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DOH on 'Code White' for All Saints' Day

The Department of Health (DOH) said that all DOH-retained hospitals and regional offices nationwide will be on Code White Alert starting today, October 30 until November 2 in preparation for any eventualities or health-related incidents that may occur during the country’s observance of All Saints’ Day.

Health Secretary Janette P. Loreto Garin
Photo: DOH
“A Code White Alert is declared when there is a mass gathering or national event and there is a possibility of emergency conditions that may need immediate medical attention. All medical teams are on standby for immediate mobilization.” Health Secretary Janette P. Loreto Garin explained.

Garin further explained that Code White Alert, which is based on Administrative Order No.2008-0024, also refers to the readiness of hospital manpower like general and orthopedic surgeons, anesthesiologists, internists, nurses, to respond in any emergency situation.

The health chief also said that the Health Emergency Management Bureau operations center will continuously monitor any health-related event that may occur during the weekend holiday 24/7. As in previous years, local governments will deploy motorist assistance tents, including first aid teams, along major roads and highways nationwide.

The DOH is also working closely with other agencies such as Bureau of Fire Protection, Metro Manila Development Authority, and local government health units for a coordinated health emergency response.

Meanwhile, Garin advised people going to cemeteries to bring their own food and water to avoid diarrhea, or even food poisoning.

Garin warned against patronizing ambulant foods peddled in cemeteries. She explained that the safety and sanitation of these foods are doubtful as these might be exposed to dust and other disease-causing organisms.

She also appealed to transport owners to deploy more buses to bring people to provinces and avoid overcrowding and overloading of passengers, which oftentimes are causes of accidents. She added that commuters should also plan their trips, bring water to avoid dehydration, and be more patient as there will be more passengers going to the province to pay their respects to their dearly departed loved ones.

“It would be better not to bring along babies and small children to cemeteries/memorial parks, as they are vulnerable to contracting diseases due to their low resistance to infection, heat, and congestion,” Garin concluded.

Brgy. kagawad sa Lagonoy, dealer nin shabu

LAGONOY, Camarines Sur –An malinig na pangaran ni Roderick Martizano, alyas “Rikrik,” na miembro kan consejo kan Barangay San Francisco an biglang naramog nin murit kan siya dakopon kan mga awtoridad huli sa ipinapangalad na shabu.

Base sa report si Martizano pinagtutubodan na imbuelto sa ilegal na droga, asin target kan mandamiento de arresto na firmado ni Judge Timoteo Panga, Jr., kan Regional Trial Court, sa Ciudad kan Iriga.

Nagluluwas sa report na kan Octobre 29, alas 4:30 nin hapon, pinasadahan kan mga tawohan kan Lagonoy Municipal Police Station an residencia ni Martizano, na iyong ipigtutukdong pigguiguikanan kan pigbabariwas na shabu sa banwaan na ini.

Sa bisa kan Search Warrant, pinamayohan ni Senior Insp. Andrew J. Alcomendas, asin ni Senior Supt. Ferdinand S. Raymundo kan CSPPO an paghaloghog kan residencia kan suspechado, asin nakua an minasunod na mga contrabando: 8ng pidasong pakete na may laog nin puti na pulbos na pigtutubodan na methamphetamine hydrochloride (shabu),  1ng rolyong piniridaso nang aluminum foil, sarong posporo, duwang lighters, tooter, asin sarong rolyo nin aluminum foil.

Segun sa mga awtoridad, haloy na nindang pigmamasdan an gawi-gawi asin lakaw-lakaw kan buhay ni Martizano, kaya nasusog ninda na an piggigikanan kan nagkukuriyat na droga sa banwaan na ini, hale sa saiya.

Pighahanda na ngonian an magkakanigong asunto criminal na isasangat contra sa suspechado, sabi sa report ni SPO1 Rolly R. Nebran.

Si Martizano iyo an pigcoconsiderar na primero sa listahan kan Lagonoy MPS na imbuelto sa pagtinda nin droga sa banwaan na ini.

Afuera kan caso criminal na saiyang aatubangon, pwede pa siyang sangatan nin reclamo administratibo sa Sangguniang Bayan kan banwaan na ini.—BICOLSTANDARD.COM

Mga badil asin bala, tiklo sa Legazpi City

LEGAZPI CITY–Duwang armadong lalaki, na pareyong nagpabistong residentes kan Camalig, Albay an inarestar kan mga awtoridad, kan madakop sa saindang poder an mga armas asin bala.

