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CAFGU dinakop sa paggapo nin bus

RAGAY, Camarines Sur—Reklamong Malicious Mischief an isusunad kontra ki Jericho Ocmer y Misares, 27 anyos, asin miembro kan CAFGU Active Auxiliary kan Delta Coy 22nd Infantry Batallion sa Barangay Samay.

Stock image via Wikimedia Commons
Ini matapos siya madakop kan mga pulis na ginagapo an nagkapirang pampasaherong bus na nag-agi sa detachment.

An mga bus na nakarehistro sa Penafrancia Travel Tours, Philtranco, asin Bicol Isarog Bus Transport System igwang plate number na EVU 338, AAZ 1507, asin PIA 595.

An mga ini pigmamaneho ninda Pedreto Robert Espinas, Noime Esquillona, asin Ednor Mugary, na dai man nagsapo nin lugad sa insidente.

Alagad, an mga nasambit na bus anas nagkaigwa nin pig-aapod na structural damages, partiulcarmente sa parteng windshield.

Sa lindong kan ley kan Pilipinas, an kasong malicious mischief pwedeng isangat sa tawong nagkawsa kan pagkaraot kan pagsasadire kan iba.—BICOLSTANDARD.COM. Pirming enot. Pirming bago.

Tinaga dahil sa sako nin bagas

BAAO, Camarines Sur—Sarong sako nin bagas an nagcausa kan pagiging irido ni Augusto Piletina y Petrache, na suspechado sa pagprobar na paghabas kan nasambit na produkto kan molinohan ni Dolores Badong y Infeliz.

Segun sa despacho nin bareta na ipinadara sa BICOL STANDARD, linaog ni Piletina an molinohan asin nagkua nin sarong sakong bagas bandang alas 4:30 nin aga kasoodma, fecha 3 kan Noviembre.
Padulag na an suspechado kan siya naturuhokan kan mga mata kan ina ni Dolores, na tulos pinukawan an saiyang mga aki na sinda Albert asin Alex.

Linipat nin suntok an magtugang an suspechado dangan tinigbas.

Si Piletina ngonian nagpapaomay sa Lourdes District Hospital sa Iriga City mantang naghahalat na plantearan nin asunto criminal kan Baao Municipal Police Station.—BICOLSTANDARD.COM. Pirming enot. Pirming bago.

YUM YUM YUM! Chef Boy Logro is in Naga City

NAGA CITY—Chef Boy Logro is here to host the Baguio Oil Cooking Series on Sunday, 1 to 5 p.m. at Naga Regent Hotel.

Joining the Kusina Master chef is Chef Diosdado "Dick" Condeno of Apicius Culinary School Naga City.

Tickets are available for P1,000 for professionals and P300 for students. A ticket entitles one to have a one-chance Lifestyle Cooking Course Scholarship worth P10,000.00 from Apicius Culinary School.

Said event is part of the Culinary Fair of Bicol Business Month 2015.—BICOLSTANDARD.COM. Pirming enot. Pirming bago.

Chef Boy Logro (right) is in Naga City
Photo: Bicol Business Month 2015
Photo: Bicol Business Month 2015

Photo: Bicol Business Month 2015


Will Legazpi City have a water shortage soon?

Will Legazpi City have a water shortage soon?
Photo via Pixabay
LEGAZPI CITY—Thousands of residents in upland villages here are complaining of the inadequate supply of water flowing in their household faucets, an indication that water shortage is slowly creeping the city.

The Legazpi City Water District (LCWD) appears helpless in providing the much-needed water supply and blames the Philippine Hydro Inc., (PhilHydro), the main bulk water provider, for not pursuing measures that would improve and meet the water requirements of thousands of city residents, according to Richard Atun, LCWD spokesman.

PhilHydro, presently operated by Maynilad, entered into a contract in 2008 with the LCWD for bulk supply of potable water to the water distributor.

PhilHydro entered into an agreement with the LCWD to supply bulk water that meets the Philippine National Standards for drinking water to the LCWD for a period of 25 years.

It is supposed to supply 600,000 cubic meters of potable water monthly to the LCWD, which should deliver this clean water to households in this city.

