Friday, May 29, 2015

Heartbreak led to hostage in Cam Sur

DEL GALLEGO, Camarines Sur—Investigators are considering love problems as the root of the hostage-taking incident that involved a soldier of the Philippine Army and passengers of a Peñafrancia Tours bus this afternoon.

The suspect, identified as Corporal Rene Prajele, 36 years old, and a member of the 31st Infantry Batallion in Sorsogon, was said to have been suffering from emotional stress after finding out that his lover was allegedly romantically involved with another soldier.

Earlier today, Prajele with his M16 rifle and full military uniform, took as hostage around 55 passengers of the bus with plate number TYZ 380 somewhere along Andaya Highway at Barangay Comadaycaday here.

According to the police, most of the passengers were students returning to Manila for the opening of classes.

After hours of negotiation with a crisis management team composed of Mayor Ricky Aquino of Ragay, Mayor Lydia Abarientos of Del Gallego, Colonel Amador Tabuga of the 902nd Infantry Brigade, and Commander Lieutenant Colonel Medel Aguilar of the 49th Infantry Battalion, Prajele surrendered.

No one was injured due to the incident, the police said.

The incident, however, caused heavy traffic along Maharlika Highway, as the police closed the road as they tried to pacify Prajele.

As of 7 p.m., Prajele has been taken to the Del Gallego Municipal Police Station for the filing of appropriate charges.

He will be brought to Camp Elias Angeles Hospital for assessment of his mental capability, the Police Regional Office 5 announced.

The Philippine National Police, it added, will determine whether Prajele will be detained or turned over to the 9th Infantry Division for custody.—With report from Jener Villarez, BICOLSTANDARD.COM

BREAKING: Army member takes Penafrancis Tours bus passengers hostage

DEL GALLEGO, Camarines Sur--A man armed with an M-16 rifle has taken hostage several persons on a Penafrancia Tours bus at Barangay Comadaycaday here this afternoon.

The suspect was identified as Cpl. Rene Prajele, 36 years old and a member of the Philippine Army.

Said bus is going to Manila from Naga City.

As of the time of posting, the incident is causing heavy traffic.

Due to the incident, the police have blocked the road, causing heavy traffic in the area.

Del Gallego Mayor Lydia Abarrientos confirmed to BICOL STANDARD that the authorities are doing all they can to pacify the hostage-taker and ensure the safety of the victims.--BICOLSTANDARD.COM

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Hunt for Habitan slay suspects still on

DAET, Camarines Norte—The killing of Bicolano gold trader Ronnie Habitan is still under investigation, Camarines Norte Provincial Police Office Director Senior Superintendent Harris Fama told BICOL STANDARD in an interview this afternoon.

Ronnie Habitan
Contributed photo
Fama also confirmed that the Armando Catapia Command of the New People's Army (NPA) has already owned up to the killing.


In a statement posted online, the Armando Catapia Command called Habitan an "untouchable" in the town of Jose Panganiban.

They accused him of being a druglord and a protector of drug pushers in the towns of Paracale, Jose Panganiban, and Labo in Camarines Norte, and of forming a private army to intimidate competitors in the gold business.

He also owned high-powered rifles, such as an M4, M14, KJ9 and ingram, the same statement indicated.

Atimonan incident

It would be recalled that Habitan's name earlier came up in reports about the 2013 Atimonan incident as the person who tipped Supt. Hansel Marantan of alleged jueteng operator Victor Siman’s whereabouts.

He allegedly met with Siman in Jose Panganiban, Camarines Norte a few hours before the latter travelled to Quezon, where he and twelve other people were killed at a checkpoint.

In media interviews, Habitan had since denied being Marantan’s informant.

Gunned down

Now around two years after the Atimonan incident, it is now Habitan who was gunned down by ten men in camouflage uniforms at 9:10 a.m. on Monday at his house at Barangay Plaridel, Jose Panganiban, Camarines Norte.

The suspected rebels identified themselves as members of the police who had come to arrest the gold trader.

They shot Habitan in the head.

Police responded to the incident immediately after receiving a report of the arrival of the armed men at the mining financier’s house.

The suspects, according to Police Chief Inspector Martin Ngadao Jr. disarmed them, saying that their only target was Habitan.

They also took with them the victim’s vault, along with two caliber .45 pistols before fleeing.