Base sa sumbong sa pulis, sinda Lito Morada y Andes, taga Barangay Tagoytoy, asin Sanday Magdasoc y Morada, taga Barangay Mina, pareyo sa banwaan kan Camalig, Albay an sorpresang pinusasan huli sa pagbalga kan ley sa ilegal na pagbitbit nin badil asin mga bala.

Segun sa record kan mga imbestigador, si SPO3 Jeffrey Condes, CPAC4 Commander, kan Legazpi City police nakarecibe nin sumbong hale sa sarong residente na naheling niya an duwang mga suspechado na nakikipag-inoman sa saindang lugar, asin may hios nin armas.

An pigreport na incidente naheling sa Sitio Agna, Barangay Homapon sa ciudad na ini.

Nagparada nin team an pulis sa panginginot ni PSupt Joselito G. Esico, an hefe kan police digdi, asin naheling an duwang ipigrereclamo na igwa talaga nin sukbit na badil, mantang nakikipag-inoman sa harong ni Florentino Albaytar y Rosare, 27 anyos, soltero asin residente kan sinambit na lugar.

Kan dakopon an mga suspechado kan mga awtaoridad nakua sa saindang poder an minasunod na mga gamit: sarong itom asin silver na Norinco caliber 45 1911 na pistola na may Serial No. BCO1195-09-246 na may nakasulong na magazine na may pitong bala, sarong magazine na reserba na may pitong bala; sarong itom na Colt 1911 na calibre 45 na igwa nin nakasulong na magazine na may 6 na bala, sarong reserbang magazine para sa calibre 45 na may laog nin anom na bala; sarong hand grenade, sarong improvised na M16 (sumpak) na may sarongan, sarong tear gas, sarong spray sling pouch na may nakasurat na City Star 1991, sarong itom na sling pouch, limang bala para sa Cal 22; 2ng live ammunition para sa calibre 45; 3ng live ammunition para sa Cal 5.56; sarong live ammunition para sa 12 gauge na shotgun asin kantidad P59,000.00 na cash.

Tulos pigcomfiscar an nasambit na mga armas asin bala asin ngonian yaon sa poder kan mga awtoridad.

Mantang pigsusurat an baretang ini, pigpepreparar na an magkakanigong caso contra sa mga suspechado.

Paramientras, mas hararom na imbestigasyon an ginigibo kan mga nanunungdan para tugkadon an iba pang informasyon pwedeng may relasyon sa operasyon kan duwa na residentes kan Camalig, Albay. Si SPO1 Balonzo asin SPO1 Bataller an nagkakapot kan casong ini.—BICOLSTANDARD.COM

Hundreds of cops deployed for 'Oplan Kaluluwa' in Bicol

Hundreds of police officers will be deployed to beef up existing security forces across the six provinces of Bicol as a safety measure for the upcoming All Souls' Day on Sunday, the Philippine National Police (PNP) in Bicol said Wednesday.

Police Senior Inspector Malu Calubaquib, PNP Bicol spokesperson, said police checkpoints and assistance centers will be set up in cemeteries, major highways, airports, seaports and bus terminals as security measures on All Souls' Day, a religious tradition observed throughout the country.

Calubaquib said security preparations are in place for “Oplan Kaluluwa", where additional policemen will be deployed to support various police assistance centers set up in cemeteries, terminals, ports and highways.

She said the PNP in Bicol will be on a full alert status, policemen will not be allowed to go on leave and those who are on leave will be recalled and be put on duty during the religious observance.

“The measure would ensure the safety of all residents and visitors that will be arriving here to observe All Souls' Day,” Calubaquib said.

The police assistance centers will assist incoming and outgoing passengers in the cities of Naga, Legazpi, and Masbate and in Virac town in Catanduanes.

She said checkpoints will be set up to assist motorists and other visitors from other places.

Security checks will strictly be enforced in bus terminals and major seaports across the region, she added.

Calubaquib said they are closely coordinating with the Department of Transportation and Communications, Department of Public Works and Highways, Philippine Army, Department of Health and civic organizations to implement Oplan Kaluluwa in the six provinces of Bicol.

