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ON HOT PURSUIT | Police on lookout for Red Cactus shooting suspect

NAGA CITY—The Naga City Police Office (NCPO) is filing a case of Frustrated Murder against the suspect in the shooting incident in Red Cactus Resto Bar last night, March 27.

Left: Rolando Rolda, suspect in the Red Cactus shooting incident (Photo courtesy of NCPO)
Right: Red Cactus Resto Bar (Photo by Oscar Esmenda/BICOL STANDARD)
Identified as Rolando Rolda of Paulog, Ligao City, Albay, the suspect escaped on board a white Sedan with plate number TSI 300.

This morning, the police announced that it has launched a hot pursuit operation to trace the suspect’s whereabouts.

“We encourage the peace-loving citizens of Naga to send any information to our hotline for the immediate arrest of the suspect,” the NCPO said on Facebook.

"Those who may harbor the said suspect will also be charged accordingly," they warned.
They also posted a photo of the suspect.

Rolda, according to the initial investigation, shot victim Myra Reyes Enaje at around 9:40 p.m. at the aforementioned establishment with a caliber .45 pistol.—BICOLSTANDARD.COM

CASE IN POINT: Overspending

The 2016 election is just a few months away. As said in our previous case in point, “A politician thinks of the next election; a statesman of the next generation.” Are there still statesmen in our midst? Gone are the days of Quezon, Recto, Tanada, Sumulong, Diokno, Gonzales to name a few. Today, when one manifests his intention to run for public office, his peers ask the question, “Do you have money to spend?” This is the lesson that everyone should learn from the case in point because to over spending, a governor was disqualified and finally removed from office.

In a petition filed by Edgar San Luis to disqualify ER Ejercito, he claimed that the advertising between ABS-CBN Corporation and Scenema Concept International, Inc. were executed by an identified supporter without his knowledge and consent as, in fact, his signature thereon was obviously forged. Even assuming that such contract benefited him, he alleges that he should not be penalized for the conduct of third parties who acted on their own without his consent. Citing Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, 558 U.S. 2310 [2010], he argued that every voter has the right to support a particular candidate in accordance with the free exercise of his or her rights of speech and of expression, which is guaranteed in Section 4, Article III of the 1987Constitution. He believed that an advertising contract paid for by  a third party without the candidate’s knowledge and consent must be considered a form of political speech that must prevail against the laws suppressing it, whether by design or inadvertence. Further, Ejercito advanced the view that COMELEC Resolution No. 9476 distinguishes between “contribution” and “expenditure” and makes no proscription on the medium or amount of contribution. He also stressed that it is clear from COMELE Resolution No. 9615 that the limit set by law applies only to election expenditures of candidates and not to contributions made by third parties. For Ejercito, the fact that the legislature imposes no legal limitation on campaign donations is presumably because discussion on public issues and debate on the qualifications of candidates are integral to the operation of the government. Rule on his contentions. Explain.

Held: The contentions of Ejercito are not correct. The advertising contracts submitted in evidence by San Luis as well as those in legal custody of the COMELEC belie his hollow assertion. His express conformity to the advertising contracts is actually a must because non-compliance is considered as an election offense. (Sec. 13, R.A. No. 9006).

R.A. No. 9006 explicitly directs that broadcast advertisements donated to the candidate shall not be broadcasted without the written acceptance of the candidate, which shall be attached to the advertising contract and shall be submitted to the COMELEC, and that, in every case, advertising contracts shall be signed by the donor, the candidate concerned or by the duly-authorized representative of the political party. (R.A. No. 9006, Secs. 4.3 and 6.3). Conformably with the mandate of the law, COMELEC Resolution No. 9476 requires that election propaganda materials donated to a candidate shall not be broadcasted unless it is accompanied by the written acceptance of said candidate, which shall be in the form of an official receipt in the name of the candidate and must specify the description of the items donated, their quantity and value, and that, in every case, the advertising contracts, media purchase orders or booking orders shall be signed by the candidate concerned or by the duly authorized representatives of the party and, in case of a donation, should be accompanied by a written acceptance of the candidate, a party or their authorized representatives. (Rule 5, Sections 1 and 2). COMELEC Resolution No. 9615 also unambiguously states that it shall be unlawful to broadcast any election propaganda donated or given free of charge by any person or broadcast entity to a candidate without the written acceptance of the said candidate and unless they bear and be identified by the words “airtime for this broadcast was provided free of charge by” followed by the true and correct name and address of the donor. (Sec. 7(b); Emilio Ramon “E.R.” Ejercito v. COMELEC, et al., G.R. No. 212398, November 25, 2014).

Contention on no limitation on campaign donations.

