD that Ostonal is a resident of Oas, Albay.

His name is included in the long list of illegal drug dealers whose area of operation is the entire of Rinconada Area.(BICOLSTANDARD.COM)


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