LCWD pays PhilHydro PHP8.1 million this agreed monthly water supply. In an interview, Atun said PhilHydro has to supply the LCWD with 20,000 cubic meters of water a day but the agreement states that in the succeeding years, production would be increased by 1,000 cubic meters a day.

Based on the agreement, it was expected that the firm should have supplied about 27,000 cubic meters of water a day this year.

“The water supply being produced and distributed by Philhydro is below the required volume stipulated in the contract,” Atun said.

The LCWD has officially communicated with PHilhydro, requesting it to undertake measures that would address the looming water shortage.

Philhydro and Maynilad officials here declined to answer issues about their operations, saying they are not authorized to speak for the company operation, Atun said.

He said the LCWD is servicing the water supply requirements of some 21,000 households in the 70 villages in this city.

The water shortage of about 7,000 cubic meters a day has affected some 4,200 household consumers, specially those in the upland villages in the southern part of the city.

Affected were villages Old Albay District, Mauyod, Tula-tula Istanza, Taysan, Maslog, Homapon, Bagacay, Bariis and Banquerohan.

Atun said that as low pressure of water are expected in these areas, the LCWD has initiated a water supply distribution scheme where it supplies to the maximum water during peak hours that is 5 a.m. to 9 a.m, and 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. all in a weekdays.

Philhydro is getting its supply of water from wells in the villages of Mabinit, Bunga, Buyuan and Pawa, while other possible water source is being explored in Bagong Abre, Bigaa and Pawa.

In 2011, the city government cancelled PhilHydro's business permit after it failed to comply with the Department Of Health (DOH) requirements needed to operate a water supply facility here.

The DOH findings showed that the water facility firm committed violation in the Sanitation Code of the Philippines.

According to the DOH, the firm failed to secure with the agency an initial permit to develop drinking water supply system and operational permit. (PNA)

Thursday, November 5, 2015

PRO5 set to deploy team for November APEC summit anytime

LEGAZPI CITY—The Police Regional Office 5 is ready to send members of its Civil Disturbance Management Unit for the APEC Summit, a top official of the office said Wednesday.

Police Insp. Malu Calubaquib, PRO5 spokesperson, made the announcement after what, she said, was an inspection and thorough evaluation of the troop by Police Chief Supt. Edgar Layese Layon, Sub-Task Group commander of Public Order and Safety of the Philippine National Police.

Calubaquib said the CDM unit of the PRO5 is prepared to be deployed to Metro Manila anytime, depending on the order of the PNP leadership, for the APEC Summit on Nov. 18-19.

The top-level conference will be attended by 21 heads of states.

The PRO5 CDM unit is composed of 806 male troopers from the mainland provinces of Albay, Sorsogon, Camarines Sur and Camarines Norte.

The contingent is divided into two battalions – one is headed by Police Supt. Benjamin Balimbing Jr and the other by Police Supt. Elsid Roldan.

It has three sub-groups composed of the CDM, medical and investigation.

Calubaquib said each member of the CDM team has specialized capabilities and is physically and mentally able to perform the task of safeguarding the participants in the summit.

The PRO5 special team members will bring with them their complete CDM equipment and paraphernalia.

Layon told them to also bring gas masks and personal belongings for the mission.

The Bicol CDM unit will join their counterparts from Regions 6 and 7 in maintaining public order and safety.

Calubaquib said PRO5 always sends an augmentation force to the PNP based on the directive of its leadership like during the visit of the Holy Father and regional religious activities like the Peñafrancia Festival in Naga City and Daragang Magayon Festival in Albay.

In this connection, Police Chief Supt. Augusto Marquez Jr. PNP Bicol regional director, assured that this type of augmentation action of PRO5, will not sacrifice its strength in the region at the cost of the security of the Bicolanos.

Marquez said this is just a portion of the 7,500-strong PRO5 personnel.(by Nancy Ibo Mediavillo, PNA)

Bicol Business Month 2015 kicks off

Bicol Business Month 2015

Bicol’s grandest annual gathering of business leaders and entrepreneurs returns this year with activities that last not just seven days but for the whole month of November. A wide range of trade, business and social events will give full focus to new opportunities in business, employment and livelihood. The event also aims to bring together various industry sectors and players in a bid to forge new partnerships, learn from the industry leaders and game changers, and explore exciting paths for the enterprising Bicolanos.

