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VIRAL: Blind, old man sells ice drops using honesty system

Photo via Rico Manallo
LEGAZPI CITY—A blind old man wanders down the roads of Panarayon, Bacacay, Albay everyday, with a styrofoam ice box slung around his shoulder and a wooden walking stick in his hand, hoping to come across someone who would be interested in purchasing his ice drops.

Braving the risks of his job, the man whom some Facebook users identified as Mang Kile, strives to be productive in spite of his old age and disability in the scorching heat of the summer sun.

Renowned Bicolano photographer Rico de Mesa Manallo, who snapped a photo of Mang Kile, noted that Mang Kile allows customers to take the ice drops from his styrofoam box after they have paid.

This is despite being unable to tell if they take more than what they paid for.

This arrangement is known as the honesty or honor system, where individuals are trusted to act honestly, in spite of the possibility of gaining a benefit from acting otherwise.

Manallo shared that as if he had not worked enough during the day, Mang Kile runs the extra mile and sells balut every night.

Many netizens were immediately moved by the old man’s determination.

As of the time of this posting, the photo that Manallo posted has gained some 2,560 likes and 131 shares.

“MABUHAY KA LOLO!” the photographer remarked.

“maraming taong kaya pa namn mag trabaho pero nanglilimos . eh baket itong matandang bulag kinaya pa mag tinda kahit sa ganyang kalagayan dapat nasa bahay na lng sya nag papa hinga .. i salute you lolo .. “ a commenter posted.

“Nice..lolo saludo kmi lo,” another wrote.

“That's faith, hope, and trust keep it up,” still another commented.

“God bless po sa u...hnd hadlang ang pagiging bulag mo para mabuhay ka....ang galing mo po....dapat kang tularan...”

“Lolo ang cpag nyo,d p kau ngpadaig s kapansanan nyo ,mabuhay p kau kahanga2 po ang katulad nyo.”

Mang Kile, the netizens said, serves as an inspiration for Bicolanos, proving that his condition and age does not hinder him from persevering in life.

Never letting himself lose hope, he wakes up everyday with the glow of a happy man on his face, ready to take on the day’s challenges like a true oragon.—BICOLSTANDARD.COM

AMARO MURDERS LINK? | Ambush kills 3 in Masbate City

Photo via WOW Radio Sorsogon
MASBATE CITY-- A composite team composed of the 9th Infantry Division of the Philippine Army, Masbate City Police, Masbate Provincial Police, and the Masbate PPSC is conducting a hot pursuit operation against a group of armed men who ambushed three men aboard a black Toyota Hilux noontime today (April 18).

The unidentified three men, whose bodies were riddled with bullets, all died instantaneously. 

The ambushed vehicle is owned by Sammy Suplito, Police Provincial Senior Supt. Jesus C. Martirez told BICOLSTANDARD.COM 


Meanwhile, Masbate Police City Director Cerilo Trilles, also revealed to  BICOLSTANDARD.COM that the shooting incident happened along the national road in Purok 2, Brgy. Usab, Masbate City at around 12:10 pm.

Initial investigation reveals that men aboard  a white Hi Ace van sprayed bullets at the black Toyota Hilux with plate number NR Y17159.

Armed with high-powered firearms, the assailants fired at the victims at close range.

Recovered from the scene were empty shells from  9MM pistol, M16 rifle, M14 rifle, and Caliber .45 pistol.

Victim beheaded

Cerilo admitted to BICOL STANDARD that he has received reports that one of the victims was beheaded.

He refused to give any confirmation on the matter because the members of the Scene of the Crime Operatives are still processing the crime scene.  

He, however, said that his team will check if the reported decapitation was due to use of high-powered weapons or if it was purposely done using a bladed weapon.

Amaro murders link

Meanwhile, PD Martirez, who earlier created Special Investigation Task Group “Amaro”, is already conducting a deeper probe to determine if this incident is related to the Amaro murders in Aroroy.

The owner of the ambushed vehicle Suplito is said to be the brother-in-law of "Ka Isong" Amaro.

Amaro was the businessman who was murdered along with his son and driver on April 5 by men armed with caliber .45 pistols and M16 rifles.

With additional reports from Duke Maggay, Kabalikat Masbate and Edgar Tumangan, Bicol Standard Sorsogon, Wow Smile Sorsogon BICOLSTANDARD.COM Pirming enot. Pirming Bago. 


Friday, April 17, 2015

DON'T JUDGE! | Man on Facebook photo was helped, not harmed --Daraga Police

Photos grabbed from the Faceboook account of Jose Lazado

DARAGA, Albay-- The Daraga Municipal Police appealed to the public to not draw hasty conclusions based on a  photo posted yesterday (April 16) on  Facebook by a certain Jose Lazado.

Controversial photos

The blurry photos, which show a man surrounded by police, was captioned: "Pnp daraga na nakadakip ng minor de edad na pinaghinalaang nagnakaw binogbog...." 