It was contended that the legislature imposed no legal limitation on campaign donations. He vigorously asserted that COMELEC Resolution No. 9476 distinguishes between “contribution” and “expenditure” and makes no proscription on the medium or amount of contribution made by third parties in favor of the candidates, while the limit set by law, as appearing in COMELEC Resolution No. 9615, applies only to election expenditures of candidates. In brushing aside such contention, the Supreme Court ruled:

Section 13 of R.A. No. 7166 sets the current allowable limit on expenses of candidates and political parties for election campaign, thus:

SEC. 13. Authorized Expenses of Candidates and Political Parties. – The aggregate amount that a candidate or registered political party may spend for election campaign shall be as follows:
(a) For candidates – Ten pesos (P10.00) for President and Vice President; and for other candidates, Three pesos (P3.00) for every voter currently registered in the constituency where he filed his certificate of candidacy: Provided, That, a candidate without any political party and without support from any political party may be allowed to spend Five pesos (P5.00) for every such voter; and
(b) For political parties - Five pesos (P5.00) for every voter currently registered in the constituency or constituencies where it has official candidates.

Any provision of law to the contrary notwithstanding, any contribution in cash or in kind to any candidate or political party or coalition of parties for campaign purposes, duly reported to the Commission, shall not be subject to the payment of any gift tax.

Sections 100, 101, and 103 of the OEC are not repealed by R.A. No. 7166. These provisions, which are merely amended insofar as the allowable amount is concerned, read:

SECTION 100. Limitations upon expenses of candidates. – No candidate shall spend for his election campaign an aggregate amount exceeding one peso and fifty centavos for every voter currently registered in the constituency where he filed his candidacy: Provided, That the expenses herein referred to shall include those incurred or caused to be incurred by the candidate, whether in cash or in kind, including the use, rental or hire of land, water or aircraft, equipment, facilities, apparatus and paraphernalia used in the campaign: Provided, further, That where the land, water or aircraft, equipment, facilities, apparatus and paraphernalia used is owned by the candidate, his contributor or supporter, the Commission is hereby empowered to assess the amount commensurate with the expenses for the use thereof, based on the prevailing rates in the locality and shall be included in the total expenses incurred by the candidate.

SECTION 101. Limitations upon expenses of political parties. – A duly accredited political party may spend for the election of its candidates in the constituency or constituencies where it has official candidates an aggregate amount not exceeding the equivalent of one peso and fifty centavos for every voter currently registered therein. Expenses incurred by branches, chapters, or committees of such political party shall be included in the computation of the total expenditures of the political party.

Expenses incurred by other political parties shall be considered as expenses of their respective individual candidates and subject to limitation under Section 100 of this Code.

SECTION 103. Persons authorized to incur election expenditures. – No person, except the candidate, the treasurer of a political party or any person authorized by such candidate or treasurer, shall make any expenditure in support of or in opposition to any candidate or political party. Expenditures duly authorized by the candidate or the treasurer of the party shall be considered as expenditures of such candidate or political party.

The authority to incur expenditures shall be in writing, copy of which shall be furnished the Commission signed by the candidate or the treasurer of the party and showing the expenditures so authorized, and shall state the full name and exact address of the person so designated.

The focal query is: How shall We interpret “the expenses herein referred to shall include those incurred or caused to be incurred by the candidate” and “except the candidate, the treasurer of a political party or any person authorized by such candidate or treasurer” found in Sections 100 and 103, respectively, of the OEC? Do these provisions exclude from the allowable election expenditures the contributions of third parties made with the consent of the candidate? The Court holds not.

When the intent of the law is not apparent as worded, or when the application of the law would lead to absurdity, impossibility or injustice, extrinsic aids of statutory construction may be resorted to such as the legislative history of the law for the purpose of solving doubt, and that courts may take judicial notice of the origin and history of the law, the deliberations during the enactment, as well as prior laws on the same subject matter in order to ascertain the true intent or spirit of the law.

Looking back, it could be found that Sections 100, 101, and 103 of the OEC are substantially lifted from P.D. No. 1296, as amended. Sections 51, 52 and 54 of which specifically provide:

Section 51. Limitations upon expenses of candidates. No candidate shall spend for his election campaign an amount more than the salary or the equivalent of the total emoluments for one year attached to the office for which he is a candidate: Provided, That the expenses herein referred to shall include those incurred by the candidate, his contributors and supporters, whether in cash or in kind, including the use, rental or hire of land, water or air craft, equipment, facilities, apparatus and paraphernalia used in the campaign: Provided, further, That, where the land, water or air craft, equipment, facilities, apparatus and paraphernalia used is owned by the candidate, his contributor or supporter, the Commission is hereby empowered to assess the amount commensurate with the expenses for the use thereof, based on the prevailing rates in the locality and shall be included in the total expenses incurred by the candidate.

In the case of candidates for the interim Batasang Pambansa, they shall not spend more than sixty thousand pesos for their election campaign.