With Naga City as center for trade and commerce, the Bicol Region is one of the fastest growing areas in the country.

Composed of six provinces, Bicol is an amalgam of localities which are endowed with a full spectrum of agricultural, marine, mineral and forest resources. As a region, Bicol is also known for its wide offering of tourist attractions - rich cuisine, white beaches, mountains, caves and islands, whale shark interaction, and more that are yours for the taking.

Hot as chili and sweet as the region’s delicacies, Bicolanos also top the list in terms of hospitality, industry and warmth.

Below are the activities for Bicol Business Month 2015:

Nov. 5 – 9
Be part of the biggest showcase of the best products in the region. The BBM Trade Fair and Exhibit is a venue where buyers and investors meet, where the business community discusses opportunities, issues, trends, and more!

FEATURED ACTIVITIES include: Investment Fora, Agri-Aqua Fairs, Banchetto (Food Fair), Ms. Bicol Business Month Contest, ICT Exhibit, Bicol Culinary Showcase, Arts and Culture Events.

Nov. 12 – 15
ARTS AND CULTURE WEEK – Naga City Hall Grounds
Without arts and culture, there can be no civilization. Thus, along this thesis, Bicolano artists are coming together to celebrate their craft and invaluable contribution to Bicol’s growth and development. This will be articulated through an arts summit and audio visual exhibits, cultural and performing arts presentations, public film showings, seminars and workshops. Incidentally, the month of November is National Book Month that in Naga will be feted with book launchings, book sale, and lectures from resource persons from the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA).

Nov. 12 – 15
Four-day exhibition of the real estate industry, showcasing the latest and the trendiest in the real estate, engineering and construction sector. It shall also feature special products and services from various real estate, engineering, furniture/interior design, landscaping, and home safety and security companies.

At the same time, buyers will have the chance to avail of the special banking and financing deals related to homes, real estate and other construction purchases. They will also be updated on the latest services in the local banking and finance scene.

Nov. 18 - 21
Touted as one of today’s busiest sectors, the ICT Industry is featured in this four-day event, along with education and consulting services. Don’t miss the different educational and learning institutions, their services and their impressive exhibitions and seminars being presented for the public’s information and appreciation.

Nov. 24-25

Nov. 25-30
The last salvo of the BBM features Health and Wellness, Bicol Food & Beverage/Bicol Cuisine, Hospitality, and Tourism sectors with a twist. Get to know the Tourism Industry’s biggest tour attractions and success stories. Be trained by the most celebrated chefs such as Chef Boy Logro and our very own Junior Master Chef Louise Mabulo. Avail of the great travel deals and tour packages by the various travel agencies while tasting the varied culinary treats at the open space banchetto.


Nov. 27
Go Negosyo Center will serve as a one-stop-shop for small and medium entrepreneurs in the province.  It will have the following functions: business registration assistance, business advisory services, business information and advocacy and monitoring and evaluation of business processes for MSMEs.

Nov. 27
HALYAO AWARDS NIGHT – Avenue Plaza Hotel
A special gathering of the Bicolano businessmen and entrepreneurs to celebrate business leadership and management and recognize the outstanding entrepreneurs in the region.

Nov. 28
BBM SOCIETY BALL – Avenue Plaza Hotel
A new event to cap the month-long celebration by gathering the Bicolandia’s finest – for a noble cause as the proceeds of this event shall be dedicated for the MNCC’s community program. This glitzy and glamorous night shall be topped by social dancing, special awards and recognition.

Where will the souls of unbaptized babies go? | by Fr. Joey D. Gonzaga

Photo via Pixabay
by Fr. Joey D. Gonzaga
Dean, Holy Rosary Major Seminary

The ordinary way to salvation, to heaven is Baptism. Yet, God can provide extraordinary means of salvation, known to Him alone. The universal Catechism teaches that “God has bound salvation to the sacrament of Baptism, but he himself is not bound by his sacraments.” (CCC, no. 1257)The extraordinary means of salvation that only God knows and can provide do not undermine the necessity of Baptism, as a sure means to salvation. (See CCC, no. 1257)

If Jesus himself instituted the Sacrament of Baptism as an ordinary means of salvation, why would one who knows this truth, refuse to be baptized or refuse that his/her child be baptized in the Catholic Church?