The series of pictures has already generated acrid criticisms directed against the police since it was uploaded yesterday at 7:31 a.m. 

Not villains

Daraga Police, in a statement posted on Facebook, refuted the allegation of  Lazado that the person in the photo was battered by policemen.

Seeking to clear the confusion, the police revealed that initial investigation  reveal that the man in the photo is a stowaway from Bulan, Sorsogon. 

The man reportedly consumed food and drinks at Maarthe's Foodcart, but failed to pay the P40 bill.

He was thus chased by the food cart's owner,  tricycle drivers, and bystanders until he was cornered along Arboleda St., near the Novo Jeans and Shirt store.

The commotion caught the attention of on duty police officers PO1 Dennis Millete, PO2 Richard Irven Saguiere and FTP Students Rey Gimao and Jason B. Grecia who were staying near the location. 

Immediately, the four rushed to the scene to pacify the commotion and to save the person from being hurt by the men who were hounding him. 
Heroes, in fact

According to the police, when they interviewed the man, he was so afraid and even cried. Such was what was captured by the second photo. 

Although he failed to pay the bill, he was forgiven by the owner of  Maarthe's Food Cart who was wearing an orange shirt in the third picture.

Upon conducting the interview, the group discovered that the man was personally known to PO1 Gimao, his townmate.

Gimao handed the man  P40, from his own pocket, so the man can buy food. 

He was also assisted by PO1 Floyd Cedric Obusa get a free bus ride in Queen's bus so he can go home to Bulan.

Don't judge

Police thus begged the public not to judge the police too quickly based on the photos. 

"A picture speaks a thousand words…… so sana po malaman po muna natin ang buong katotohan sa likod ng isang litrato bago maghusga, dahil hindi natin alam na ang mga taong ating hinuhusgahan ay siya pala ang buong pusong nag-abot ng tulong sa taong nagigipit sa abot ng kanilang makakaya galing pa sa kanilang sariling bulsa sa ipinakitang larawan ni mr jose lazado, " said police.-- BICOLSTANDARD.COM Pirming enot. Pirming bago.


NPA peppers former comrade with bullets

LEGAZPI CITY--Members of the New People's Army (NPA)  sprayed their former comrade with bullets after the same refused to return to their organization. 

This was according to police who said that Reds ambushed the victim while he was on his way home at around 8:30 a.m. Thursday at Sitio Bacolod, Barangay Esperanza, Pilar, Sorsogon.

Killed was Abelardo Blanco alias Ka Enteng, 48, farmer, and former NPA member.

The report said five young-looking rebels armed with M-16 armalite rifles suddenly came out in the open, shot Blanco, and walked casually away after executing him.

According to Susan Montalban, Blanco’s common-law wife, the rebels hid behind the coconut trees before attacking the victim.

Earlier, Montalban said, the rebels talked with Blanco and asked him to go back to the movement as he would be playing an important role in their future activities.

Blanco reportedly refused saying that he wished to live a peaceful  life.

This angered the rebels, which led to his execution.

Police recovered empty shells of M-16 armalite rifle in the scene of the ambush.(PNA)

DA-Daet introduces 2 new pineapple varieties in Camarines Norte

Harvest Festival.  (from right) Engr. Bella Frias, CNLRRS Superintendent; 
Luz Marcelino, DA Research division chief; Rosita Imperial, DA HVCDP regional coordinator holding MD-2 pineapple fruits. (Photo viaRaymond Adversario)

DAET, CAMARINES NORTE – Pineapple farmers here can now plant other varieties aside from the Queen Pineapple, which is known for its very sweet fruit and sturdy leaves.

Through a colourful harvest festival, the DA-operated Camarines Norte Lowland Rainfed Research Station in barangay Calasgasan, this town, has introduced two new varieties of pineapple, namely: Ulam and MD-2 hybrid pineapple from Davao and Bukidnon, respectively.

The two  were tested under the soil and climatic conditions of Camarines Norte using different production methods that included medium density, low fertilizer planting techniques of farmers; the high density, medium fertilizer best practices for queen pineapple; and the high density, high fertilizer rate of Mindanao growers.

The Ulam variety has spiny leaves similar to Queen pineapple and was claimed to produce very sweet fruit with an edible core. While the MD-2 hybrid variety has similar plant stand with the spineless smooth cayenne or Hawaiian variety, but is said to produce sweeter fruit with no aftertaste when eaten. This variety is now being planted in Honduras and Mexico.

More than 100 pineapple growers, representatives from the municipal and provincial local government units in the province, from the DA regional office, and the Bureau of Plant Industry (BPI) in Manila, attended the harvest festival .

During the festival, the participants were challenged to various contests such as guessing the weight of the fruits, taste test and agronomic observations on the two pineapple varieties to determine which has better fruit sugar content and good plant characteristics.

