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DTI Bicol cautions against purchase of unverified LPG devices

LEGAZPI CITY, July 18 -- Due to reports of unverified liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) anti-leakage devices being sold to the public, the Department of Trade and Industry of the Bicol region (DTI-Bicol) has released a public warning against the purchase of the said product.

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According to DTI-Bicol, the households are strongly advised to be on-guard as these alleged LPG anti-leakage devices are being sold door-to-door. Salesmen peddling these items convince their prospective buyers that the device can control the flow of gas and is a gas economizer.

DTI states that the said claims of the device are not verified as it does not bear any marking from a certifying body. It also does not bear the name and address of the manufacturer, which is a clear violation of the ‘Consumer Act of the Philippines’, also known as the ‘Minimum Labeling Requirement for Consumer Products’.

Sales of the device is also a violation of the implementing rules and regulations of Republic Act 7394 (Consumer Act of the Philippines), better known as the ‘Home Solicitation Sales’. This law stipulates: “No business entity shall conduct any home solicitation sales of any consumer product or service without first obtaining a permit from the Department (DTI)”.

As per the information gathered by the department, the device is being sold for Php 3,890 per unit, when it can be bought at a much lower price in other stores. As of the moment, DTI is in the process of filing a case against the company or manufacturer of the device.

For those who are already using the device, DTI warns against continued use as the security of the said item has not been assured. Improper use of it may cause fire and accidents. (MAL/JBE/PIA5)


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