Section 52. Limitation upon expenses of political parties, groups or aggrupations. A political party, group or aggrupation may not spend for the election of its candidates in the constituency or constituencies where it has official candidates an aggregate amount more than the equivalent of fifty centavos for every voter currently registered therein: Provided, That expenses incurred by such political party, group or aggrupation not duly registered with the Commission and/or not presenting or supporting a complete list of candidates shall be considered as expenses of its candidates and subject to the limitation under Section 51 of this Code. Expenses incurred by branches, chapters or committees of a political party, group or aggrupation shall be included in the computation of the total expenditures of the political party, group or aggrupation. (Emphasis supplied)

Section 54. Persons authorized to incur election expenditures. No person, except the candidate or any person authorized by him or the treasurer of a political party, group or aggrupation, shall make any expenditure in support of, or in opposition to any candidate or political party, group or aggrupation. Expenditures duly authorized by the candidate of the treasurer of the party, group or aggrupation shall be considered as expenditure of such candidate or political party, group or aggrupation.

The authority to incur expenditures shall be in writing, copy of which shall be furnished the Commission, signed by the candidate or the treasurer of the party, group or aggrupation and showing the expenditure so authorized, and shall state the full name and exact address of the person so designated. (Emphasis supplied)

Prior to P.D. No. 1296, R.A. No. 6388 (otherwise known as the “Election Code of 1971”) was enacted. Sections 41 and 42 of which are relevant, to quote:

Section 41. Limitation Upon Expenses of Candidates. – No candidate shall spend for his election campaign more than the total amount of salary for the full term attached to the office for which he is a candidate.

Section 42. Limitation Upon Expenses of Political Parties and Other Non-political Organizations. – No political party as defined in this Code shall spend for the election of its candidates an aggregate amount more than the equivalent of one peso for every voter currently registered throughout the country in case of a regular election, or in the constituency in which the election shall be held in case of a special election which is not held in conjunction with a regular election. Any other organization not connected with any political party, campaigning for or against a candidate, or for or against a political party shall not spend more than a total amount of five thousand pesos.

Much earlier, Section 12 (G) of R.A. No. 6132, which implemented the resolution of both Houses of Congress calling for a constitutional convention, explicitly stated:

Section 12. Regulations of Election Spending and Propaganda. The following provisions shall govern election spending and propaganda in the election provided for in this Act:
x x x
(G) All candidates and all other persons making or receiving expenditures, contributions or donations which in their totality exceed fifty pesos, in order to further or oppose the candidacy of any candidate, shall file a statement of all such expenditures and contributions made or received on such dates and with such details as the Commission on Elections shall prescribe by rules. The total expenditures made by a candidate, or by any other person with the knowledge and consent of the candidate, shall not exceed thirty-two thousand pesos.

In tracing the legislative history of Sections 100, 101, and 103 of the OEC, it can be said, therefore, that the intent of our lawmakers has been consistent through the years: to regulate not just the election expenses of the candidate but also of his or her contributor/supporter/donor as well as by including in the aggregate limit of the former’s election expenses those incurred by the latter. The phrase “those incurred or caused to be incurred by the candidate” is sufficiently adequate to cover those expenses which are contributed or donated in the candidate’s behalf. By virtue of the legal requirement that a contribution or donation should bear the written conformity of the candidate, a contributor/supporter/donor certainly qualifies as “any person authorized by such candidate or treasurer.” Ubi lex non distinguit, nec nos distinguere debemus. (Where the law does not distinguish, neither should We.) There should be no distinction in the application of a law where none is indicated.

The inclusion of the amount contributed by a donor to the candidate’s allowable limit of election expenses does not trample upon the free exercise of the voters’ rights of speech and of expression under Section 4, Article III of the Constitution. As a content-neutral regulation,127 the law’s concern is not to curtail the message or content of the advertisement promoting a particular candidate but to ensure equality between and among aspirants with “deep pockets” and those with less financial resources. Any restriction on speech or expression is only incidental and is no more than necessary to achieve the substantial governmental interest of promoting equality of opportunity in political advertising. It bears a clear and reasonable connection with the constitutional objectives set out in Section 26, Article II, Section 4, Article IX-C, and Section 1, Art. XIII of the Constitution. Indeed, to rule otherwise would practically result in an unlimited expenditure for political advertising, which skews the political process and subverts the essence of a truly democratic form of government.

COMELEC has discretion to take judicial notice of Advertising Contracts.

Pursuant to Section 2, Rule 129, the COMELEC has the discretion to properly take judicial notice of the Advertising Contract.

The COMELEC may properly take and act on the advertising contracts without further proof from the parties herein.  Aside from being considered as an admission (Sec. 26. Rule 130 of the Rules of Court) and presumed to be proper submissions from them, the COMELEC already has knowledge of the contracts for being ascertainable from its very own records. Said contracts ought to be known by the OMELEC because of its statutory function as the legal custodian of all advertising contracts promoting or opposing any candidate during the campaign period. The COMELEC has the authority and discretion to compare the submitted advertising contracts with the certified true copies of the broadcast logs, certificates of performance or other analogous records which a broadcast station or entity is required to submit for the review and verification of the frequency, date, time, and duration of advertisements aired. (RA 9006; Secs. 4 & 6).
Dean Ed Vincent S. Albano is the Bar Review Director of Albano Bar Review Center. He authored books/reviewers in Civil Law, Political,  Law, Remedial Law and Legal Ethics.