Certainly, unbaptized babies cannot be punished in hell because they have not committed any mortal sins. They cannot go immediately to heaven due to inherited original sin, which is remitted at Baptism. They can’t be in purgatory as well because they have not committed any personal sins that require purification.

Will they go to limbo? The doctrine of limbo is not a Church dogma but a theological opinion. Theological opinion means that the doctrine comes from the teaching of theologians not from the official teaching of the Catholic Church, the Magisterium. Thus, the doctrine of limbo does not demand the assent of our faith. In other words, we will not commit sin if we refuse to believe in it.

Where then will they go? The Catechism of the Catholic Church replies: “As regards children who have died without Baptism, the Church can only entrust them to the mercy of God, as she does in her funeral rites for them. Indeed the great mercy of God who desires that all men should be saved, and Jesus’ tenderness toward children which caused him to say: “Let the children come to me, do not hinder them,” allow us to hope that there is way of salvation for children who have died without Baptism. All the more urgent is the Church’s call not to prevent little children coming to Christ through the gift of holy Baptism.” (CCC, no. 1261)

God bless!

Kaaldawan nin Virac 2015 Schedule of Activities

Kaaldawan nin Virac 2015 Calendar of Activities


Chinese national hangs self?

PARACALE, Camarines Norte—The lifeless body of a 27-year-old Chinese national was found hanging from the ceiling of a building of Riverage Construction Corporation at P3, Brgy Pinagbirayang Malaki, this town.

The victim, Liang Xu, is said to have been having problems with his family back in Shanghai, China, prior to the incident, company vice president Jessie Ramos said to the investigators.

His body was discovered with a 2 meter cord tied to his neck at around 6:25 a.m. today.

The cadaver will be brought to Funeraria Belmonte in Daet, Camarines Norte for autopsy and post-mortem examination before being brought back to China.—BICOLSTANDARD.COM. Pirming enot. Pirming bago.

Bicolana recruiter of Mary Jane Veloso to be arraigned November 11

NAGA CITY—Bicolana Maria Cristina Sergio, one of the recruiters of reprieved Filipina Mary Jane Veloso, will be arraigned next week, according to an order of a Nueva Ecija regional trial court.

Maria Cristina Sergio
Sergio, who hails from Bagasacan, Lourdes Young, Nabua, Camarines Sur, surrendered herself to the Nueva Ecija Provincial Police Office on April 28.

Sergio, who is also known as Maria Cristina Gulles Pasadilla, earlier claimed she was only trying to help Veloso and her husband, who came to them for assistance.

Along with Julius Lacanilao and an African known as "Ike," Sergio was accused of duping Veloso into bringing 2.6 kilograms of heroin into Indonesia.

They faced charges of illegal recruitment, estafa, and qualified human trafficking from the Department of Justice (DOJ).

Sergio earlier made an official statement that she believes Veloso was innocent.
—BICOLSTANDARD.COM. Pirming enot. Pirming bago.

ENTERTAINMENT | Albay readies for PBB 737 Big Night

PBB 737 Finale stage
Photo by Othelo Orpiada Padre
LEGAZPI CITY—Bicolano fans of ABS-CBN reality show Pinoy Big Brother 737 are giddy with excitement as the stage for the finale is set up at Albay Astrodome.

Said stage will feature images of Albay's very own Mayon Volcano and Cagsawa Ruins as part of the decorations.

The province is looking forward to see Tommy Esguerra and Franco Rodriguez, who both have Albayano roots, get selected as the winners of the competition.—BICOLSTANDARD.COM. Pirming enot. Pirming bago.

Kin of 2011 BU rape-slay victim Almonacid still cry for justice

DARAGA, Albay—The coming and going of All Saints’ Day and All Soul’s Day still shoots a sharp pang of pain for the family of 19-year-old Laesybil Almonacid, who was raped and killed in November 2011.

Laesybil Almonacid
Almonacid was a third year Accountancy student at Bicol University.