The gold trader was rushed to the Jose Panganiban Primary Hospital but was declared dead by the attending physician.

Meantime, Lt. Col. Medel Aguilar of the Philippine Army’s 49th Infantry Battalion reported having found 11 Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) around the area.

He said the IEDs were probably planted to delay the authorities from responding.

Three of the IEDs, Aguilar said, blew up, injuring Pfc Verson Alim, Pfc. Regala and Cpl. Malabanan.

As of the time of this writing, the police and the Army are still conducting a hot pursuit operation to locate the suspects.—BICOLSTANDARD.COM

NPA statement on Ronnie Habitan slay


Sarion hits back at Tallado, wants gov kicked out of LP

DAET, Camarines Norte—Mayor Tito Sarion expressed his confidence that the National Directorate of the Liberal Party (LP) is still on his side.

Sarion hits back at Tallado, wants gov kicked out of LP
Photo via Mayor Tito Sarion
Addressing the members of the media and civic groups in a press conference here yesterday, he said it was Tallado, and not him, who must be booted out of the LP because of immorality, corruption, and other indiscretions.

Sarion added that he is yet to receive a letter from the LP National Directorate regarding the move of Tallado’s allies to drop him off the Provincial Directorate and declare him “persona non grata.”

"I think I don't deserve such accusation after almost 30 years in politics and government service," he said.

The mayor’s declarations were met with cheers from his supporters, some of whom were wearing black T-shirts with the acronym DAET, which stands for Daet Ayaw Kay Egay Tallado.

Sour relationship

Earlier, Sarion confirmed to BICOL STANDARD that his relationship with Tallado, a former ally, has indeed soured.

Camarines Sur 2nd District Rep. Leni Robredo’s visit last week to the town of Capalonga could have exacerbated the problem.
Robredo was the special guest of Camarines Norte Rep. Catherine Barcelona-Reyes, who is Robredo’s seatmate in Congress.

Reyes is known to be politically aligned against Gov. Tallado.
From L-R: Cong. Leni Robredo, Cong. Cathy Barcelona Reyes, Mayor Tito Sarion in Camarines Norte
(Photo via Cong. Reyes)
According to Sarion, Tallado displayed displeasure because he was allegedly not consulted, if not bypassed, about Robredo’s visit.

Tallado is the Provincial Chairman of the Liberal Party, of which Robredo is also a member.
Insiders from Tallado’s camp say that Sarion feels powerful in the LP because Robredo is backing him up.
Robredo was one of the principal sponsors in Sarion’s wedding.

Word war

Meanwhile, in interviews, Tallado and Sarion have launched a word war against each other.
Sarion claimed that Tallado has made no visible improvements to the province during his incumbency.
Instead, he has besmirched the good image of the province because of his alleged immortality issue.
“Dai ngani inagihan bagyo o kalamidad ang Camarines Norte, pero inagihan naman ng imoralidad,” Sarion said in a text message to BICOL STANDARD.

Tallado's allegations

Tallado, in a separate radio broadcast, stressed that the Liberal Party in Camarines Norte is not having problems.
“The problem is Sarion,” he said.
Indignated at the mayor’s attacks, Tallado shot back, “Dapat magpakalalaki si Sarion!”
He also said that Sarion’s claims have no basis.
At a local FM station, he said that it was in fact Sarion who should answer to the issue of corruption.
The Daet mayor, according to Tallado, is facing a criminal charge for violation of the Graft and Corrupt Practices Act.
Meanwhile, Tallado said he does not have any pending graft and corruption case.
Tallado also responded to the allegation that there was a lack of improvement in Daet during his term.
He said he had caused the concreting of several roads in different barangays of Daet, proof that he did not neglect the town.
On the other hand, he said Sarion during his twelve years as town mayor had not even purchased an ambulance or mobile patrol cars.
“Wala kasing political will,” Tallado said.
“This is the reason why the traffic in this town is too congested. The sidewalks are occupied by many ambulant vendors. There is no order in the town proper,” he claimed. —BICOLSTANDARD.COM

Contempt charge vs. Vice Gov Peña, et al. dadangogon sa Julio 2

Camarines Sur Board Member Ariel Abonal
MANILA—Itinalaan sa fecha 2 kan bulan na Junio, 2015, alas-2 nin hapon an pagdangog kan petition ni Atty. Ariel Abonal, na naghohorot na kastigohon nin contempt si Vice Gobernador Fortunato Peña asin mga miembros kan Junta Provincial kan Camarines Sur.