Majority of the participants have chosen the ULAM as the sweeter variety, while MD2 was ajudged to have better plant standing.

Also present during the harvest festival were Flor Jarilla and Juanita Calibo of BPI Manila; Luz Marcelino, Chief of DA 5 Research Division and Manager of Bicol Experiment Station; Rosita Imperial, High Value Crops Development Program regional coordinator; former CNLRRS superintendent Emiliano Murillo; and Inocencio Obrero, former Senior Agriculturist and Agricultural Program Coordinating Officer, who was invited to share the results of the trial.

Obrero started the trial in October 2013 with the funding support from the Bureau of Plant Industry (BPI). Agriculture Secretary Proceso J. Alcala deemed to introduce these new varieties of pineapple from Mindanao in response to the claims that the yield of the Camarines Norte’s Queen pineapple or Formosa is getting smaller as the farmers are planting only one variety.

Obrero reported that ULAM and MD-2 variety can be grown under the soil and climatic condition of Camarines Norte using the local farmers practices or the best agricultural practices for the Queen pineapple. But he said only the MD-2 variety is now ready for commercialization and distribution to farmers as the intellectual property rights of the Ulam variety is still under negotiations. 

The Ulam variety was developed and registered by Dr. Juan C. Acosta of Bukidnon, whose pineapple plantation is located in Davao.

Engr. Bella Frias, the newly installed CNLRRS Superintendent, said the station has been producing suckers of MD-2 variety and interested farmers can avail of the said planting materials from the CNLRRS at a minimum cost. (Lovella P. Guarin) 

Harong sinulo, babaeng kagsadire pigparataga

Map via Wikicommons Mike Gonzales, The Coffee

LABO, CNorte –Mas hararom na imbestigasyon an ginigibo ngonian kan mga awtoridad sa banwaan na ini manongod sa pagsulo asin pagtaga nin sarong balong paraoma, na residente kan P4, digdi.

Sabi sa ginibong pagsiyasat, an victimang si Rufina Francisco y Ilan, nagtuturog sa saindang harong kan makadangog nin toktok sa saindang harong an aking babae kan victima.

Nagsayuma an victima na bukasan an saindang pwertahan.

Pirang minutos sana, sabi kan victima, naheling niya an saindang harong na nag aarab-adab na an kalayo asin an aso makusog nang nagkakanayap sa saindang kaharogan.

Nahimo kan victima na magluwas sa harong.

Alagad, pagtungkahal pa sana niya sa pwerta, sinabat na tulos siya kan suspechadong si Geronimo Sasatona y Crisostomo, asin dinagoso nin taga sa manlaenlaen na parte kan saiyang hawak.

An victimang si Francisco dinara tulos sa Camarines Norte Provincial Hospital, asin nagpapaomay kan saiyang mga lugad.

An victima nagdeclarar sa mga imbestigador na an danyos sa saiyang pagrorogaring, huli sa pagkasulo kan saindang harog carculadong kantidad P10,000.

An mga pulis nag sangat nin reclamong Frustrated murder contra sa suspechado, afuera kan pwede pang isangat na casong arson, sa pag sulo kan siyang harong. BICOLSTANDARD.COM Pirming enot. Pirming bago.  

2 nag-excursion, nalamos sa suway na insidente sa CNorte, CSur

Map via Wikimedia commons

LEGAZPI CITY – Saro sa Pasacao, Camarines Sur asin saro sa Vinzons, Camarines Norte an pinabagong victim nin mga aksidente nin pagkakalamlos, sa mga palipasan oras, ngonian na bulan.

Base sa record kan pulis, si Donisio Mahayhay y Doe, taga-Zone 7, Mangayawan, Camarines Sur, nagpasiring sa Surfer’s Paradise Beach Resort sa Barangay Caranan, Pasacao kan sarong aldaw, tanganing magkarigos sa dagat.

Nagluluwas sa imbestigasyon kan mga awtoridad na si Mahayhay maliksi pang naglangoy pasiring sa hararom na parte kan dagat, alagad dae na nakabalik nin buhay.

An mga pag-iriba niya sa excursion nagsabi na nakainom nin arak an victima.

Sa ginibong search and rescue operation, nakua an hawak ni Mahayhay na mayo nang hinangos, kaya siya dinara sa Mother Seton Hospital, sa Ciudad nin Naga.

Nakaabot siya sa hospital alas 9:55 na nin bangui.

Gadan na an saiyang lawas kan helingon kan doctor.

Mientrastanto, sa Vinzons, Camarines Norte binawian nin buhay si Nicole Kimberly Guerina y Verzo, 14 anyos, mantang yaon sinda sa pag picnic sa Barangay Sabang.

Sa estorya kan mga pangyayari, si Glen Ryan V. Guerina, 12 anyos, tugang kan nagadan nag lalangoy-langoy sa dagat.