In Albay, Police Senior Supt. Marlo Meneses, PNP provincial director, said in an interview the Oplan Kaluluwa has been activated with the assignment of additional policemen from the Provincial Public Safety Battalion to assist in maintaining checkpoints, assistance centers, and police visibility in over 50 Catholic and public cemeteries and private memorial parks across the province.

Meneses said that in close coordination with various local government units and non-government organization, they will strictly prohibit the bringing of alcoholic beverages, deadly weapons and other prohibitive items inside the cemetery.

He also advised residents to secure their house before going to the cemetery to pay respects to their departed relatives.

The operational plan will be on a 24-hour duty and the police personnel will be manning various airports, major seaports, bus terminals, malls, and private and public cemeteries across the region.

They will also provide traffic, security and medical assistance to commuters coming from other regions and provinces who are taking their vacations for the All Souls' Day.

“We shall issue advisories to the public containing the standard operating procedures or the 'dos' and 'don’ts' with regard to the observance of All Saints' Day,” Meneses said. (by Mar S. Arguelles, PNA)

EDITORIAL | The Bicol vote

Over the past few weeks, one phrase that got thrown around in connection with the elections was the “Bicol vote.” Pertaining to the general political sentiment of the region, the Bicol vote is an object of desire for candidates in the national polls.

Bloc voting is said to be a vestige of our colonial past,  a practice intimately linked with how Bicolanos responded to the threat of   foreign colonizers taking over  the land. To such predicament, earlier Bicolanos responded by  maintaining close family ties, in the hope of propelling leaders from their own groups or clans into power against the often oppressive foreign forces. Bicol was especially persistent in its resistance,  inciting many movements which proved successful  precisely because of such tightly-knit familial relations.

These close ties remained long after the colonizers departed, yet we are left with such clannish behavior that significantly contributes to the outcome of the polls.

There is nothing inherently wrong with bloc voting,  as large numbers are a surefire way of ensuring able and competent leaders get elected. However, there is danger when only a candidate’s place of origin determines how  the electorate decides, in the hope of gaining benefits from the candidate, once he or she is in office. Elections should be about issues and platforms, not about patronage due to the places of origin.

In the coming polls, let the Bicol vote be not solely about propelling one of our own to a national seat, unless he or she truly possessess the leadership abilities and integrity to lead the nation. Instead, let the Bicol vote be intelligent and discerning, based on a deep understanding of the candidate’s background and platform of government.

Nov. 2 proper day for remembering the dead – cardinal

MANILA— A cardinal has reminded the Catholics that the appropriate day for remembering the dead is on Nov. 2, or All Souls’ Day.

Photo: CBCP
Cardinal Orlando Quevedo said priests must emphasize this to their parishioners since most Catholics prefer visiting their deceased loved ones on Nov. 1, All Saints’ Day.

“What is happening is that, we many Filipinos and dioceses have emphasized All Saints’ Day as the time of blessing the dead and blessing the grave. I think that’s a wrong one,” Quevedo said over Radio Veritas.

‘Wrong message’

He lamented that even the government recognizes only Nov. 1 as a non-working holiday which further sends a “wrong message” to the faithful.

“I would think that the time to travel to the province would be Nov. 1 and the actual honoring is Nov. 2 and the time to return would be Nov. 3,” added Quevedo.

The bishops earlier appealed for a meaningful celebration of the Catholic tradition referred to by Filipinos as “Undas” that cares not only for the dead, but also for the environment.

Bishop Ruperto Santos of Balanga also called on Filipinos not to turn grave sites into picnic spots.

Not a picnic

“We go to cemeteries to remember them and their good deeds, not for picnic, not for reunion,” Santos said.

Quevedo also called on the faithful to pray not only for the the souls of departed loved ones but more importantly for the repose of the souls in purgatory.

“Some of our beloved have passed away they are to be prayed for….but there is a theological doctrine of what we call ‘communion of saints.’ Saints in heaven, saints on earth, those who are church militant, church suffering,” explained Quevedo.

