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Help others, Asec. Brimon tells NKP-NKB new members

NAGA CITY, July 18, 2016, (Bicol Standard) -- "The best evidence of intelligence and greatness is helping other people," Assistant Secretary of Department of Labor and Employment Katherine Briguera-Brimon told the new members of Nu Kappa Beta (NKB) honor sorority.

Nu Kappa Phi - Nu Kappa Beta
This was during the acceptance and induction ceremony held Sunday afternoon at Bicol Shell Museum, Barangay Bagolatao, Minalabac, Camarines Sur.

She underscored that while the organization puts emphasis on good academic performance, the members should not forget to show character, loyalty, and leadership in their daily lives.

These, she said, will distinguish the Nu Kappa Betans from the other people in society.

She also expressed her hope that one day, the members will say that the opportunities given to them by the fold were put to good use.

We should not just be patting each other's backs. Instead, let us allow the community to say what we have achieved in life, both in our academic, and beyond, she said.

Surpass what you have accomplished with the faculties that you have, she challenged the inductees.

Nu Kappa Beta was established in the early fifties to hone the abilities of students in the University of Nueva Caceres.

Meanwhile, the members of the Nu Kappa Phi (NKP) Fraternity were also inducted by Bicol Standard Publisher Gil Basmayor, who is also a member of the same fraternity. (BICOLSTANDARD.COM)


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