Alagad, bigla ining nagkukurahaw ta nakakainom na siya nin tubig asin madali nang malamos.

Sa pagsapod saiya kan mga pag-iriba, dae namasdan kan saindang grupo na an tugang palan ni Glen Ryan na si Nicole, naglangoy man para sapodon an saiyang ngohod na tugang.

Dae kinaya ni Nicole na maisalvar an saiyang tugang asin siya iyo an enot na nagtundag sa dagat.

Maski pa nagkasiribot sa pagtabang an saiyang mga kairiba, nadifisilan sindang hanapon an lawas ni Nicole.

Nakua an saiyang hawak poco mas o menos alas 11:00 na nin odto, na mayo nang buhay.

Dinara pa man kuta si Nicole sa Rural Health Unit (RHU) kan banwaan na ini, alagad sinabing siya gadan na. BICOLSTANDARD.COM Pirming enot. Pirming bago. 

2 dinukot sa Masbate, dae pa nakukua

Map via Wikicommons Mike Gonzales, The Coffee

MILAGROS, Masbate –Pwersahan na dinukot nin 3ng mga dae bistong tawo an 2ng residentes kan Sitio Hagmang, Barangay Bangad, sa banwaan na ini, poco mas o menos alas 11:51 nin bangui kan sarong aldaw.

An mga victima nabistong iyo sinda Porferio Duran y Ramirez, 57 anyos asin Teddy Ariza y Agoncillo, 47 anyos, soltero.

An mga suspechado dae pa bisto kan mga awtoridad.

Sabi sa imbestigasyon, an tulong mga suspechado armado nin mga dae aram na calibre nin badil.

Linaog an harong kan mga victima asin ginudgod sinda pasiring sa direksyon kan bukid na parte kan saindang barangay.

Hasta sa panahon na sinusurat an baretang ini, an police digdi mayo pang malinaw na bareta kun ano na an nangyari sa mga victima.

Si PInsp. Rosalio O. Capile, an pamayo kan hepatuda kan pulis digdi nagpahayag na tulos sindang nagresponde sa nasambit na krimen.

May mga reports na pig aadalan kan mga awtoridad kun an may kagibohan kan krimen iyo si mga dating pigbabaretang mga pusikit na parahabas sa saindang barangay. BICOLSTANDARD. Pirming enot. Pirming bago.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Bicolano journalist arrested for libel now out of jail, under police custody

Photo via Elmer James Bandol's Facebook account

NAGA CITY-- Veteran newsman Elmer James Bandol is now out on temporary liberty after he was arrested for libel charges yesterday (April 15).

He was released at 3:25 pm today, after he was put under police custody.

Members of the Daraga Municipal Police Office arrested the journalist, while he was about to leave his residence in Barangay Poctol, Daraga, Albay, at about 9:20 a.m. Wednesday.

He was later turned over to the Masbate Police.

Bandol is 59, married, and a contributor to various local newspapers in Bicol.

Senior Supt. Marlo S. Meneses, Albay provincial police director, said Bandol’s arrest was based on a warrant of arrest issued by Judge Honesto Villamor of the Regional Trial Court Branch 44, Masbate City, dated July 15, 2012, for a case of libel docketed as C.C. No. 15337 with a recommended bail of Php10,000 for his temporary liberty.

The case was filed by Masbate Electric Cooperative (Maselco) official Dr. Eduardo Margallo and stemmed from the story of Bandol that the cooperative incurred losses of Php 314 million, which Bandol wrote on Dec 14, 2011 in the online medium

Aside from this case, Bandol has been slapped several libel cases, all of which have been dismissed by the courts.

The Bicolano journalist's arrest renewed calls for the decriminalization of libel.

In a landmark decision in 2011, the United Nation Human Rights Commission has declared the Philippine laws criminalizing libel  and is "incompatible with Article 19, paragraph three of the International Covenant on Civil Political Rights (ICCPR)" or freedom of expression and has characterized it as "excessive." Ed Casulla, PNA, BICOLSTANDARD.COM Pirming enot. Pirming bago.

Mayor Ang's camp: preventive suspension not yet effective

Mayor Agnes Ang
Photo via Mia Concordia

VINZONS, Camarines Norte-- "The preventive suspension to be imposed on the incumbent Mayor of Vinzons IS NOT IN EFFECT so that all governance [sic] functions remain in status quo."

This was the official statement posted by Senior Administrative Assistant III/OIC Bernardo F. Diezmo on Facebook following service of the notice of the suspension order upon Vinzons town mayor Agnes Ang.

No personal service of notice 
Diezmo insisted that Ang remains to be the town's chief executive, because the mayor has yet to personally receive her notice of the suspension order.

He underscored that the suspension order itself states that it shall only take effect immediately after receipt of the notice.

Ang was in Manila on official business to attend a conference of the League of Municipalities of the Philippines when the notice of suspension was served at the town municipal hall on April 15.