Si Peña asin an nasambit na mga miembros padagos na nagsasayuma na respetaran an orden kan Commission on Election (COMELEC) na si Abonal iyo an tunay na elihidong Board Member kan ikaduwang distrito kan Camarines Sur.

Si Abonal nagpresentar na kan gabos niyang mga documento sa Sangguniang Panlalawigan asin nagsumpa na sa pwesto bilang Board Member kan ikaduwang distrito.

Alagad, sa gabos na panahon na nagprobar siyang mag-okupar kan saiyang tukawan, siya sinasayumahan na tawan nin reconocimiento kan Junta Provincial.

Kan nakaaging apat na semana, pagkatapos nin pirang beses na pagprobar na maglaog sa session kan Sangguniang Panlalawigan, si Abonal sinayumahan asin padagos na sinsayumanan na patukawon, para irepresentar an saiyang mga constituentes sa distrito.

Maroromdoman na si Abonal iyo an pigdeclarar na nanggana sa election kan 2013 sa cargong Board Member kan segundo distrito, pagkatapos na cancelaron an Certificate of Candidacy ni Romulo O. Hernandez sa rason na dae na siya calificado na mag-reelection.

Si Hernandez binayaan na ngani an saiyang pwesto kan marecibe an final na desisyon kan Commission on Elections.

Alagad, pagkalihis nin pirang semana nagplantear man guiraray nin Petition for Certiorari sa Supreme Court, na nagkukwestyon kan final na desisyon kan COMELEC.

Huli kan siring na mga pangyayari, si Abonal dae pa guiraray tinatawan nin bwelo na makarepresentar kan saiyang districto sa provincia. —BICOLSTANDARD.COM Pirming enot. Pirming bago.

Bato mayor defies suspension order

BATO, Camarines Sur—Tensions are running high as ousted mayor Jeanette Bernaldez continues to defy the suspension order issued by the Office of the Ombudsman.

Bernaldez, who was found guilty of oppression, was meted a penalty of six months and one day administrative suspension without pay.

Bato Muncipal Hall
Photo by Ringer
Wikimedia Commons

Bernaldez’ defense

Insisting that she has a Motion for Reconsideration pending at the Office of the Ombudsman, as well as a petition for certiorari with prayer for the issuance of a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) at the Court of Appeals, she said she is mandated to continue discharging the duties of the mayor.

“Anytime masagot kan Ombudsman, CA, yaon na dyan, I have to give up my position,” she said in an interview with Edwin Lara over radio station BBS-DWLV on May 20.

She likewise invoked the Aguinaldo doctrine as a shield against her suspension.

According to said doctrine, “a public official cannot be removed for administrative misconduct committed during a prior term, since his re-election to office operates as a condonation of the officer's previous misconduct to the extent of cutting off the right to remove him therefor.”

Bernaldez in the interview maintained that her re-election rendered the administrative complaints against her, dated 2010 and 2013, moot and academic.

Sacueza’s stand

But the camp of Alvin Sacueza, who was elected vice mayor, believes otherwise.

Sacueza averred that although he respects Bernaldez’ right to question the Ombudsman’s ruling, he also needs to abide by the law.

He narrated that when the Office of the Ombudsman released the joint resolution on April 15, he did not make any move.

Since DILG Regional Director Elouisa Pastor executed the Order, however, he was duty-bound to assume office lest he face sanctions.

Gonzales sides with Sacueza
Former Bato mayor Jimmy Gonzales, in a separate interview, agreed with Sacueza’s viewpoint.

He said he laments how the residents have become divided on the issue, although this is normal and to be expected.

He also stressed that he believes in Sacueza’s legitimacy as acting mayor.

Gonzales expressed his fear, however, that Bernaldez’ allies at the Sangguniang Bayan might not give Sacueza the authority to transact.

This, he said, could spell disaster for the municipal hall employees, whose paychecks may be delayed and thus have difficulty enrolling their children during the forthcoming schoolyear.


The bitter standoff has resulted into difficult and delayed government transactions as Bernaldez’ camp have reportedly put up barricades and padlocked doors to prevent Sacueza from officially assuming post.

Sacueza has since sought the help of the local police to remove the barricades and allow him to discharge his official duties.