“Whether purgatory or elsewhere of those who passed away and we are in solidarity with them when we pray for them and asks our saints to pray for them. Let us remember that when we honor the dead,” he added. (CBCP News)

Bicolano Tommy Esguerra makes it to PBB Big 4

Bicolano Tommy Esguerra makes it to PBB Big 4
Albayano Tommy Esguerra is among the four finalists among the regular housemates of ABS-CBN reality show Pinoy Big Brother 737. Esguerra is the son of Shirley Sarte Esguerra and the grandson of Albay Governor Joey Sarte Salceda. The other finalists are Miho Nishida, Dawn Chang, and Roger Lutero.

Franco Rodriguez, another Albayano, meanwhile, is in the top 4 among the teen housemates.

As finalists, both have a chance to be selected as one of the two big winners of the program.—BICOLSTANDARD.COM

LOOK: Voters in Naga City try to beat COMELEC registration deadline

A long queue of voters trying to beat the COMELEC registration deadline today has formed outside the poll body office in Naga City today. (PHOTOS BY OSCAR ESMENDA/BICOLSTANDARD.COM)


Friday, October 30, 2015

IN FULL BLOOM | Flower farms in Pacol, Naga City

Flower farms in Pacol, Naga City are in full bloom and ready to meet the huge demand for All Saints' Day and All Soul's Day. (PHOTOS BY OSCAR ESMENDA)


Comelec-5 sees less violations, armed groups in 2016 elections

SORSOGON CITY—The head of the Commission on Elections Bicol regional office sees decreases in the number of private armed groups (PAGs) and electoral violations in the coming May 2016 polls.

Lawyer Romeo B. Fortes, Comelec-Bicol regional executive director, made the assessment before members of the Provincial Joint Security Coordinating Center at this camp’s Kasanggayahan Hall at 9 a.m. Wednesday.

Police Senior Supt. Ronaldo R. Cabral, Sorsogon Police Provincial Office officer-in-charge, welcomed the PJSCC members .

Fortes said agencies led by the Comelec will be more focused on vote-buying and illegal campaigning activities.While vote-buying would be hard to catch and prove, the law enforcers can go after those conspiring to buy votes, he said.

“For instance, if we can catch a person who is in possession of, say, Php1 million, with sample ballots with it, we can charge him for conspiracy to buy votes,” the Comelec official said.

Or, a police officer sees campaign materials nailed on trees, he can remove it for illegal campaigning and in pursuit of the Comelec’s “Operasyon Baklas”.This, Fortes said, is summary abatement of illegal propaganda or campaign materials.

He still sees Masbate as an election hotspot and for this reason, the Philippine Army will be sending 1,000 soldiers to the province.

Masbate had consistently been tagged as an election hot spot in previous elections because of the intense political rivalries among political clans there, including election-related violence that claimed the lives of hundreds of people.

Based on record, Masbate has the most number of villages that were placed under Comelec control, with 40 villages in 18 towns.

Igmidio Emilio Camposano, a local trial court judge there and Masbate Advocate for Peace president, said in an earlier interview with the Philippines News Agency that their group, in this early stage, is preparing to map out pre-election scenarios to ensure that the May 2016 elections in the province would be peaceful and orderly.

Camposano said his worst fear in the upcoming polls is the intense political rivalries that end up in violence, hiring of PAGS, vote-buying and harassment.

According to him, PAGs are being used by local politician as an instrument to sow terror and violence and eliminate political leaders to gain political advantage over their rivals.

In the previous national and local elections, there were at least six PAGs listed operating in Masbate, of which only two are active -- the Arizobal and Villaruel groups -- with 38 members.

For this reason, Task Force Masbate was created after reports that local politicians here exercise too much influence over the police and sometimes the police were being dictated upon in the conduct of their operations.

Fortes also informed the PJSCC members that four election-related incidents have already occurred in Masbate since the filing of the certificates of candidacy of local officials, one of them right after the victim had just filed his COC.

He considers the election-related violent incidents to start on the filing of the COC and not only during the election period, from Jan. 9 to June 8.

In saying earlier that there would be less electoral violations this time, Fortes said the number of those who have filed their COCs this year has decreased by 20 percent compared to that of the previous election.(PNA)

Albay is 2016 Palarong Pambansa host

The Department of Education (DepEd) and the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) declared Albay the host of the Palarong Pambansa in 2016.

Photo by Evans Llona
Albay won over Tuguegarao City, Cagayan–its only competitor for the annual national student games.