Her family said they fear the case may go on unresolved for years, as it has already been nearly four years since the crime was committed.

“Apple,” as the victim was fondly called, was found dead a few meters from their residence in Sitio San Roque in Barangay Bascaran, Daraga.

Her body bore signs that she was hit by a hard object and strangled.

Various groups, including activist organization Gabriela-Bicol, have since condemned the incident.

The Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG), which is handling the case, said it is waiting for a suspect to surrender, as only circumstancial evidence is available at present.

COMELEC-Bicol: 5% of registered voters failed to validate biometrics

LEGAZPI CITY—The Commission on Elections (COMELEC) is set to drop from its official list around 5 percent of the total number of registered voters in the region, which is 3,298,061.

LAST MINUTE. Voters and prospective voters try to beat the COMELEC registration deadline last October 31 form a long queue outside the poll body office in Naga City (Photo : OSCAR ESMENDA/BICOL STANDARD).
This is after said 164,803 voters failed to have their biometrics registered or validated at the poll body's offices by the October 31 deadline, Comelec Bicol regional executive director Atty. Romeo Fortes said.

He added that apart from establishing a clean and complete list of voters, the registration also aimed to reduce, if not eliminate voter fraud.

Some of the registered voters to be dropped from the list are already dead, Fortes said, while others have transferred residences or are no longer interested in participating in the polls.

The registration, he said, would help eradicate the problem of ghost voters and double registrants.
Fortes admitted, however, that he lamented how a considerable number of Bicolanos were unable to register, despite Comelec's repeated reminders over the past few months.

He noted that last week, Comelec offices across the region were filled with voters or prospective voters who were trying to beat the deadline. Their procrastination, however, got the better of them, leaving them disenfranchised in the upcoming polls.

The deadline was established by Republic Act No. 10367, which states that voters who would fail to submit themselves for validation from May 6, 2014 to October 31, 2015 would be deactivated and will not be allowed to vote in the upcoming May 2016 elections.

The national office repeatedly emphasized that there would be no extension of said deadline, despite calls from various groups.—BICOLSTANDARD.COM

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

7 irido sa banggaan sa Milaor

MILAOR, Camarines Sur—Pitong personas an irido kan masabitan kan sarong awto an sarong tricycle kan fecha 2 kan Noviembre sa Maharlika Highway, Barangay San Jose, sa banwaan na ini.

Kabali sa mga victima an apat na menor de edad asin sarong senior citizen.

Nagluwas sa imbestigasyon na an awto na sarong Ford Ranger nagprobar mag-overtake sa tricycle alagad nagbalik man sana sa dati kaining posisyon kan mabangga kani an tricycle.

An nasambit na awto nakarehistro sa LGU Milaor, asin pigmamaneho ni Jeffrey Anthony Temones, residente kan Barangay Amparado.

Nabisto an mga victima na nakalunad sa tricycle na sinda Darius Dale Russel O. Valle, 6 anyos; Mark Darine O. Valle, 8 anyos; Maida O. Valle, Lindy M. Sto Domingo, 17 anyos; Wennie R. Barra, 63 anyos, Hanna Grace Barra, 25 anyos asin Mark Joshua Serguio, 20 anyos. Anas sinda residente kan Iriga City.

May plate number na 051605 an tricycle, asin nakapangaran ki Joel P. Bueno kan San Juan, Iriga City. Ini pigmamaneho ni Mario Tataro y Hallare.

Sa oras na sinusurat an baretang ini, dinara na an duwang vehiculo sa Milaor Municipal Police Station.—BICOLSTANDARD.COM

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Naghugot sa Calle Sexy

DAET, Camarines Norte—Selos asin problema sa familia an suboot rason kun tano nagdesisyon an 20 anyos na soltero na si Jonas Patrick Oribiana y Aquino na tapuson an saiyang buhay por medio nin paghugot sa laog kan saiyang pig-aarkelang istaran sa Calle Sexy, P-4, Barangay V, sa banwaan na ini.

Ini segun sa saiyang nobya na si Khorina Nava y Ganaon, 22 anyos, asin residente kan Dimasalang St., Barangay VIII digdi.

An lawas kan victim nakua kan saiyang ama na nakabitay gamit an paha sa saiyang kwarto bandang alas 6 nin aga kasubago.

