Inspiring students to be lifelong learners

by Elsie O. Ebonite
Teacher I
Santiago Young
Elementary School, Nabua East District

It is one of the responsibilities of the Filipino child to attend school and study hard. The school is a place where pupils can learn new things with the guidance of their teachers. It grants them the gift of knowledge and overall development, which would guarantee their success in their future careers. Because of this gift that education can give, parents work hard to fortify their children’s learning. Even before children reach school-age, parents, who are the first teachers of every child, would help their children learn the basics – language, motor skills, etc.

However, what would happen then after these children graduate? For most people, probably the first quarter of their lives is used for studying. When they have found themselves a respectable position at a company, and they have earned their own air-conditioned offices with matching glass-topped desks, swivel chairs, and plaques displayed on the side, what will become of their learning journey? Will it stop for good?

As a school teacher, my dream and my goal is to grant all of my students a bright future. This is why I never stop studying, because information constantly changes with time. It is my duty to ensure that I educate my students the best way that I can, so I will also give them updated and well-researched information so that what they are being taught is right. Being a teacher, the learning journey never stops for me. How does it apply though to people with other professions?

Teaching is a noble profession, but not all children will want that career. Some of them will become doctors, firefighters, lawyers, entrepreneurs, etc. A lot of them will want to graduate to finally escape having to study so much. However, learning does not stop after education, whether they like it or not. As a professional and an adult, I am a witness of this situation. Learning, however, does not seem as unpleasant as it would initially sound to some schoolchildren. Learning, in fact, is a beautiful thing, and I think that it is something that can be enjoyed by anyone.

It should be pointed out that people not only learn to be able to get jobs and support their families financially in the future. Learning is an essential part of every human’s development, may they be as young as 7 years old or as wise as 70 years old.

This is why all teachers should aim to inspire their students to never stop yearning for knowledge, apart from imparting lessons in their respective subjects. Not all learning comes in the form of reading, researching, and writing reports – whether it may be riding a rollercoaster or trying exotic Japanese cuisine, learning should always be welcome.

The truth is that no one can really learn everything in the world, but what is important is how hard you have strived to learn and everything you have learned with that determination. By embracing the ways of a lifelong learner, you will experience an overwhelming feeling of fulfillment – just like graduation, only a million times better.


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