Suspected robbers strike again in Calabanga

CALABANGA, Camarines Sur, June 21, 2016 (Bicol Standard)—Police investigators here are still conducting their probe on the alleged robbery incident yesterday at Zone 2, Brgy. Binanuaanan Grande, this town.

The investigators revealed that the victims of the robbery incident were identified as Dennis Bronzal y Danabar, 21 years old, and Marilyn Perez y Bronzal, both residents of Zone 2, Bry. Binanuaanan Grande.

While Dennis Bronzal was driving his motorcycle toward their residence, three (3) unidentified suspects blocked their way, the victims alleged.

Of the three suspects, two had their faces covered and one did not. All were wearing hats.

At gunpoint, the suspects allegedly took the backpack containing two cellular phones, which had an estimated value of P5,000, and cash amounting to P500.

The suspects then tied their hands, the victims said.

At gun point, the suspects forced the victims to taken them to their residence.

Marilyn Bronzal tried to negotiate with the robbers for time, hoping that this incident would be brought to the attention of the police.

Angered by the actuations of both victims, one of the suspects uttered the following words, “Sabi ni Gatol may kaya kamo, makwarta daa si papa mo kaya iluwas nindo an kwarta nindo. Dawa yaon kami sa Comaguingquing aram mi an nangyayari sa baba,” the police report indicated.

After which, Marilyn was hit with the long firearm by one of the suspects, which promted her to give the P450 that she had at the time.

Not contented with what they got, the suspects burned the victims' two motorcycles.

The three suspects then boarded their motorcycles and headed towards an unknown direction.

At the site of the incident, Dennis Bronzal was able to recover one live ammunition for a caliber 45 pistol which was used by the suspect.

The police is still conducting a follow-up investigation as of the time of this posting.


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