Tulos man nagresponde an Daet Municipal Police Station asin Scene of the Crime Operatives sa incidente. Sa saindang imbestigasyon, nagluwas na mayo nin senyales na pigraot an pwertahan kan nasambit na kwarto.

Ipigdara na an lawas kan victim sa St. Peter Funeral Homes, Barangay 2, sa banwaan na ini para sa post-mortem examination.—BICOLSTANDARD.COM

Senate honors former Senators Arroyo, Herrera

The Senate today adopted two resolutions expressing its profound sympathy and sincere condolence on the death of two of its former members, labor leader Senator Ernesto "Boy" Herrera and human rights lawyer and activist Senator Joker Arroyo.

Joker Arroyo
Senate Resolution No. 1612, honoring the memory of Arroyo, was adopted in consideration of Senate Resolution 1624, Senate Resolution 1638 and Senate Resolution 1640. The resolutions were authored by Senators Nancy Binay, Ramon "Bong" Revilla Jr., Senate President Franklin Drilon and Manuel Lapid respectively.

Senate Resolution 1639, expressing sympathy and condolence on the demise of Herrera, was adopted in consideration of Senate Resolution 1646. The resolutions were authored by Drilon and Binay respectively.

Drilon said the deaths of Herrera and Arroyo were a great loss not only to their bereaved families but to the nation as well.

Senate Secretary Oscar Yabes said the Senate will hold a necrological service for Herrera Wednesday morning, November 4. Senators, to be led by Drilon, together with Herrera's children and relatives, will escort the casket bearing the remains of the former senator to the Senate Session Hall in Pasay City around 9:40 a.m.

Yabes said Drilon, Deputy Minority Leader Vicente Sotto III , Senator Loren Legarda and former senators Edgardo Angara, Ernesto Maceda, Heherson Alvares and Jose Lina Jr. will deliver eulogies for Herrera at 10 a.m. The Senate will present a copy of Senate Resolution No. 104 to Herrera's family. After the ceremony, Herrera's remains will be brought to Cebu, his hometown.

Drilon delivered a eulogy for Joker Arroyo during the launching of the year-old Senate centennial anniversary celebrations last month.

Resolution 104 lauded Herrera, who succumbed to heart attack last October 29, as "a great leader and a public servant who led a life dedicated to promoting the welfare and protecting the rights of the working class."

Drilon noted that Herrera dedicated his professional life to the cause of labor and his role in organizing the Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP). Herrera served as the workers' representatives in a number of government institutions and councils both here and abroad.

"Committed to fight for the cause of Filipino workers here and abroad, Herrera became the only Filipino member of the executive board of the International Federation of Free Trade and Union from 1988 to 1992. He served as consultant on worker's education of the International Labour Organisation in Geneva, Switzerland, and headed the Workers' Delegation to the 75th Session of the International Labor Organization where he delivered a major address on human rights," the resolution said.

"For his earnest efforts to alleviate the plight of the masses, the giant of Philippine labor earned the rare distinction of being the first Asian and the second individual to receive the 1985 George Meany International Human Rights Award," the resolution added.

Drilon's resolution also said that as a senator from 1987 to 1998, Herrera focused on labor, employment, education, and law and order, and authored 20 landmark pieces of legislation during the 8th and 9th Congresses, most notably Republic Act 8042 or the "Migrant Workers' Act of 1995," which undoubtedly has been benefiting 10 million Filipino migrants across the globe."

Herrera first gained national prominence as a member of the Agrava Fact Finding Board that investigated the 1983 assassination of former Senator Beningo Aquino Jr. He also served as Representative of Bohol's first district in the House of Representatives from 1998 to 2001.

Meanwhile, Resolution 103 commended Arroyo's life and legacy as "a human rights lawyer, freedom fighter, street parliamentarian, Congressman and Senator of the Republic." Arroyo died on October 5, 2015 at the age of 88.

Drilon, who served with Arroyo as fellow Cabinet members during the Cory Aquino administration, recalled that when Martial Law was declared in 1972, Arroyo emerged as "the very first lawyer to challenge the legality of the act under the 1935 Constitution before the Supreme Court."