The notice was posted at the hall's entrance, since it could not be personally served upon the mayor.

The full text of the statement is reproduced below:

April 16, 2015
Senior Administrative Assistant III/ OIC Lgu-Vinzons Camarines NorteThis is to make all concerned aware of the true legal scenario now obtaining in LGU Vinzons.

While it might be true that there is Preventive Suspension to be imposed on Mayor Ang by virtue of Sangguniang Panlalawigan in a Resolution of the SP of Camarines Norte such Preventive Suspension Order has not yet been received and is therefore is NOT YET IN EFFECT. Firstly the Preventive Suspension Order is addressed to Mayor Agnes D. Ang, the Order if worded appropriately/correctly "shall take effect immediately upon receipt" , and by that, upon receipt personally by the concerned, by Mayor Ang. Such personal receipt has not taken place, Mayor Ang being in Metro Manila on Official Travel in attendance to the General Assembly of the LEAGUE of MUNICIPALITIES of the Philippines (LMP).

In this existing scenario it is clear therefore that the preventive suspension to be imposed on the incumbent Mayor of Vinzons IS NOT IN EFFECT so that all governance functions remain in status quo.

Tallado swears in acting mayor, vice mayor

Subsequent to the posting of the notice, incumbent Vice Mayor Radames Ferrer Herrera and topnotcher councilor Raul Banal took their oaths of office as acting mayor and vice mayor, respectively. 

Governor Edgar Tallado administered the oaths. 

No comment 

Meanwhile, Ang, in an interview with BICOLSTANDARD.COM, refused to comment on the issue.

She said she has left to her counsel the task of undertaking legal remedies against the order.

FILE PHOTO Hearing at the Sangguaniang Panlalawigan
Photo via Mia Concordia

Administrative Complaint

Ang's preventive suspension stemmed from Administrative Case No. 04-2014 for Dishonesty, Misconduct in Office, Grave Abuse of Authority, and Violation of RA 9184 and its implementing rules and regulations.

The case was filed by Liga ng mga Barangay Municipal Federation President Jose Segundo.

Segundo  accuses the mayor of implementing the breakwater project in Barangay Sula here prior to the bidding.

With report from Mia Concordia BICOL STANDARD.COM Pirming enot. Pirming bago. 


HLURB to probe Camella Homes Legazpi for allegedly defying cease and desist order

Photo via Camella Legazpi Facebook account

LEGAZPI CITY – The local branch of Camella Homes continues to disobey a Cease and Desist Order (CDO) issued by the Housing Land Use and Regulatory Board (HLURB) since September 25, 2012.

According to Atty. Richard Manila chief of the Monitoring and Adjudication Division of HLURB Legazpi, his office has confirmed that the said developer still remains to conduct its pre-selling activities and advertisements despite the said order.

Several reports reaching the HLURB also verified that the company has set up pre-selling booths and advertising streamers in malls and strategic public locations, which directly disregards the CDO.

Atty. Manila said that HLURB has scheduled a conference April 22 to confront the developer about their violations.

If and when Camella Homes Legazpi cannot explain their actions, the government agency would be forced to impose more stringent sanctions against them, the lawyer added.

On the other hand, the management of Camella Home Legazpi refused to comment on the matter.

The designated officer-in-charge of the branch Jasmine Galon, directed the media to put their questions in writing and address them to their main office in Metro Manila.

Galon claims that she is not authorized to make public pronouncements about the issue.

When asked why they continued to disobey the HLURB’s CDO, she just shrugged it off and again stated that it be forwarded to their main branch.

Meanwhile, the HLURB would also be looking into other violations that could have been committed by the company.

They are now investigating whether or not Camella Homes Legazpi has the necessary permits coming from other government agencies like the Environment Management Bureau (EMB) of the DENR, The Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) and the local government of Legazpi.

If it is found out that it also lacks said permits, the company may be in for a lot of trouble, according to Manila.

The lawyer stressed that the mandate of the HLURB is to see to it that the rights and privileges of potential land buyers be protected under the law.

So far, he said, Camella Homes Legazpi has failed to meet the standards set by the board. (Joey B. Garalde) BICOLSTANDARD.COM Pirming enot. Pirming bago

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

NGCP announces brownout on April 16 in Rinconada

IRIGA CITY—Parts of the Camarines Sur III Electric Cooperative (CASURECO III) franchise areas will experience a power interruption tomorrow, April 16, from 10 AM to 4 PM.

This was announced by the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines in a media advisory this afternoon.

This interruption will "facilitate maintenance works shutdown along Naga-Daraga 230kv Transmission Line," the advisory read.

"Specific cities and municipalities [that] may be affected are determined by the distribution utility unless the activity [will] have an effect on the entire franchise area," it added.

Meanwhile, former Iriga City Mayor Madelaine Alfelor-Gazmen clarified on Facebook that the power interruption is not a disconnection.