Undeterred, however, by the moves of the opposing camp, Sacueza appealed to the Sangguniang Bayan officials to follow their hearts and minds and make principled and intelligent decisions.

Meanwhile, he urged the residents of Bato to prioritize the welfare of the town, and not their leader.

“Sa gabos na mga kahimanwa ko, magkasararo po kita para po sa ikaka-asenso, ikakagayon kan satuyang banwaan. An ipaglaban ta po an karahayan kan banwaan, bako an karahayan kan lider,” he stated in an interview over BBS-DWLV.

Bernaldez, it would be recalled, was held liable by the Office of the Ombudsman for Oppression under Section 46 (B) (2), Rule 10 of the Revised Rules on Administrative Cases in the Civil Service and Grave Abuse of Authority under Section 52 (A) (14) of the Uniform Rules on Administrative Cases in the Civil Service.

In the previous election, Bernaldez ran under the banner of the Nacionalista Party (NP) while Sacueza was with the Nationalist People's Coalition (NPC).—BICOLSTANDARD.COM Pirming enot. Pirming bago.

Suspension Order of Mayor Jeanette Bernaldez


Balangibog na narogba an Hong Enterprises, false alarm—BFP

CIUDAD NIN NAGA—“False alarm" an nabilog na conclusion kan mga miembros kan Naga City Fire Department na nagdaralagan pasiring sa Hong Enterprises na namumugtak sa centro kan ciudad na ini.

Hong Enterprises, Naga City
Retrato ni JV Hong

Poon pa kasoodmang alas-3 nin hapon, nagkuriyat an mga text messages na nagsasabi na may narugbang parte sa ikaduwang eskalon kan sinambit na masulong na tindahan nin mga bararatong efectos.

An mga tawohan kan Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) katuwang an mga miembros kan Rescue Team marikas na nagresponde sa sinambit na lugar, na sinasabing may nangyaring disgracia.

Nadiskubre kan mga nag respondeng miembros kan Rescue Team na mayong katohanan an pinalakop na mensahe sa text.

Dawa siring kaini an obserbasyon kan mga nasa BFP, naglaog pa guiraray sinda sa edificio para maggibo nin biglaan na pag-inspeksyon kan mga lugar na pwedeng magdara nin peligro sa mga parokyano asin parabakal.

Naheling kan mga nagsiyasat na talagang grabeng maray an tambak na efectos na kadaklan mga papel asin materiales na plastic na an iba nakakaolang na ngani sa agihan kan mga parabakal.

An manehamiento kan Hong Enterprises nagpahayag na pakaraot sana ini kan ibang mga nag-oori sainda, orog nang mahibog talaga an saindang mga parokyano ta barato an saindang mga ipinapabakal na mga paninda.

Mientrastanto, kinaomagahan, binalikan kan mga miembros kan BFP an sinambit na lugar para repasohon an mga pampasegurong gamit, arog kan supply kan tubig asin iba pang gamit na pang-ampat kan kalayo, para maibitaran na mangyari an kasulo.

Sabi kan mga inspector, kumpleto man an mga panseguridad na gamit sa laog kan edificio kan Hong Enterprises, pero may mga kulang pa digdi.

Pinaguiromdom an kagsadire kan tindahan na hale na mismo sa saindang insyatibo an pagpaseguro na maibitaran an peligro orog na sa kasulo, na iyong pig-iibitaran ngonian na mainit na maray an panahon.— BICOLSTANDARD.COM. Pirmeng enot. Pirmeng bago.

Gold trader sa Cam Norte binadil kan 10ng lalaki

JOSE PANGANIBAN, CNorte—Sampulong armadong mga lalaki na nakasulot nin camouflage uniforms an nagbadil kan sarong gold trader o nagbabakal nin bulawan sa banwaan na ini kasoodma.

Nagadan on the spot si Ronnie Habitan, na binadil poco mas o menos alas 9:10 nin aga, pakatapos na laogon kan mga armadong lalaki an saindang harong.

Antes siyang binadil, dinisarmaran ngona kan mga armadong lalaki nin mga service firearms an 4 na mga personahes kan pulis digdi.

Sa enot na pagsiyasat nagluluwas na si Habitan nagadan sa tama nin bala sa manlaenlaen na parte kan saiyang lawas, asin saro pang bala an naglagbas sa saiyang payo.