Before announcing the results, Education Secretary Armin Luistro asked both provinces to continue supporting the agency’s sports development program. “Sana ipagpatuloy po ninyo ang inyong naka-atas na mga programa para sa sports sa inyong probinsiya at sana makasama pa po kayo ng DepEd at ng PSC doon sa iba pang sports events. Mayroon po tayong Batang Pinoy, Philippine National Games, at iba pang programa.”

The final choice was made based on voting results by the Palarong Pambansa Board, which is chaired by the education Secretary.

“We reviewed the recommendations from the regions and had our own deliberations. We went through billeting, facilities, your presentations, including readiness of our regions, as well as other considerations that are specific to 2016. Ang nanalo po with a very, very slim margin is Albay,” Luistro said.

Before the bidding and official presentations of the two provinces, DepEd and PSC technical officials inspected each venue last June.

PSC Commissioner Jose Luis Gomez presented to the body the rating system used which included international standards, distance from the main complex, power supply, and security, among others.

DepEd’s Schools Sports Events and Activities Unit Head Cesar Abalon reported on the status of the billeting areas, which are evaluated based on the sufficiency of rooms, bathrooms, kitchen areas, and medical provisions.

With a budget of Php 300 million, Albay Governor Joey Salceda assured the Palarong Pambansa Board that Albay has the equipment and resources needed to construct and repair its sports facilities.

Imbuelto sa human trafficking, tiklo

NAGA CITY—Yaon na sa poder kan mga awtoridad an duwang suspechado sa suboot imbuelto sa caso nin “human trafficking” sa banwaan kan Calabanga, Camarines Sur.

Susug sa report kan mga imbestigador, apat na personas, tulo digdi mga menor de edad an victima kuta kan sindicato, na imbuelto an pangaran ninda Arlene Songco Ramos asin Marites Riva.

An mga victima kan sindicato anas hale sa banwaan kan Lagonoy, Camarines Sur.

Ipinahayag kan informante na sinugo suboot ni Ramos si Riva na maghanap nin tulong lalaki asin sarong babae na pwedeng darahon sa provincia kan Pampanga tanganing duman magtrabaho.

Alagad, maswerteng nasabatan kan mga awtoridad an jeep na piglunadan kan mga victima, pero dae na sinda sa nakalunad sa awto.

Pirang oras an naka agi, nasusug kan mga pulis an kinakamugtakan kan mga victima, kaibahan na sinda Ramos asin Riva.

Mientrastanto, naghahanap pa nin dugang na mga evidencia an mga pulis para sa isasangat na caso contra sa duwang mga nasambit na suspechado.—BICOLSTANDARD.COM

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Masbate provincial gov't issues statement on power supply disconnection

The Masbate Provincial Government has released the following statement in connection with the disconnection of power supply due to some unpaid bills from 2011 to 2014:

"Very recently the Masbate Provincial Government received Notice of Disconnections from MASELCO banking on the piled-up elctric bills of the previous administration from years 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014. This was the obligation of the Lanete Administration. But the present administration is the one obliged to pay and burdened by the consequences.

Learning about the arrears, Gov. Vince Revil immedietely ordered for possible fast remedies especially that the Masbate Social Center has already been disconnected of electricity service. Together with the Provincial Finance Team and other heads of offices, Gov. Vince lobbied with MASELCO headed by OIC Manager Mila Francisco, appealing to MASELCO for a reconsideration presenting the consequences of the disconnection and the process of payment of the provincial government.

Gov. Vince made it clear that since the unpaid bills ammased during the previous administration, then a Sangguniang Panlalawigan Resolution is necessary as it has to be charged to the current appropriation. In the same instance, the governor ordered Budget Officer Liborio Gonzales to check on possible fund source from the current fund to compensate the arrears which the past administration failed to pay.

On October 26, 2015, this MASELCO problem was discussed during the latest SP Session. The SP members approved the resolution granting authority to the governor to pay the arrears to MASELCO and the vouchers for the unpaids bills are now on process.

Per records, all current dues and bills of the present administration under Gov. Vince Revil are updated and religiously being paid. From the time Gov. Vince took over, all electric bills of the Provincial Government were paid."