It would be recalled that areas serviced by CASURECO III had been suffering from power cuts recently due to the cooperative's financial troubles.—BICOLSTANDARD.COM

Gov. Tallado suspends Vinzons mayor Ang; swears in acting mayor, vice mayor

VINZONS, Camarines Norte-- Vice Mayor Radames Ferrer Herrera assumed office today after he was  sworn into office as acting mayor noontime today (April 15).

He took his oath before governor Edgardo Tallado at the Provincial Capitol at around 12:45 pm.

Also in attendance were punong barangays.

Herrera's oath-taking comes after the suspenson order against mayor Agnes Ang was served at her office in the town hall of Vinzons.

Since Ang was not personally present to receive the notice, service of the order was effected by posting the same at the entrance of the Vinzon's Municipal Hall.

It was Rey Pajarillo, the provincial jail warden, who was directed by Tallado to serve the suspension order.

It will be recalled that Sangguniang Panlalawigan Resolution 159-2015, which recommended Ang's suspension, was approved yesterday by the governor.

It put the mayor under preventive suspension for 60 days. 

Aside from Herrera, topnotcher councilor Raul Banal was also sworn into office as acting town vice-mayor.

Ang, who is presently in Manila to attend the League of Municipalities convention, cannot be reached by BICOL STANDARD.COM for her comment on this development.

 Mahatma Gan With Additional Report from Jubert Estrella One Bicol News BICOLSTANDARD.COM Pirming enot. Pirming bago.


Bokal Abonal, mapasurog na sa Comelec laban sa SP

PILI, Camarines Sur--Dae pa guiraray tinawan nin buelo kan Sangguniang Panlalawigan si Bokal Ariel Abonal, an declaradong elehidong board member kan Comelec para sa 2nd district kan Camarines Sur na makatukaw asin i-representar an saindang constituentes sa junta provincial.

Sa regular na session kan Sangguniang Panlalawigan kasoodma, sinabihan liwat si Abonal ni Vice Gobernador Fortunato Pena na mayo sa saiyang poder an pagtugot na siya tawan nin tukawan, afuera sana kun an saiyang mga pagiriba, mag-oyon na.

Sa entrevista kan BICOLSTANDARD.COM, sinabi ni Abonal na sarong aldaw antes kan session kasoodma, o kan Lunes ngonian na semana,  personalmente niyang kinaolay si Pena dapit sa bagay na ini.

Alagad, si Pena nangingiriil suboot na tawan siyang bwelo sa session.

Ipinahayag pa ni Abonal na mayo na siyang ibang magigibo kundi darahon na an bagay na ini sa Commission on Election (COMELEC) an ahensiya kan gobierno na nagproclamar saiya bilang ganador sa election lokan kan 2013.

Sabi ni Abonal,  maplantear siya nin “indirect contempt” contra sa mga nag-oolang na mga miembros kan junta provincial para ipaglaban an derecho kan mga taga-segundo distrito na dapat igwa sinda nin representasyon sa Sangguniag Panlalawigan

Afuera kan indirect contempt, sinabi pa ni Abonal na madulok na siya sa Ombudsman, para hagadon na kastigohon an mga nag-oolang na mga miembros kan junta provincial sa saiyang pag asumir sa pwesto, apisar kan malinaw na kasugoan asin pagboot kan Comelec.

Mga caso administratibo an saiyang i-paplantear sa Ombudsman.

Si Pena, sa ibong na lado enot nang nagpahayag na dae niya papatukawon si Abonal sagkod na dae pa nin decision an ipigsangat na Petition for Certiorari sa Supreme Court ni dating Board Member Romulo Hernandez, na nagkukwestyon kan pagtukaw sa pwesto ni Abonal.

Si Hernandez haloy nang binayaan an saiyang pwesto, kan maka recibe kan final na desisyon kan Comelec, asin bakante na ngonian an tukawan para sa sarong representante kan 2nd district kan Camarines Sur, sa Sangguniang Panlalawigan. BICOLSTANDARD. COM Pirming enot. Pirming bago. 

Board Member Andal to assume office Tuesday

File Photo Ower Andal
CAMARINES SUR – “I have already provided the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Camarines Sur all the documents they need for my assumption to office as 3rd district board member and I am now ready to discharge my official functions”.

This was the statement made by Emmanuel "Ower" Andal, who was proclaimed by the Commission on Elections (Comelec), as the duly elected member of the Sangguniang  in the 2013 midterm elections.

Andal told BICOLSTANDARD.COM that he, together Camarines Sur  Department of Interior and Local Government  Provincial Director  Arnel Renato L. Madrideo and the same agency's regional legal officer, went to the Office of Vice Governor Fortunato Pena to serve the notice that he is already assuming office.

In the same interview, he said that Pena informed him that the issue regarding his assumption to office would be discussed during the Special Session of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan, this Friday.

But, he was assured that he can already attend the session on Tuesday ( April 22).

