Travel blogger Nathan Allen speaks up on 'persona non grata' issue

Top travel blogger Nathan Allen has released a tell-all article on his experiences in Bicol, and why
Sorsogon Board Member Frank Ravanilla declared him persona non grata in 2015.

In his article posted May 24, 2016, Allen said, "[2015] was also the year I ended up all over national news when a sensitive tourism board declared me "officially unwelcome". However, nobody heard the full story."

"Filipinos seem to love a good issue. So much so, that sometimes one is created fromthin air. "White Guy Rampages Through Tourism Office" makes for a sensational headline, but it's far from the truth. The reality is actually quite boring.

I simply showed up in a tourist office in Sorsogon, and told them I was there to promote the region. I explained what I do and how it works, then asked to please have the tourism officer text me. I handed the girl my business card, smiled, then walked out," he explained.

Read the full article here.--BICOLSTANDARD.COM

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