Pinasabatang Agbos Apay (Young Taro Leaves) and Albay Shrimp Recipe

Celebrate the diversity of Bicol cuisine with this authentic Camalig dish with a modern twist.

FOOD TRIP by Chef Jang Melgar Grageda

Pinasabatang Agbos Apay (Young Taro Leaves) and Albay Shrimp
Photo courtesy of Jang Melgar Grageda from Warm Albay Coffee Table Book


1 bundle ugbos apay (young taro leaves)
1/2 cup coconut cream (unang piga)
salt & pepper to taste
10 pcs. bird’s eye chilies (chopped)
3 cloves garlic
1 small bulb onion
6 pcs. kalamansi
3 pcs. smoked fish (tinapa)
2 tbsp fermented shrimp (balaw)
2 cups water

For Albay Shrimp:
6 pcs. prawns or shrimp (deveined)
salt and pepper
1 egg
2  tbsp flour
1/8 cup chopped pili nuts
oil for frying


Wash the ugbos apay and knot the leaves together.
Place the knotted leaves in a pot.
Add all ingredients except the coconut cream.
Bring to boil until liquid is reduced to half.
Add coconut cream. Simmer for 10 minutes.
For the Albay shrimp, season shrimp with salt and pepper, then coat with flour.
Beat the egg.
Dip the shrimp into the egg, then coat with pili nuts.
Deep fry pili-coated shrimp until golden brown.
Drain excess oil using a paper towel.
Arrange the cooked ubos apay on a plate. Top with Albay Shrimp.
Serve hot. Enjoy!

Local celebrity chef and Albay native Jang Melgar Grageda is known for cooking up classic delectable concoctions with a distinct Bicolano twist. Her often artfully plated work has been featured on television and print, including ABS-CBN’s Umagang Kay Ganda, Marhay na Aga Kapamilya, TV Patrol World, TV Patrol Bicol, GMA’s Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho, Philippine Daily Inquirer, and Cebu Daily News.

SPATE OF VIOLENCE | Woman shot inside Red Cactus along Magsaysay Ave.

Red Cactus Resto Bar, in front of Villa Caceres Hotel along Magsaysay Avenue, Naga City
Photo by Oscar Esmenda/BICOLSTANDARD.COM
NAGA CITY—Another violent incident occurred along the Magsaysay gimmick hub here last night (March 27).

Police said the victim, Myra Reyes Enaje, 36 years old, was at Red Cactus Resto Bar when she was shot in the face at around 9:40 p.m.

Enaje, of Burce Apartment, Topaz St., Liboton was drinking with a female friend when a man approached her at Table 24 of said establishment.

Enaje and the man, identified as Rolando Rolda, moved to Table 26, the security guard of Red Cactus said.

Rolda is the punong barangay of Paulog, Ligao City, SPO1 Ford Brillante told BICOL STANDARD.

The two were talking when he drew out a caliber .45 pistol and fired at the right side of the victim’s face.

The suspect fled the scene and boarded his vehicle, a white car with plate number TSI 300, the guard added.

He was headed to the direction of the Rotonda, according to the guard.

Meanwhile, the victim was rushed to the Bicol Medical Center for treatment before being transferred to Mother Seton Hospital.

Initial investigation

Rolda is said to be an ex-lover of the victim.

He is a local businessman engaged in copra trading.

PSI Andalis, PO3 Buenconsejo, P02 Mariscal, PO2 Villanueva, PO1 Chavez and PO1 Sena of the Naga City Police Office who responded to the incident are eyeing jealousy as the motive.


Customers who witnessed the incident reported to have ducked under the tables, while others left the area in fear of getting shot.

The guard said that some were even unable to pay for their meals.

The shooting happened a few minutes after actress Nora Aunor left the bar with several friends, he added.

Red Cactus Resto Bar is some 150 meters from the vicinity of another gimmick spot, where an altercation that led to the stabbing of four people happened less than a week ago.

Last Monday, PNP Naga OIC City Director Narciso Damaso Domingo announced that security will be tightened in the gimmick strip to address the recent spate of violence.—Reports by Boyet Paderes and Oscar Esmenda, BICOLSTANDARD.COM

UPDATE: Police on lookout for Red Cactus shooting suspect

Rodeo Masbateno gets full support from Masbate Gold Project

Preparations for the Rodeo Masbateno 2015 are now in full swing with full support from the Masbate Gold Project (MGP), a gold mining company in Aroroy, Masbate.

The Rodeo Masbateño Inc. (RMI), organizer of the festival, launched the celebration in February with an immediate assurance of support from the MGP.

The Rodeo Masbateno is the province's biggest tourism attraction held every second week of April.