An victima pig coconsiderar na pinakamayaman na parabakal nin bulawan sa Camarines Norte.—BICOLSTANDARD.COM

Rep. Andaya files bill seeking imprisonment, Php 100K fine for cyber bullies

MANILA—Camarines Sur Rep. Rolando Andaya Jr. filed House Bill 5718, or the proposed Anti Cyber-Bullying Act of 2015, after noting that the anonymity of the Internet has made it easier for netizens to “switch off” social and moral norms and post or say anything online without accountability.

Camarines Sur Rep. Andaya files bill seeking imprisonment, Php 100K fine for cyber bullies
Laptop photo via Pixabay

Camarines Sur Rep. Rolando Andaya Jr. filed House Bill 5718, or the proposed Anti Cyber-Bullying Act of 2015, after noting that the anonymity of the Internet has made it easier for netizens to “switch off” social and moral norms and post or say anything online without accountability.

“Cyber-bullying is one such problem that the advancement in technology and social media has generated. It can potentially affect not only school-aged children, but also any individual who has access to a mobile phone or the Internet,” he said.

Once the proposed bill becomes a law, imprisonment of up to six years and a fine of as much as P100,000 await Internet bullies.

Under the measure, cyber-bullying shall refer to acts of cruelty committed using the Internet or any form of electronic media or technology that has the effect of stripping one’s dignity or causing reasonable fear or physical or emotional harm.

These acts include repeatedly sending offensive, rude and insulting messages; distributing derogatory information about the victim; and posting or sending offensive photos of the victim, whether these are digitally altered, were taken with or without consent, with the intention to humiliate and embarrass the victim.

It also includes breaking into an email, social networking or any electronic account and using the victim’s virtual identity to send, upload or distribute embarrassing materials to or about others; sharing the victim’s personal information or any embarrassing information, or tricking the victim into revealing personal or embarrassing information and sharing it to others; and repeatedly sending messages that include threats of harm or engaging in online activities that cause fear on the victim’s safety among others.

Under the proposed bill, a penalty of P50,000 but not more than P100,000, or imprisonment of not less than six months but not more than six years shall be imposed on any person found guilty of cyber-bullying.

Both fine and imprisonment may also be meted as punishment for violators upon the discretion of the court. —by Cielito M. Reganit (PNA)

Consejal sa Balud, Masbate, binadil

BALUD, Masbate—Mayo pa nin naheheling na motibo an mga awtoridad sa pagbadil kan sarong miembro kan consejo municipal digdi kasubagong aga.

An victima iyo si Hariet Estrella y Cipriano na residente kan Barangay Calunpang sa banwaan na ini.

Basado sa report na hale ki PSSupt. Prexy Dugag Tanggawon, an Masbate Provincial Director, nangyari an pagbadil sa victima sa Barangay Plaza, mientras na si Consejal Estrella nag-aansyas nang magpuli hale sa pig-atendiran na selebrasyon kan fiesta kan lugar.

Marikas na maray si mga pangyayari, kaya dae nabisto an suspechado na nagbadil ki Estrella.

Tinamaan nin bala an victima sa saiyang abaga guikan sa calibre .45 na pistola, dangan pinokpok pa siya sa payo kan padulag nang suspechado.

An victima yaon ngonian sa hospital pigbubulong.

An mga miembros kan Philippine National Police (PNP) na nakadistino sa lugar an naghahanap pa ngonian kan suspechado.—BICOLSTANDARD.COM Pirming enot. Pirming bago.

Empleado kan LGU Sto. Domingo, gadan sa aksidente

STO. DOMINGO, Albay—Huli sa grabeng aksidente na nangyari, haros dae na mabisto an pandok kan victima na nakahurok sa irarom kan truck asin nadatogan pa an saiyang lawas.

Si Kristel Balino, empleado sa accounting office kan banwaan na ini, an daeng swerteng binawian tulos nin buhay sa lugar na pinangyarihan kan incidente.

Susug sa natipon na mga informasyon hale sa police, si Balino nagmamaneho kan saiyang motorsiklo kan aksidenteng mahapit kan truck na hale sa Quezon City sa curbadang parte kan tinampo.

An driver kan truck nabisto sa pangarang Christopher.

Mientrastanto, naaraman sa pag-imbestigar kan pangyayari na kan matamaan an motorsiklo na pigmamaneho kan victima, nakahurok pa ini sa irarom na parte kan truck kaya haros marunot an parte kan lawas ni Balino.