The resolution stated that Arroyo, who first became a lawmaker as a member of the House of Representatives from 1992 to 2001, was "best remembered for registering a 100 percent attendance record during his three terms, for being the most frugal member of Congress which earned him the monicker "Scrooge of Congress,"and for being consistently voted by the media as Outstanding Congressman of the Year."

"As member of the Senate who served for two consecutive terms from 2001 to 2013, he was popularly known as the only other senator who did not use his P200 million annual Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) thus saving taxpayers P2.4 billion throughout his 12-year stint in the Senate," the resolution said.

For Arroyo's significant contributions to the law profession and public service, he received various awards and commendations, notably from the Philippine Bar Association as the Most Distinguished Award for Justice for being "a man beholden to no one except his country," according to the resolution.

Rep. Escudero wants delinquent SSS contributions condoned

Rep. Evelina G. Escudero (1st District, Sorsogon) has filed a bill condoning the penalties on delinquent contributions to the Social Security System (SSS).

Rep. Evelina G. Escudero
Photo: Tesda
In House Bill 6104, Escudero also asked Congress to determine the monthly salary credits, rate of contributions and penalty and unpaid loan amortization by SSS members.

Escudero said the bill grants the SSS the flexibility and prerogative to enhance collection of contributions especially the delinquent ones.

"The bill is in consonant with the demands of a viable social security system given the changes brought about by social, economic and other pertinent indicators," Escudero said.

The bill seeks to amend Republic Act 1161 creating the Social Security Law.

Under the bill, the commission shall also determine the minimum and maximum monthly salary credits, the schedule and the rate of contributions, the rate of penalty on due but unremitted contributions and unpaid loan amortizations.

The commission shall submit to both the Senate and the House of Representatives, an annual report on the exercise of the powers under this measure.

The report shall include the names and addresses of employers whose penalty delinquencies have been the subject of compromise or condonations.

Likewise, the report shall include the amount involved, amount compromise or condoned and the reasons for the exercise of power to determine that powers are reasonably exercise and that the SSS is not unduly deprived of revenues.

The rate of the penalty on delinquent contributions per month shall be determined and fixed by the commission through rules and regulations.

Cam Norteño snares Bicol Surf Jam championship

Onyo Oclares
Photo by Ikoy Valles
Daet, Camarines Norte's Onyo Oclares emerged as the overall champion of the third leg of the Bicol Surf Jam held on October 24 to 25 in Puraran Beach, Catanduanes. Oclares beat Bernie Sasa (1st Runner-up), Chris Tanael (2nd Runner-up) and Elvis Legaspi (3rd Runner-up) in the the first ever Regional Surf Circuit Competiton in the Philippines.

The other winners include:

Grommet Division
Champion - Robert Timbal- Catanduanes
2nd Place -Glen Craig Dalma-Catanduanes
3rd Place -John Joey Agasa-Zambales
4th Place -Emerton Legaspi-Catanduanes

Junior Division
Champion -John Louie Fariñas-Zambales
2nd Place -Reinhard Posada-Catanduanes
3rd Place -Roger Casugay-La Union
4th Place -Victor Tating-Catanduanes

Champion -Vea Estrellado-Sorsogon
2nd Place -Pia Lopez-Sorsogon
3rd Place -Aireen Tanael-Catanduanes
4th Place -Kat Bolina-Agusan Del Norte

Men's Open
Champion -Martin Taniegra-Catanduanes
2nd Place -Osot Alcala-Siargao
3rd Place - John Mark Tokong-Siargao
4th Place -Carlito Nogalo-Siargao

Bicol Surf Jam was created to provide a venue for camaraderie, competition, and excellence in the pursuit of creating a united community of Bicolano surfers and producing world-class talents. It aimed to step up the competitiveness of Bicolano surfers, recognize and discover the region's most talented athletes, and promote surf tourism in the Bicol Region.

The first leg of the competition took place in Bagasbas Beach in Daet, Camarines Norte, while the second one was at Buenavista, Gubat, Sorsogon.—BICOLSTANDARD.COM. Pirming enot. Pirming bago.

