Papin files election protest against Fuentebella

Imelda Papin files election protest against Noli Fuentebella
Photo via Imelda Papin Boses nin Pagbabago Group
QUEZON CITY -- An election protest case against former Speaker Arnulfo “Noli” Fuentebella who won as Camarines Sur 4rth district representative was filed Monday by defeated congressional candidate Imelda Papin.

Fuentebella, who was proclaimed by the members of the Provincial Board of Canvassers of Camarines Sur defeated Papin by a slim margin of 740 votes in the May 9 elections.

The protest case was filed before the House of Representatives Electoral Tribunal (HRET).

The protestant is asking the HRET to conduct a manual recount of the votes, including a manual revision of the rejected ballots.

Papin also asked the tribunal for a recount to annul and set aside Fuentebella’s proclamation and declare her as the duly elected representative of the district.

Meanwhile, in the same petition, the protestant asked the tribunal to immediately secure the ballot boxes, together with the list of voters and voting records, the book of voters, and other documents and paraphernalia, including the automated Election Returns, the list of voters with voting records and other documents or paraphernalia.

In an interview by the BICOL STANDARD, Fuentebella said that Papin has the right to avail of the remedies afforded to her by law.

He said, however, that he is very confident that even if Papin’s election protest is given due course by the HRET, the results of the election would still be the same.

“There were no recorded untoward incidents or irregularities during the election. The Comelec records could attest to the very orderly conduct of the May 9 polls," Fuentebella added. -- LDBJr/BICOLSTANDARD.COM


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