Inagapan pa man kuta siya asin dinara sa hospital.

Alagad, pigdeclarar kan mga doctor na mayo na siya nin buhay.

An suspechado nasa poder kan mga awtoridad asin pig pepreparar na an caso na isasangat contra sa driver.—BICOLSTANDARD.COM Pirming enot. Pirming bago.

Monday, May 25, 2015

CASURECO II announces May 26 brownout

NAGA CITY—Camarines Sur II Electric Cooperative (CASURECO) II has released a power interruption advisory for May 26, 2015, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Photo: Casureco II
Affected are the areas supplied by the Del Rosario 20 MVA power transformer, including Feeder 51, 52, 53, & 54 ( San Jose, Cadlan, Palestina Pili. San Antonio Milaor, Caroyroyan, Tinangis, Airport, Capitol Complex, CWC, Maydaso Milaor, Casureco II, Monte Cielo, Jardin Real, Villa Corazon, GSIS, Ford Motors, Camella Homes, DoÑa Conchita, Cararayan Proper & Urban Poor, Del Rosario, Salunguigui, Langon, San Isidro, Avida, Pacol, Carolina, Panicuason, San Felipe, part of Magsaysay, Bagumbayan Sur & Norte, Calauag, Capilihan, Filoville, Jacob, Queborac, Molave, Ateneo Ave, P. Santos, Vilmar Homes, Villa Francia, Tapaz Compound, BMC Old, NIA compond urban poor, Naga City Science High School, MNWD Cararayan, May Flower St, Mac Mariano Ave., Gimenez Subd., Basilica, Balatas, Green Acres, Citi Hardware, Villa Virginia, Villa Sorabella, Villa Grande Homes, Villa Concepcion Subd., St Jude Subd, Ramaida Village, Pepsi Cola, Coca Cola, Andoks, Almeda Village, Capucnasan Milaor.

The power interruption is due to the annual preventive maintenance to be conducted by the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines, the advisory said.

Power may be restored earlier than 5 p.m., however, it added.

LOOK: Albay jeep offers free Wi-Fi

LEGAZPI CITY—Netizens here are abuzz over photos of a public utility jeepney here that offers free Wi-Fi Internet connectivity to passengers.

Albay jeep offers free Wi-Fi
Photo: Gov. Joey Salceda
The jeepney, which plies the Legazpi City-Daraga route, allows passengers to connect to a router on the dashboard via a username and password which are displayed behind the driver’s seat.

It belongs to Jose and Jonah Cantilado of Dona Maria Subd., Barangay Tagas, Daraga, Albay, according to Gov. Joey Salceda.

Netizens say the free Wi-Fi is making commuting in Albay more enjoyable and productive.

In Bicol, several buses to and from Manila already offer free Wi-Fi connection, but it is rare for a jeepney to offer the service.

As of the time of posting, the set of photos, which are uploaded on Gov. Joey Salceda’s Facebook account, have received 2,585 likes and 82 shares. —BICOLSTANDARD.COM

Kap. Ingo Briones: pulitika an rason kan pagbadil sako

CIUDAD NIN NAGA— Pigconfirmar na ni Domingo “Ingo” Briones an saiyang bilog na pagtubod na pulitika an rason kan pagbadil saiya kan nakaaging Marso sa sarong baraylehan sa Tambo Elementary School Grand Auditorium sa banwaan kan Pamplona, Camarines Sur.

Ingo Briones
“Mayo man akong kaiwal, mayo man akong naagrabyado,” segun sa dating ex-officio member kan Sangguniang Panlalawigan kan Camarines Sur.

Sa entrevista kan Radyo BBS-DWLV, pig-estorya kaini na kan nakaagi pa sanang eleksyon, igwa nang naresibing huma sa saiyang buhay an saindang grupo.

Mismong an nagpabistong gunman kaidto an nagrani saiya asin nagtuga kan plano.

Sabi ni Briones, garo nakonsensya an nasambit na persona ta kaibanan kan saindang grupo an pinsan kaini.

Dai niya pinangaranan an dating nagpabistong gunman, o kun sisay an nagsugo saiya.

Alagad, dakula an posibilidad na arog kadto, mga kalaban man giraray sa pulitika an nasa likod kan pangyayari.