It will be recalled that  on March 12, Andal was proclaimed by the Comelec as a member of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan.

The proclamation came after the Supreme Courten banc's nullification of Angel Naval's certificate of candidacy. In an en banc decision, the tribunal struck down the same for being violative of the three-term limit rule.  BICOLSTANDARD.COM Pirming enot. Pirming bago.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

PHOTOS | Rodeo Masbateño 2015

Rodeo Masbateño 2015 via Masbate City Serbidor

Rodeo Masbateño 2015 via Masbate City Serbidor

Rodeo Masbateño 2015 via Masbate City Serbidor

Rodeo Masbateño 2015 via Masbate City Serbidor

Rodeo Masbateño 2015 via Masbate City Serbidor

Rodeo Masbateño 2015 via Masbate City Serbidor

Rodeo Masbateño 2015 via Masbate City Serbidor

Rodeo Masbateño 2015 via Masbate City Serbidor

Ceremonial Branding at Rodeo Masbateño 2015 via Kaye Revil


“My conscience is clear”—Salceda on malversation raps

LEGAZPI CITY—Albay Gov. Joey Salceda hit back at the allegations that a complaint for malversation hurled against him and Albay Provincial Social Welfare and Development Officer Yolanda Guanzon today.

“My conscience is clear”—Albay Gov. Joey Salceda on malversation raps
On his Facebook account, Salceda was quick to explain that records will back him up against the claims of irregularity.

“I cant be glad that a case has been filed against me, the first ever in my entire political life of 17 yrs and on my last year. My conscience is clear and the facts and records will clear me. I assure all Albayanos that I will not allow it to slow down our programs. I have a job to do.”

He added, “In the meantime, we will confront the case since calamity funds are the most sacred of all.”

The provincial chief executive explained: “In times of calamity response, all relief goods have been posted in Philgeps, procured and inspected in accordance with law and they have been distributed in accordance with the distribution list approved by Apsemo and thereafter released by PSWDO. Thus, all funds including fund transfers from the Naitonal Government are fully accounted for and there are no such ghost deliveries.”

“If these supposed recipients failed to get their reported allocation, hahanapin namin kung sino ang kumuha at uusigin. Cedric Daep (Apsemo Chief) together our Apsemo statistician Cristina Cristina C. Santos, Yollie Guanzon (PSWDO) and Lilybeth Reforsado (Provincial Budget Officer) will publicly account for the P47m, one of whose use was the acquisition of the Albay Watsan water tank lorry, as early as tomorrow,” he added.

In another post, he stated: “Simple lang po, yung lahat ng relief goods na distributed during ay backed up by RDS. Sa summary lang lumalabas ang barangay official na we work hard to secure diligently. Kahit 6 years ago pa yan, we will reconstruct the entire operation. Mahirap pero we will. Kaya nga ngayon, during the Yolanda operation, kasama na ang COA sa distribution kasi the type of transaction - relief distribution - is very tedious and memory can lapse. Sabi ni Sec. Alcala - ganun ang issue nila sa COA kasi nga tagal na nadistribute saka iveverify after 6 years or 10 years.”

Defending himself, he also said: “Yung isang nagfile - si Gaveria ng Buyuan - alam niya ang totoo. Nakaevacuate sila sa Bagumbayan ES na naka-assign na evac center ng Buyuan at noong Christmas Eve ng 2009 doon ako nagcelebrate at pasayaw-sayaw pa kami kasama ang mga 3,431 evacuees ng Buyuan. May powerpoint presentation pa siya na pinanood ko patiently. Halos araw-araw ginawa ng Diyos, binibisita ko ang Bagumbayan evac center. Kung di nila natanggap 6 years ago, di sana nagreklamo sila sa araw-araw na andun ako. Aynaku. Tsaka yung dating Provl Budget Officer namin si Ellen Azupardo taga Buyoan - lahat ng request at kelangan ng barangay pinasisiguro niya. Ang buhay nga naman. Recently, pinagserve po siya as ATV tour guide ng guests namin. Salamat na sana tabi.”

Salceda posted images of the Albay Water Sanitation (Watsan) water tank lorry following his explanations.

Earlier today, a complaint for Malversation of Funds over a P47-million allotment that was allegedly used to aid evacuees during the 2009 Mayon Volcano eruption was filed against Salceda and Guanzon.

The complaint was filed by Michael A. Miña, Manuel P. Alagaban, Julius P. Del Rosario, Bienvenido M. Belga, Sr. who identified themselves as “residents of Barangay Victory Village, Bogna, Padang, San Roque, and Matanag, Legazpi City,” and Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC), represented by Chairman Martin B. Dino.—BICOLSTANDARD.COM Pirming enot. Pirming bago.

