Salceda pushes for Daraga's cityhood

LEGAZPI CITYThe cityhood of Daraga is among my top legislative priorities, Joey Salceda said following his proclamation as Albay 2nd District Representative.

Joey Salceda
Joey Salceda
(Photo via Salceda's Facebook account)
The first-class municipality is home to the Cagsawa Ruins, and the 400-year-old Our Lady of the Gate Church. It is also the site of the forthcoming Bicol International Airport.

Meanwhile, the outgoing Albay governor also announced that among his other priorities are the National Higher Education Contribution System for Private Tertiary and Free public college, the Establishment of Special Trust Funds.

Salceda said that also in the pipeline are the following projects: the completion of the Bicol Internation Airport, Southline Railways from Tutuban to Legazpi, then Matnog, extension of SLEX Franchise to Legazpi, then Matnog, the Mayon SouthEast Quadrant Diversion Road (Padang, Legazpi to Libod, Camalig) Cagsawa Island Slope Protection, 4-lane highway from Airport to Legazpi City (PPH Extension), Daraga Networked/Connectivity Upland Road, Camalig Networked/Connectivy Upland Road, Manito Networked / Connectivity Upland Road, Batan Circumferential Road, Rapu-rapu Circumferential Road, and Tourism Facilities Enhancement.BICOLSTANDARD.COM


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