Monday, November 2, 2015

LOOK | Tomb in Albay has Starbucks logo

Facebook user Angelle Roa-Regino Relleve shared this photo of her father's tomb at Oas Catholic Cemetery, in Oas, Albay, which was painted with the logo of a popular coffee chain.

Relleve said it was her father's wish to have his tomb bear the logo of his favorite coffee shop.—BICOLSTANDARD.COM. Pirming enot. Pirming bago.

Photo via Sñrta Angelle Roa-Regino Relleve

DTI-Bicol destroys P200K worth of uncertified products

LEGAZPI CITY—More than P200,000 worth of uncertified products were destroyed at Penaranda Park here on October 29 by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Regional Office 5.

Photo: DTI-Bicol
Headed by Regional Director Jocelyn L.B. Blanco, the agency ran a bulldozer over electrical appliances, bulbs, Christmas lights, and lighters.

Said items were surrendered by 37 establishments that were likewise ordered to pay a fine for violating the Product Standards Law.

The activity aimed to inform consumers not to purchase uncertified products since these are unsafe to use and may cause damage to their lives and properties.—BICOLSTANDARD.COM

5 cops wounded by Reds

LEGAZPI CITY—At least five members of the Gubat Municipal Police Station were wounded after being fired upon by alleged members of the New People's Army at Sitio Casili, Barangay Marinas, Gubat, Sorsogon at around 2:45 pm earlier today, November 2.

The cops were travelling on board a patrol vehicle from Camp Simeon Ola here going back to Gubat MPS.

The victims were identified as SPO1 Ronald D. Din, PO3 Aris E. Hasal, PO1 Gerry H. Gabuyo, PO2 Dennis S. Garbida, and PO2 Sheryl Marbella.

The incident is believed to be an ambush.

An investigation and pursuit operation have already been launched by the Sorsogon Provincial Police Office, along with the 3rd Maneuver Coy of Regional Public Safety Battalion-5, Sorsogon PPSC, and 31st Infantry Batallion and 903rd Brigade of the Philippine Army.—BICOLSTANDARD.COM.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Cam Norte Vice Gov. Pimentel is now acting governor

DAET, Camarines Norte—Vice-Governor Jonah Pimentel has assumed office as the acting governor of this province, following the suspension of Gov. Edgardo “Egay” Tallado. Board Member Pamela Pardo, meanwhile, is now acting vice-governor.

On October 30, a special session of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan was called to pass a resolution recognizing Pimentel and Pardo as acting governor and vice-governor, respectively.

In a statement, Pimentel’s wife Bembem Venida-Pimentel said: "Vice Governor Jonah G. Pimentel is never one to turn his back to the call of duty. These may be challenging days for him, but he is facing each one head on."

An ally of Tallado, Pimentel is running for his third term as vice-governor in the upcoming polls.

It would be recalled that Tallado was meted a one-year suspension order over his refusal to implement Civil Service Commission (CSC)’s order to reinstate the provincial veterinarian.

He was served the decision on October 16, right after he filed his Certificate of Candidacy for governor.—BICOLSTANDARD.COM

Daet, Legazpi City in Le Tour de Filipinas route map

NAGA CITY—Annual professional cycling race Le Tour de Filipinas is set to ride through two Bicol provinces, Camarines Norte and Legazpi City in 2016.

Photo: Le Tour de Filipinas
The four stage race, which kicks off in Antipolo City on February 18, will pass Laguna, and Quezon, before heading to Bicol, where the race culminates.

At least 15 teams are expected to participate in the 600-kilometer race.

Le Tour de Filipinas is the only Philippine cycling tournament duly sanctioned by the Union Cycliste Internationale, Philippine Cycling Federation, and Asian Cycling Federation.—BICOLSTANDARD.COM. Pirming enot. Pirming bago.


Masbate brgy. councilor gunned down

MASBATE CITY—A barangay councilor of B. Titong, this city, was shot dead by unidentified suspects at around 4:15 p.m. Sunday (November 1) at Barangay Bolo, this city.

Victim Nixon Serbise y Hueras, of legal age, married, was gunned down using a firearm of an unknown caliber.

It is still unknown whether the incident is related to the upcoming polls.
Investigation on the murder is underway, the Masbate City Police Station reported.—BICOLSTANDARD.COM

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