Several local bets in CSur fail to beat SOCE deadline

NAGA CITY--Several candidates in the May 9 polls in the province of Camarines Sur have missed the deadline of the filing of the Statement of Contributions and Expenditure yesterday, Comelec Camarines Sur spokesperson Alex Marpuri told the BICOL STANDARD.

These include Carlomagno Batalla, candidate for 1st District Board Member; Salvador Desquitado, candidate for 5th District Board Member; Apolinar Napoles candidate for 1st District Representative; and Felix Alfelor, candidate for 5th District Representative.

Candidates who fail to beat the June 8 deadline shall be liable to pay an administrative fine ranging from One thousand pesos (P1,000.00) to Thirty thousand pesos (P30,000.00), in the discretion of the Commission, according to Republic Act 7166.

For the commission of a second or subsequent offense under this section, the administrative fine shall be from Two thousand pesos (P2,000.00) to Sixty thousand pesos (P60,000.00), in the discretion of the Commission. In addition, the offender shall be subject to perpetual disqualification to hold public office.

Comelec chairman Andres Bautista said they will strictly implement the deadline for filing, despite requests from several candidates for an extension.--BICOLSTANDARD.COM


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