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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Pigeon racing takes flight in Albay

Albay pigeon race
Photo: Martin Reynoso
LEGAZPI CITY—Over 40,000 pigeons were released from Legazpi City and Daraga here in Albay Monday morning as part of a series of races organized by the Philippine Homing Pigeon Association, Inc.

"Albay [is] now the center of another type of racing," exclaimed Gov. Joey Salceda at the report, referring to the triathlon and cycling race that Albay is also hosting.

The pigeon race is in its second lap towards Metro Manila.

Beside his house, Salceda revealed, some 7,000 of the birds were released, while more were set free in other parts of Albay, mostly in Alobo.

Salceda said the organizers hope that the pigeons will not be harmed or harrassed by onlookers.

A total of thirty trucks released the pigeons, the first ones of which arrived in Manila by 11:32 a.m.—BICOLSTANDARD.COM



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