Gene Gregorio, MGP communications director, said the company's active participation in the annual Rodeo festival is in line with its corporate social responsibility to promote tourism in the province for the common good of the Masbatenos.

The festival will start on April 5 and will end on April 18, however, the Rodeo finals will be on April 14-18.

The celebration will highlight competitions in cattle wrestling on foot, cattle wrestling on horseback, bull whipping, load carrying relay, cattle lassoing on horseback, carambola, casting down, bull riding and herding competitions.

It will also showcase, trade fair and livestock show which organizers claim to be the largest sports festival in the country.

MGP will also sponsor one of the nightly activities at the Rodeo Grand Stand (the Filminera Night) -- a beer plaza amusement with live performing bands to entertain the public.

The festival will start with a short horse parade with real-life cowboys demonstrating their whip-cracking skills down the street,

The RMI officers are led by Judge Manuel Sese as president.

Other events in the two-week festivities are parade of western-inspired floats and establishments, beef cooking contest, calesa ride and ranch tour, and the search for Mr. and Ms. Rodeo Philippines. (PNA) 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

DPWH enforces disqualification measures to contractors with delayed projects

A contractor with pending overdue project and has reached maximum liquidated damages for any government contract will be prohibited to participate in any bidding process of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH).

This was the statement of Secretary of Public Works and Highways Rogelio L. Singson, as he issues Department Order (DO) 37, series of 2015 or the “Disqualification of Contractors with Liquidated Damages on Ongoing DPWH Infrastructure Projects”, which is pursuant to Section 8 of Annex E of Implementing Rules and Regulations of Republic Act No. 9184 also known as the Government Procurement Reform Act.

The DO 37 states that contractors facing either: (a) delayed completion of work exceeding to ten percent (10%) of specified contract time; or (b) total sum of liquidated damages from delayed project exceeding to ten percent (10%) of the total sum of the contract price, shall be disqualified to join in DPWH projects.

Apart from the disqualification for new contract, the contractor shall pay incurred liquidated damages over the delayed projects in accordance with the rules of RA 9184.

DPWH Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) on the other hand shall strictly enforce the said DO, or face penalties prescribed for violation of reasonable office rules and regulations in Section 52, C(3) of Civil Service Resolution No. 991936 known as the “Uniform Rules on Administrative Cases in the Civil Service”.

“It is a priority of the Department to deliver quality, safe and timely infrastructure projects to the public, thus we shall ban contractors from bidding for new contract if they have existing delayed projects and penalize BAC members who tolerate this kind of activity,” said Secretary Singson.

Catch the Miss Bikini Philippines 2015 screening in Naga City

Calling all beautiful and sexy Bicolanas! The search is on for the next Miss Bikini Philippines 2015!

If you are 17 to 25 years old, at least 5’4” in height, and never been married nor given birth, then you could be the next Miss Bikini Philippines 2015!

Catch Slimmers World International during the Naga screening on March 29, from 10am to 6pm, and March 30, from 10am to 2pm, at The Avenue Plaza Hotel!

For more details, contact 0917-322-2929. Visit the official website of Miss Bikini Philippines at 

3 rescued, 3 missing after boat capsizes in Catanduanes

CARAMOAN, Camarines Sur—Three fishermen were rescued while three others are still missing after a motorized banca crashed onto a rock formation and capsized off Catanduanes on Monday night.

Police identified the rescued fishermen as Luis Gonzales, who was rescued along the seashore of Parola, this town;  Jomar Begino, who was rescued off Nipa, this town; and Eric Valerio, who was found off Baticoraw, Garchitorena, Camarines Sur.

Meanwhile, Nexon Sabio, Wilson Dela Cruz, and George Tatad, all residents of Balangonan, Pandan, Catanduanes, have not yet been found.

Members of the Caramoan Municipal Police Station along with the Philippine Cuast Guard Commander of Guijalo, this town, are presently conducting a search and rescue operation along the coastal waters here for the possible retrieval of the missing fishermen.—BICOLSTANDARD.COM

RIMPOS | New, young literary voices in Naga City

New and young literary voices joined some elder writers during the launch of the literary journal Rimpos at Ateneo de Naga University Instructional Media Center on March 24, 2015.

The journal contains poetry, short-fiction and essays by Clinton D. Abilong, Harold V. Alarcon, Elsie Albis, Edna B. Campana, John Leir Castro (Prose and Poetry Editor), Shellah Farina Chan (Poetry Editor), Jose Jason L. Chancoco (Adviser and Consultant), Jan Kevin de Quiroz, Ahj Eufracio, Jasper Ian U. Felezniňo, Dennis B. Gonzaga, Cienna Jaucian, Jerome M. Hipolito, Jusan Villamor Misolas (EIC, Poetry Editor), Val Dominic F. Monit, VDT Nierva, Pen Prestado, Elmer G. Ramos, Jeffrey Regullano, Rea P. Robles, Janessa B. Savilla, Irvin P. Sto. Tomas, Harold V. Alarcon, Milgre S. Asis (Managing Editor), Joy San Jose Agor, Jorge Jonathan Botor, Jr. (Prose Editor), Israfel D. Fagela, Jimmy Seo T. Jose, Mary Martha P. Marcial (Prose Editor), Clark Neola, Ma. Nica I. Ombao, Jay Savosa (Consultant), Irmina Volante-Torres, Eilyn Lamadrid Nidea, Christian Dy and Camille Anne A. Loza.