Mientrastanto, nagpasalamat an punong barangay sa Diyos sa itinao saiyang ikaduwang oportunidad tanganing magsirbe sa banwaan.

Siya dati nang nagtukaw bilang ABC President, Provincial Federation President, asin ngonian, barangay kapitan kan Tambo, Pamplona. Sa presente, miembro siya kan Partido Liberal.—BICOLSTANDARD.COM

Nagprobar magholdup, rinapado nin payong

CIUDAD NIN NAGA—Sa haros oro-aldaw na sumbong sa blotter kan pulis, solamenteng report an nakukua kan mga miembros kan media.

Retrato hale sa Pixabay
Alagad, an mga suspechado bwelo sanang nakakagibo kan saindang gusto, na mayo nin peligro sa saindang ilegal na hanap buhay.

Kan sarong aldaw, an magtugang na si Henry Aquirre y Matubid, 38 anyos, taga Jazmin St. Tinago, asin si Henrieta Aguirre, 59 anyos, biktima na naman kan nasambit na mga criminal.

Sabi sa report sa media, an magtugang na Aguirre, mientras na pasiring sa Mayon Avenue, poco mas o menos alas 2:45 nin hapon, hinipaan nin duwang lalaki na nakalunad sa motrsiklo na mayo nin plaka.

An mga parahabon nakasulot nin helmet na tahob na entero an lalawgon.

Ipinahayag sa sumbong kan mga victima na kan matangodan sinda kan duwang lalaki, marikas na pigprobaran na agawon kan mga suspechado si dara-darang shoulder bag ni Henrietta.

Maray sanang dae nagpahunod an victima.

Hinurohombalan niya an mga suspechado kan saiyang darang payong, hastang makaisip na magdulag an mga lalaki pasiring sa direksyon kan Caceres St. digdi na mayong nakua nin ano man na bagay na gusto kunta nindang holdupon.

Mientrastanto, pag alas 2:50, o limang munutos sana pakalihis kan enot na incidente, an pusuanon na mga paraholdup nag-atake na naman sa saro pang victima.

Sarong lalaki na may pangaran na Dionesio Miguel y Olaguer, 52 anyos, taga Caceres St., City Heights Subdivision, Tinago, an nagreport na binirada man siya kan duwang lalaki.

An victimang si Miguel nag-estorya sa nagpondo sa saiyang tungod an duwang lalaki na nakalunad sa motrsiklo.

Kan panahon na ito, si Miguel yaon sa atubangan kan saindang harong, naghihirahay kan fuse kan saindang awtong Pajero.

Pagpondo kan mga holduppers, derecho na tinutukan siya kan armas na badil na dae aram an calibre.
Huli sa pagkabigla, mientras siyang natututokan nin badil, hinagad si saiyang cellphone, asin an itom na shoulder bag na may mga laog nin mga importanteng papeles asin mga gamit arog kan ATM cards, reading glass, cash na P3,000.00, asin mga bulong.

Arog kan dati, marikas na nagpaharorot kan saindang motorsiklo an duwang suspechado, na dae nabisto kan victima.

Mientrastanto, an pulis kan ciudad na ini mayong ikinakapaliwanag kun ano na an saindang plano sa dae nang katapusan na pag-operar kan mga kriminal.—BICOLSTANDARD.COM

AIDS on the rise in Naga

NAGA CITY—The dramatically increasing number of cases of Human Immunodeficiency Virus infections and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (HIV/AIDS) here is concerning authorities.
City Health Officer Dr. Vito “Butch” Borja said in an interview with BICOL STANDARD that as of their latest records this month, 41 in this city are infected by the dreaded disease.

AIDS on the rise in Naga

This figure shot up from the 38 cases that was recorded as of December 2014, and more than double the number from the 20 cases that were recorded in 2013.

The different hospitals in Naga are helping the City Health Office record the data, Borja said.


A majority of the cases, he explained, are due to men having sex with other men, or MSM.
Having multiple sexual partners also greatly increases the risk of contracting the disease, he said.

According to the Philippine National AIDS Council, HIV is transmitted via blood, semen, vaginal/cervical fluids, and breastmilk.

It is transmitted by having unprotected sexual intercourse (vaginal, anal or oral), with someone who is HIV positive; having infected blood transfused into the body, sharing syringes and needles for drugs, tattoos, or skin piercing with someone who is HIV-positive; and through mothers to their unborn babies and through breastfeeding.

