DOH reminds young party-goers to be careful of drinks during parties

MANILA -- The Department of Health (DOH) said Monday that young people who are fond of going to parties to be watchful of what they drink in these events.

“Ang advisory naming sa mga kabataan, when you party, be sure na you’re safe with you friends, and be sure na you are not taking in something na baka nahaluan,” said DOH Secretary Janette L. Garin.

Garin also reminded organizers to ensure the safety of the party-goers, especially the young ones.

“Naroon po ang responsibilidad natin sa mga bata,” said Garin, citing that vigilance on the part of the parents, particularly in guiding their children should also be done to ensure the safety in going to parties.

She clarified that young people should not be discouraged from going to parties, provided that these events are conducted with utmost care and are free from food or drinks mixed with drugs that have hazardous health effects.

The Health Chief made the reminder as she also emphasized that they are still waiting for the result of the police investigation on the incident where the victims were rushed to hospitals after losing consciousness.

“It’s difficult to quantify that unless we really know the substance inside. Hintayin natin ano iyong nasa laman,” she said as she said that police investigators can aptly provide more detailed or comprehensive abstract report on the case.

Initial reports that came out was pointing to probability that certain dangerous drugs substances were mixed in the drinks and were taken by the victims at the CloseUp Forever Summer concert in Pasay City over the weekend.

She added that while it is still early to make conclusions on the incident, she said that the public should be aware that drugs substances cause harm to the young population as these can cause complications like heart attack due to fast palpitation of the heart, hyper feelings or having a feeling of dehydration.

She also said that other problems that are existing and related to that are leading to drug psychosis among the very young population nowadays.

“In our psychiatric ward, iyong drug-induced psychosis dumarami rin siya. That points to chronic substance abuse and it only points to the vast availability of illegal drugs and now you can see the health effects,” she added.

She said that in consequences like that accountability of the source if ever should be the one that should be put with much focus as there are clear indications that more young people are getting hooked to drugs based on the case recorded in drug rehabilitation centers.

She added that there should be stricter precautions for the organizers of parties/concerts also, so that, no other similar circumstances can happen in the future.

Garin also expressed elation over the agenda of presumptive President Rodrigo Duterte which considers curbing illegal drugs as its top priority.

Meanwhile, in a statement released in its social media accounts, toothpaste brand Closeup said "We regret that despite the very stringent measures and precautions we have put in place to ensure the safety and security of all attendees involved, this incident still transpired." (PNA)


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