BGen Quidilla is new Bicol Army Chief

PILI, Camarines Sur—Brigadier General Ferdinand F. Quidilla was installed as the new Commander of the 9th Infantry Division in a Change of Command Ceremony earlier today (October 29) at Camp Elias Angeles here. He replaced Major General Yerson E. Depayso who is retiring from military service.

The Change of Command and Retirement Ceremony was presided by the Commanding General of the Philippine Army Lieutenant General Eduardo M. Año. AFP Southern Luzon Command Chief Lieutenant General Ricardo R. Visaya and 2nd Infantry Division Commander Major General Romeo G. Gan were also present to witness the ceremony.

Prior to his current position, BGen Quidilla was the Assistant Division Commander of the 2nd Infantry Division in Tanay, Rizal.

BGen Quidilla was born in Banga, South Cotabato on April 22, 1961. Generals Año, Visaya and Gan and Quidilla were classmates at the Philippine Military Academy Class of 1983.

"I am very optimistic that BGen Quidilla will continue the efforts of his predecessor, Major General Depayso, in the attainment of a more peaceful Bicol Region," said SOLCOM Chief LtGen Visaya.

He said Quidilla's expertise in counter insurgency will infuse new approaches in AFP's IPSP "Bayanihan" in Bicol Region.

Sandiganbayan convicts Ex-Gov. Typoco of falsification of public documents

MANILA—The Sandiganbayan has pronounced former Camarines Norte Governor Jesus “Atoy” Typoco Jr. guilty of falsification of public documents.

Former Camarines Norte Governor Jesus “Atoy” Typoco Jr.

In a 30-page resolution penned by Associate Justice Rodolfo Ponferrada., Typoco and former Provincial General Service Officer-in-Charge Noel Reyes were meted a sentence of a minimum of two years and four months to a maximum of eight years of imprisonment in addition to a fine of P2,000.

This case stemmed from the procurement of medical supplies for the Camarines Norte Provincial Hospital in 2005.
Said supplies, which amounted to P1.645 million, were purchased as part of Camarines Norte’s Medical Indigency Program.
A public bidding was purportedly conducted on 18 May 2005 with a Notice of Award issued by Typoco, Jr. on 19 May 2005. However, prosecutors presented evidence to prove that the delivery, inspection and payment for the medicines were effected a month earlier, in April 2005.

In her testimony, State Auditor III Nemia Noora from the Commission on Audit (COA) cited the following deficiencies in the procurement of medicines: (1) alteration/tampering/erasures in the purchase order (PO), inspection and acceptance report and sales invoice; (2) non-submission of the list of individual recipients of the medicines; (3) undated and unnumbered Request and Issue Slip approved by Typoco, Jr.; (4) undated Report of Utilization approved by Typoco, Jr. resulting to COA’s inability to determine the actual date of disposal of the medicines; (5) absence of an invitation to the COA to attend the alleged bidding.

Justice Ponferrada found that “there was conspiracy between Typoco, Jr. and Reyes as shown by their respective participations in the alteration of the date of the PO in question.”

The resolution reads: “This alteration or change in the original date of the subject PO (purchase order) constitutes falsification of official document because it affected not only its veracity but it also changed the time when it was prepared and approved to make the document speak something false…when in truth and fact the PO in question was already approved on April 21 without any public bidding.”

Meanwhile, the Sandiganbayan acquitted Aida Pandeagua (Buyer II), Angelina Cabrera (representative of supplier Cabrera’s Drugstore and Medical Supply) and Arnulfo Salagoste (Provincial Health Officer). Similarly, charges for violation of Section 3(e) of Republic Act No. 3019 (Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act) against Typoco,et al. were dismissed for lack of sufficient basis.

In a recent development, the Office of the Ombudsman found probable cause to charge Typoco, Jr., in a separate case, for violation of Section 3(e) of Republic Act No. 3019 (Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act) for his involvement in the fertilizer fund scam.

‘Hari nin Sinablay’ sa Naga City, dakop na

NAGA CITY –Mayo nang naginibo si Renato Capistrano y Ssierra, 29 anyos, soltero asin residente kan Magsaysay Avenue, Zone 1, Balatas, Naga City kan siya dakopon kan mga awtoridad sa sumbong ni Rex Victorio Hidalgo y Alcala, 55 anyos, kan Langka Street, Mac Mariano Village, Zone 3, Barangay Balatas, ciudad na ini.

