How to manage people effectively

by Dioven N. Carlos

One of the many possible causes to an organization’s success relies on the performance of all its employees. Whatever their position may be, it is crucial that each worker does his or her job properly, because in the end each person contributes to the organization. However, even if everyone were trying their best at their separate roles, it would still be difficult to reach the organization’s goals if the employees and their assigned tasks were not coordinated. This is why managers are key components in every organization.

A manager is a person who supervises the people, their activities, and resources within the entire or a certain part of an organization. It is his or her duty to make sure that everything goes according to plan, with reference to the main goals of the organization.

Truly, management is not an easy task – even the little mistakes that managers make can cause a great effect on the people he or she is managing. Also, it can become very stressful, since you will be working with so many people and dealing with their individual tasks all at the same time. Fortunately, there are certain ways to make work as a manager effective, not only for yourself and your colleagues, but also for the entire organization itself.

In general, the trick is to create a good relationship with your coworkers. There are, however, many ways to achieve this.

To become an effective manager and leader, you must acknowledge every person as a valued member of the group, and not just a mere subordinate. This includes being as helpful as you can when they are in need of assistance, listening to what they have to say, and not only welcoming, but also considering their suggestions and thoughts, and making sure to show your appreciation for them. Manpower is a very important resource in every organization. Together, they make it possible to realize the goals of the organization. Because of this, they should be treated accordingly and given the respect that they deserve.

Being the leader of the group, you must set a good example. This applies not only on one’s moral character, but also on his or her skills in the workplace. It would be best to practice basic skills like punctuality, responsibility, and flexibility, and execute them as well as you can. This may inspire your coworkers to follow suit and become better employees. However, this is all just really a bonus, because practicing good habits will benefit you the most by helping you to avoid stress and developing you as a professional and as an individual.

By setting a peaceful, organized, and disciplined work environment, it will be much easier for you to manage people, and it will be easier for them to work in return. However, it cannot be helped that sometimes, conflict arises. The best way to deal with this is probably to respond to the situation as quickly as possible, before it expands into an even bigger issue.

These are only some of the ways on how one can manage people effectively. All of these methods can inspire workers enough to improve their productivity rates. However, everyone is different, and so are their preferences on managing people, so do not limit yourself to these tips. After all, its beauty lies in mystery – you must discover your style for yourself to become the ultimate manager. In the end, the results will be the same: a more manageable, capable, and more productive work environment. Such is the power of good people management.


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