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Archdiocese of Caceres files unlawful detainer case vs. Canaman town

CANAMAN, Camarines Sur, July 30, 2016 (Bicol Standard)—A complaint for unlawful detainer with damages was filed against the Municipality of Camaman and Barangay Haring by the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Caceres, represented by Rev. Fr. Domingo R. Florida, in the Municipal Trial Court of Magarao, Camarines Sur.Trial Court of Magarao, Camarines Sur.

The complaint says that the respondents have been illegally occupying a portion of their property, covered under Original Certificate of Title No. RC-838 (206) and declared under Tax Declaration ARP No. 97-005-097 located at Brgy Jareng, this town.

In the same lot, the defendants have constructed a barangay hall, health center, SK building, basketball court, school, and parks, without the appropriate building permits nor the express consent and authority of the owner, the complaint said.

The respondents have repeatedly and categorically acknowledged that the property upon which the above-mentioned government projects were built, belongs to the Roman Catholic Church, the same complaint states.

Objection to construction, development

As early as October 20, 2006, the Church has categorically disallowed construction and improvements on the same lot because said property is earmarked exclusively for religious purposes.

Another letter dated March 29, 2016 addressed to Brgy. Captain Cantillo, says that he was officially informed that the result of the survey conducted on the said lot clearly shows that a huge portion of the church property is being occupied by the said projects of the barangay.

Meanwhile, after many years of tolerance, the Church has decided to file a complaint to compel the said respondents to peacefully vacate and surrender the lawful possession of the disputed premises to the church.

Said respondents, however, allegedly failed to do so.

The church, thru Fr. Florida wants the respondent LGUs to pay by way of attorney’s fees in the amount of P60,000.00 plus P3,000.00 per court appearance and other expenses in the amount of no less that P10,000.00.

Vacate and surrender

The complainant prays that the court renders a favourable judgement, by ordering the defendants to vacate and peacefully surrender to the church the said premises, clean of any and all improvements/or structures standing thereon.

Furthermore, the complainant is asking the defendants to pay the prevailing rental of the subject premises occupied by them in the amount pegged at P15,000.00 per month.

The Municipal Government of Canaman as well as Barangay Haring have already received the summons pertaining to this complaint. (BICOLSTANDARD.COM)


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