Salceda faces malversation raps over Mayon ‘ghost deliveries’

LEGAZPI CITY—Albay Gov. Joey Salceda is facing a complaint for Malversation of Funds over a P47-million allotment that was allegedly used to aid evacuees during the 2009 Mayon Volcano eruption.
Albay Gov. Joey Salceda faces malversation raps over Mayon ‘ghost deliveries’

Along with Salceda, incumbent Provincial Social Welfare and Development Officer of Albay Yolanda Guanzon is named as respondent.

Said complaint was filed by Michael A. Miña, Manuel P. Alagaban, Julius P. Del Rosario, Bienvenido M. Belga, Sr., and Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC), represented by Chairman Martin B. Dino.

The complainants identified themselves as “residents of Barangay Victory Village, Bogna, Padang, San Roque, and Matanag, Legazpi City.”

No aid received?

The complaint narrates that the Provincial Government of Albay received P47 million allotment from the Malampaya Fund in 2009.

The Provincial Government of Albay in turn, allegedly used the said amount to aid the evacuees of the 2009 Mayon Volcano Eruption, as evidenced among others by the Requisition Issue Slip (RIS) submitted by the Albay DSWD to the Commission on Audit. The aid extended, again on the basis of the said RIS, were purportedly in the form of firewood bundles, sacks of NFA rice, and Feeding Programs.”

The supposed recipients of the sacks of rice from Barangay Victory Village and Barangay San Roque, however, denied receiving any such sack of rice from the provincial government.

Meanwhile, residents of Padang, Matanog and Bogna, who were supposed to receive 18 bundles of firewood claimed that they also never received said aid.

They added that the signatures appearing alongside their names in the Firewood Distribution List (FDL) were not theirs.

Energy-related projects only

“Apparently from the foregoing, the P47 million allotment from the Malampaya Fund was malversed. First, it should have been used to finance energy-related projects only. […] The above-mentioned allotment should not have been used to aid the victims of the 2009 Mayon Volcano eruption,” the complaint reads.

“[A]s head of the Provincial Government of Albay, herein Defendant Salceda is responsible for all government funds pertaining to the said local government unit following Section 102 (I) of the Government Auditing Code of the Philippines […].”

The same complaint also states that Guanzon “had a direct hand in the disbursement of the said amount and later on the falsification of the documents submitted to the Commission on Audit to make it appear that the intended beneficiaries indeed benefited from the subject P47 Million. For all intents and purposes, she acted in conspiracy with Defendant Salceda.”—BICOLSTANDARD.COM Pirming enot. Pirming bago.

Dolphin hunting rampant in Donsol?

Map via Wikipedia
Mike Gonzalez (TheCoffee)

LEGAZPI CITY – Several local fishermen in Donsol, Sorsogon are now allegedly involved in the widespread hunting and killing of local dolphins in this town.

According to reports reaching the mayor’s office during the weekend, the illicit trade is now starting to become lucrative in the area.

Several sources from shoreline communities have stated that the meat of the dolphin locally known as lumod sells for at least 100 pesos a kilo

Reacting to the reports, Mayor Josephine Alcantara-Cruz immediately gave out instructions to the local police and other concerned departments to launch an initial query into the matter.

Cruz explicitly stated that she will not tolerate such activities considering the fact that her municipality is also at the forefront of natural conservation campaigns because of the presence of the whale sharks or butanding. As a matter of fact, she said, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) maintains a monitoring station in the area.

The mayor warned would-be dealers of dolphin meat that the local government would exert all efforts to seek punishment for those liable.

About a month ago, a local fisherman was already penalized for catching dolphins and selling their meat.

Meanwhile, a source at the Donsol Municipal Police Station said that if ever there are indeed locals who are involved, they are doing a good job of concealing their operations. 

There are also suspicions that the meat is sold in neighbouring towns to avoid detection.

Meanwhile, fisherman groups have also blamed the continued operation of big-time commercial fishers in municipal waters for the decline of the supply of regular fish.

Some residents, they say, have no choice but to turn to other “means of livelihood” to support their hungry families.

Aside from dolphins, there is also a ban on catching manta rays, sea cows and most especially whale sharks.

If found guilty, perpetrators will face fines and a jail sentence.

The local office of the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) had yet to issue a statement regarding the reports, as of press time. by Joey B. Garalde 

MABUHAY ! | Security guard returns P1.18M cash,check to LGU Prieto Diaz

Photo via DSWD 5

LEGAZPI CITY— A security guard who returned a bagful of cash and check here was recognized in a simple ceremony on Monday.

Noel L. Lorilla is a member of the security staff of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Field Office 5.

He discovered the valuables while on duty on March 20. He immediately reported the matter to his office.

The cash and check, which were discovered to have a combined value of P1.18 million, were owned by the Local Government Unit of Prieto Diaz, Sorsogon.

For his exemplary honesty and truthfulness, Lorilla was handed a certificate of commendation by the DSWD.—BICOLSTANDARD.COM Pirming enot. Pirming bago.

Photo via DSWD 5

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