The College of Arts and Sciences Department of Literature and Language Studies Chairperson Dr. Jesus Cyril M. Conde also served as consultant.


2014 Bar Results

2014 Bar Passers

1. ABAD, Joshua B
   2. ABALA, Angela Ray T
   3. ABALOS, Charinne Hanako M
   4. ABANTAS, Shidik T
   5. ABAQUITA, JR., Gideon Florante A
   6. ABBU, Rufeliz Ann S
   7. ABDULLAH, Shayma A
   8. ABEJO, Klein Charisse B
   9. ABELINDE, Rachel Jane A
  10. ABELLA, Angelo R
  11. ABELLAR, Mae Ann B
  12. ABO, Marvi R
  13. ABSIN, Roh Dundee E
  14. ABUBAKAR, Gibran B
  15. ACASILI, Carl Jillson B
  16. ACOSTA, Kristian Nico C
  17. ADDAUAN, Francis John A
  18. ADLAWAN, Catherine R
  19. ADRIANO, Amos Mikhail S
  20. ADRIAS, Alma M
  21. AGA, Maria Angelica I
  22. AGOT, Virnee Joy T
  23. AGUANTA, JR., Alejandro E
  24. AGUILA, Katrina Elaine C
  25. AGUILAR, Christianne P
  26. AGUILAR, Francis Ma. G
  27. AGUILAR, Jeffrey G
  28. AGUTO, Jorneil M
  29. ALAMPAY, Maria Patricia N
  30. ALAVA, Sylvester A
  31. ALBA, Andres Jose M
  32. ALBA, Carlo Edison F
  33. ALBERTO, Althea Rosanna V
  34. ALCANTARA, Francis D
  35. ALCANTARA, Regine Andrei P
  36. ALCARAZ, Pauline Breissee Gayle D
  37. ALCOBILLA, Irene Mae B
  38. ALCONERA, Dinnah Mae A
  39. ALEGATO, Sul Jolly Angelo V
  40. ALEGRE, Remy Rose A
  41. ALEJANDRO, Ezerh M
  42. ALERTA, Jommel Jann Kris A
  43. ALFONSO, Aza M
  44. ALFONSO, Erika M
  45. ALFORQUE, Dani Q
  46. ALHAMBRA, Phoebe Marie V
  47. ALIGA, Gwyneth G
  48. ALLAREY, Princess Carra C
  49. ALMONTE, Mae Lyn T
  50. ALONZO, Katherine D
  51. ALVAREZ, Jeffrey R
  52. ALVAREZ, Paola Sherina A
  53. ALVIAR, Joyce B
  54. AMAHIT, Floyd Barry C
  55. AMARAJA, Yildrim T
  56. AMCAY, Jonjon B
  57. AMEN, Catherine S
  58. AMIL, Jayric L
  59. AMILING, Evelyn S
  60. AMINAO, Charmine May C
  61. AMOR, III, Jaime J
  62. ANDAYA-TAY, Melissa Antonette D
  63. ANDO, Mayus Ryan D
  64. ANDRES, Jennylyn N
  65. ANG, Rollie C
  66. ANG, Victor Reynaldo C
  67. ANGELES, Bernard Allan V
  68. ANGELES, Cyrine Anne G
  69. ANGUE, Aileen Rose J
  70. ANOD, Myra A
  71. ANTALAN, Sheena Lynne L
  72. ANTONIO, Alexis Francis B
  73. ANTONIO, Cristina I
  74. APAYA, Edrian M
  75. APELLIDO, Kristine Grace O
  76. AQUINO, Kathlene G
  77. AQUINO, Mark David I
  78. ARAGON, Yya E
  79. ARBAS, Andrei Christopher G
  80. ARCE, Jerome B
  81. ARELLANO, Alvin Anthony V
  82. ARGEL, Golda Margareth D
  83. ARIATE, Eunice Carmela M
  84. ARIÑO, Jacob T
  85. ARNADO, III, Teofilo C
  86. ARONGAT, Arthur John E
  87. ARRAIZA, Cheska Maude L
  88. ARZAGA, Jeffrey D
  89. ARZAGA, Odessa Buena C
  90. ATIENZA, Gian Joseph P
  91. ATITIW, Victor Corpus J
  92. ATON, Carla Zoila Y
  93. AUMENTADO, Adrian F
  94. AUREUS, Vincent Noel A
  95. AUSTRIA, Erastus Sandino B
  96. AVILA, Alyssa Daphne M
  97. AVISO, Ma. Louise C
  98. AYUYAO, Maris Angelica C
  99. BABATUAN, Leslie Joie E
 100. BACANI, Marlyn R
 101. BACATAN, Angeline J
 102. BACCAY, Yolanda A
 103. BACHOCO, Ed Charles P