Si Capistrano iyo an sinasahotan na imbuelto sa paghabon nin mga bagong linabahan na mga gubing, twalya, tamong, asin mga hanger, na an total na valor, labing P5,000.00.

Sabi kan nagreclamo, pinapahinuroan pa lang ninda an mga bagong linabahan na mga gamit na ibinugtak sa ibabaw kan lamesa sa atop kan saindang harong kan marisa na nawawara na an mga linabahan.

Tulos nagtarabang an mga miembros kan saindang familia sa paghanap.

Nareparo kan victima asin kan saiyang aki na pwedeng nagsalisi an parahabon.

An suspecha kan victima, nagsakat sa kudal kan kataid nindang lote, dangan nagsakat sa atop kan saindang harong an parahabon.

Mientras na pighahanap an mga nawawarang linabahan, naheling kan victima na an bitis kan lamesa yaon pwera kan bakanteng harong na kataid kan saindang residencia.

Huli kan siring na obserbasyon, nag-apod tulos sinda nin mga pulis tanganing magtabang na madakop an parahabon.

Arog kan saindang suspecha, an parahabon kan linabahan yaon mananggad nagpapahipli sa sinambit na lugar, kugos-kugos an mga nagtuturo pang mga bado asin tamong.

Dinakop si Capistrano asin dinara sa Police Station 2 para imbestigaran.—BICOLSTANDARD.COM

Nawarang blouse ni Lola, sulot nin daraga sa plaza

NAGA CITY – Nagrulungsi. Garal-gadal an boses.

Ini an sabi kan mga imbestigador kan saindang tukloon an 20 anyos na daraga na itinukdong may sulot kan nawawarang paboritong blouse ni lola Rosario "Charing" Pado, 69 anyos na taga Zone 4, Lazaro Compound, sa Barangay Mabolo, digdi.

Plaza Rizal, Naga City
Photo: JCI Philippines
An suspechado iyo si Nicole Lim y Cruz, kan Barangay San Cirilo, Pasacao, Camarines Sur.
Sabi sa sumbong ni Lola Charing, dae niya pighuhuna na mababawi pa an nawawarang gubing ta mayo nin nakaheling kan parahabas sa laog kan saindang residencia.
“Masuerte sana gayod ako o dimalas sana siya (Nicole) ta iyo nanggad an naturuhokan kan sakong mga mata si blouse kong nawawara,” sabi kan gurang.
Isinaysay kan victima na nagpasiring siya sa Plaza Rizal para magpahayahay asin magpahale nin pungot.
Nakua an saiyang atensyon kan magayon na color na blouse na sulot kan daraga na kapareyo kan saiyang nawawara na gubing.
Naghagad nin tabang si Lola Charing sa mga pulis para imbitaran an daraga na may sulot kan blouse ta an saiyang suspecha iyo ito si nawawara saiya.
Inabot nin makuring nerbios an suspechado kaya pag-abot sa hepatura kan pulis, inako tulos na hinabonan talaga an saiyang sulot na blouse.
Afuera kan blouse, gamit pa kan suspechado si hinabon na leggings kan lola patin sandals.
Sabi kan mga imbestigador mayo nin itinaong paliwanag an suspechado kun tano ta gamit niya an mga personal na gamit kan gurang.
Pati an gamit na kalson (panty) kan suspechado asin an bra, kabale sa mga hinarabon ki Lola Charing.
Laen kan enot na nasambit na mga personal na rugaring kan victima, nakua pa sa suspechado an minasunod na mga gamit na pwedeng sadire man ni Lola Charing: sarong cream na bulong sa kurikong, panaw asin alipunga na may valor na P32.00; sarong deodorant cream na kantidad P95.00; sarong deodorant roll-on na kantidad P75.00; ; sarong cellular phone asin bateriya, na an valor P1,000.00.
Huli sa incidenteng ini, dinara tulos an suspechado sa Naga City Hospital para sa physical examination, antes siyang iditinir kan Custodial Facility kan CIDG.
Sasangatan siya nin casong panhahabon.

An mga nag-arestar sa suspechado mga tawohan kan PNP, na pinapamayohan ni Senior Inspector Dennis A. San Juan, an jefe kan police sa Station I digdi. —BICOLSTANDARD.COM

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