Not alarmed

City Mayor John Bongat, however, did not register alarm over the rising number of cases.

Interviewed by the media last week, Bongat confirmed the growing number, but said the city already has an AIDS council to take care of such matters.

Most of them, he said, did not contract the virus in the city, but were infected in Manila or abroad.

The AIDS issue came up as the Department of Health (DOH) last week conducted free HIV testing in various clinics across the nation on what was called “National HIV Testing Week.”

On Sunday, the annual mobilization campaign for AIDS awareness billed as “International AIDS Candlelight Memorial” was held in various cities, including this one.—With reports from Ron-Ron Enon, BICOLSTANDARD.COM

DOLE Bicol Safety Patrol to slap violators with stricter penalties

LEGAZPI CITY—Following the horrible demise of workers to a fire accident in a slippers factory in Valenzuela City and the fatal accident of a construction worker just few meters away from the DOLE V office two months ago, DOLE Bicol Regional Director Nathaniel V. Lacambra ordered the reactivation of the DOLE Bicol Safety Patrol.

Said patrol is tasked to oversee and implement stricter safety measures and penalties in both the construction and manufacturing industry in the region.

RD Nathaniel Lacambra
Photo: PRO5
“We have to make sure that what happened in Valenzuela must not happen in Bicol. I have instructed our safety patrol to be very keen in their assessment and to impose penalties immediately when there is a violation,” Lacambra said.

Business owners here said that DOLE Bicol’s pronouncements on a stricter safety program did not come as a shock to them.

In fact, some see it as an opportunity to improve the overall safety of their establishments.
“We believe that the Valenzuela incident was an eye-opener not just to the government but to us business owners as well. Just imagine the impact of losing your people and your business. Who would want that?” a businessman, who owns several leasing spaces, but refused to be named, opined.

The Safety Patrol, now dubbed DOLE V Bi-SAFE Patrol, is actually not a new idea
but an improvement of the existing safety program of the office which has a tripartite approach, Lacambra explained.  It is composed of safety and health experts from the DOLE, ECC, social tripartite partners and a representative from the newly-created Regional Occupational Safety and Health Center (ROSHC).

The main function of the DOLE V Bi-SAFE Patrol is to conduct safety audits region wide focusing on construction and manufacturing firms. During audit the safety patrol team must analyze the overall safety conditions of the construction and manufacturing environment in the region and based on existing records, and label establishments with accident possibilities as high-risk, mid-risk and low-risk. After analysis, the team shall have a thorough on-site visit or assessment of those labelled as high-risk. A safety recommendation shall then be issued. Lastly, a follow up visit will be conducted to check whether or not the recommendation was addressed.

“If the company snubs the recommendation of the Safety Patrol, the next move is to issue a Work Stoppage Order. Yes, to some this may be a bit harsh but I believe this is needed in order for us to have safer workplaces in Bicol. I do not want to lose another construction worker,” the regional director stressed.

It may be recalled that DOLE Bicol issued a Work Stoppage Order (WSO) to a local construction firm following a fatal accident that happened in a bridge construction just a few meters away from its office sometime in March.

Said order was issued immediately after the accident to prevent future mishaps on said construction site.

“If you would look at it deeper, we issued the WSO to protect, number 1 the workers, number 2 the public and number 3 the company. Imagine if we had not issued the work stoppage order and then someone from that barangay met another accident. The company and the community should even thank DOLE Bicol for the work stoppage order,” Lacambra explained.

Aside from issuing the Work Stoppage Order, DOLE Bicol also gave several recommendations to the construction firm on how to make its construction site safer to workers and passers-by alike. The regional office said the WSO will be lifted if and only if all the safety measures have been put in place.

“Construction firms must realize that our Work Stoppage Order is not permanent and can be lifted if they religiously adhere to our recommendations. We do this not for caprices but to prevent future accidents,” Lacambra added.

The said Work Stoppage Order was lifted by DOLE Bicol on April 30, 2015 upon full compliance of the construction firm to the safety recommendations of DOLE Bicol.

“It irks me when there’s news that workers die. So, now let’s put more teeth to our safety patrol team. Go issue a Work Stoppage Order ASAP. If this is what is needed to let companies focus on safety, then so be it,” he said.—by Raymond Escalante 

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