 104. BACLAY, Francis Paul U
 105. BADUA, Kristofferson E
 106. BAETIONG, Ma. Adoracion J
 107. BAGAGNAN, Ruther Adrian F
 108. BAGANG, Darrell L
 109. BAGAY, Rose Ann R
 110. BAGUIO, Jan Mark P
 111. BAGULAYA, Jose Joannes S
 112. BALBAS, Julius Harvey P
 113. BALDIA, Edwin Marc T
 114. BALINANG, JR., Luvimindo R
 115. BALITON, Malucar P
 116. BALMES, Kriselle S
 117. BALT, Al-rashid L
 118. BALT, Aminah C
 119. BALTAZAR, John Philip A
 120. BALUCAN, Chembeelyn A
 121. BALVERDE, Roan U
 122. BANAAG, Steffi Reizza E
 123. BANDOMA, Jon Andre C
 124. BANZON, Melvin Joseph L
 125. BARBARA, Ailene B
 126. BARDOQUILLO, Leah Lara M
 127. BARENG, Shiel Joy G
 128. BARRAMEDA, Eljay Jose M
 129. BARREDO, Grethel G
 130. BARTOLOME, Ana Karina P
 131. BARTOLOME, Karol Chaim P
 132. BASMAYOR, Michelle V
 133. BATACAN-CAMACHO, Renizza Belle E
 134. BATERNA, Jared Marc E
 135. BATNAG, Odina E
 136. BATU, Karen S
 137. BATUNGBACAL, Mina Franchesca D
 138. BAUNTO, Hapsah S
 139. BAUTISTA, Diana Roselle V
 140. BAUTISTA, Nino Carlo C
 141. BAUTISTA, Pearl Charisse D
 142. BAUTISTA, Veronicaliza H
 143. BAUZON, Lanie V
 144. BAYAD, Bernadette M
 145. BAYAD, JR., Fernando T
 146. BAYANG, Maria Victoria A
 147. BAYOT, Miguel R
 148. BAÑAGA, Robbie M
 149. BEJEMINO, Mark Leo P
 150. BELEY-ARNESTO, Mary Rose T
 151. BELLO, Cristina Marie T
 152. BELTRAN, Mikhail Julwyn B
 153. BENAID, Wynchill B
 154. BENEDIAN, JR., Pablito C
 155. BENITEZ, Cecille T
 156. BENTULAN, JR., Alfredo L
 157. BERCASIO, Jela Myka LL
 158. BERNAL, Samantha Lei R
 159. BERNALES, Rolando A
 160. BERNARDINO, Abigail F
 161. BERNARDO, Jansen F
 163. BERNASOR, Lou Wella Mae S
 164. BESAÑES, Niño G
 165. BILOCURA, Jennelyn D
 166. BINAY, Sharmagne Joy A
 167. BINULUAN, Junerick N
 168. BIRAO, Emmanuel G
 169. BLANCO, Chiara Angela L
 170. BOHOL, Illac G
 171. BOJADOR, Francis Lauro R
 172. BONAOBRA, Kevin A
 173. BONIFACIO, Ma. Angela B
 174. BONTUYAN, Diwa Rafael B
 175. BORJA, Diane Camilla R
 176. BORRICANO, Doreen F
 177. BOSANTOG, Jonathan P
 178. BRAGAT, Ophie Easter M
 179. BRAMPIO, Aubrey Joy D
 180. BRILLANTES, Constanza B
 181. BRIONES, Niña Arlyn L
 182. BRIONES, Reuben T
 183. BRUTAS, Jolas E
 184. BUBAN, III, Mamerto N
 185. BUENA, Kriska Marna A
 186. BUENA, Mark Orline S
 187. BUENAOBRA, Jomyr B
 188. BUENO, Flordeliz Marina U
 189. BUENO, Ma. Anna Margarita V
 190. BUENO, Mikhail Lenin B
 191. BUGARIN, Matisa C
 192. BUGAYONG, Vanessa S
 193. BULANGA-CASINILLO, Diana Michelle T
 194. BUOT, Krisben Zilner P
 195. BUSALPA, Genny Pearl B
 196. BUYSER, Jed Lance C
 197. CABADING, James Michael D
 198. CABANILLA, Jonna C
 199. CABANTING, Arwin V
 200. CABATINGAN, Alpi Andro B
 201. CABAYSA, Elvis Bennet C
 202. CABRERA, Daniel Rafael G
 203. CABRIGA, Catalino R
 204. CABUGSA, Josephus G
 205. CACERES, Ira I
 206. CACHO, Aireen M
 207. CADIGAL, Jose Almarius P
 208. CADIZ, Leonel P
 209. CAFE, Ryan P
 210. CAGA-ANAN, Cathleen Terry E
 211. CALALANG, Joseph Ivan V
 212. CALDERON, Geoffry A
 213. CALDERON, Leah Zilpah A
 214. CALLETONG, Jasmin G
 215. CALUAG, Bon Jeffrey M
 216. CALUGAY, Dongil T
 217. CALULOT, Marinelle M
 218. CALURA, JR., Quirino E
 219. CAMBRI, Marydine L
 220. CANIBAN, Mark Darryl A
 221. CAPILI, Remar S
 222. CARABBACAN, John John B
 223. CARDENAS, Antonio Miguel M
 224. CARDIÑO, Kent C
 225. CARILLO, Janilet Mishelle R
 226. CARLOS, Archie G
 227. CARLOS, VI, Richard Lee B
 228. CARPENA, Blessie Rose L
 229. CASIGURAN, Roselle U
 230. CASIL, Mariane S
 231. CASTAÑEDA, Jose Francisco E
 232. CASTILLO, Alyssa Carmelli P
 233. CASTILLO, Gerard M
 234. CASTRO, Bethel Edgar B
 235. CASTRO-ZAPATA, Abigail P
 236. CATACUTAN, Ace Joseph B
 237. CATALAN, Mia Laine C
 238. CAUAN, IV, Cayetano B
 239. CAYCO, Patricia Gail V
 240. CAÑETE, Edan Marri R
 241. CAÑETE, Sarah Jean G
 242. CELERA, Emme Cheayanne S
 243. CELERIDAD, Paolo O
 244. CELSO, Ellen Faye L
 245. CENIZA, Michael G
 246. CERILLES, JR., Mario C
 247. CERVANTES, Dindo R
 248. CHAGUILE, Michelle A
 249. CHAN, Clariesse Jami Mari A
 250. CHAN, Howard Y
 251. CHAN, Joyce Aiza Z
 252. CHAN, Wharton R
 253. CHAVEZ, Sarah Lynn G
 254. CHEN, Mara Kriska L
 255. CHEW, James Earl R
 256. CHI, Julius Czar G
 257. CHOI, Jacqueline Mae S
 258. CHUA, Chantal C
 259. CHUA, Edric Christian E
 260. CHUA, Jennica C
 261. CHUA, Rachel Bernadette B
 262. CHUA, Ronald O
 263. CIPRES, Bryan Orville R
 264. CISNEROS, JR., Luis Q
 265. CLAREZA, JR., Eleuterio E
 266. CLAVERIA-BADONG, Veronica DL
 267. CLEMENTE, Christine C
 268. CLIMACO, Evangelenne V
 269. CO, Gerald S
 270. CO, Joahn T
 271. CO, Jocelyn C
 272. CO, Pia Isabel O
 273. CO, Ray Ann M
 274. COLINARES, Ma. Lourdes N
 275. COLLADO, Chelmarie V
 276. COLLADO, Reena Mae L
 277. COLUMNA, Christopher P
 278. COLUMNA, Lorelei R
 279. COMAFAY, Melisa Jane B
 280. CONCEPCION, Denise G
 281. CONDE, Eduard C
 282. CONDE-NGOLAB, Jenny D
 283. CONSUNJI, Mary Gladys Stephanie G
 284. CORNEL, Charles B
 285. CORPUS, Mario Lorenzo V
 286. CORPUZ, Sheila I
 287. CORRALES, Joan Rouella P
 288. COSCOLLUELA, Shawn Dustin B
 289. CRISOSTOMO, Danielle Alessandra D
 290. CRISPINO, Ma. Kristine Rhem T
 291. CRUZ, Alejandro Arlan P
 292. CRUZ, Faith Roslyndale T
 293. CRUZ, Jinky Ann H
 294. CRUZ, Katrina P
 295. CRUZ, Kristine Clarisse L
 296. CU, Krystle Ritz T
 297. CULA, Darwin H
 298. CULVERA, Don H
 299. CUNANAN, Paul Vincent T
 300. CUNTAPAY, Girlie Mei D
 301. CURAMMENG, JR., Reynold B
 302. CUSTODIO, Alexandria Demi A
 303. CUYO, Emerson G
 304. DAAN, Evita A
 305. DABBAY, Vincent Ray F
 306. DADAYAN, Farouk M
 307. DAGANTA, Fely Rose R
 308. DAHAP, Maria Laurice G
 309. DAMAOLAO, Rodelo Martin M
 310. DAMASCO, Alex B
 311. DAMASCO, Israel A
 312. DATOC, Charmaine P
 313. DAUZ, Timothy Clark B
 314. DAVID, Jose Angelo A
 315. DAVIDE, Patricia Janelli A
 316. DAWAY, Rhey David S
 317. DAYAG, Florian Kim P
 318. DAYAG, Steven M
 319. DAYPUYAT, Shylla Fe C
 320. DE ALBAN, Dominic Victor C
 321. DE ASIS, Aveneer K
 322. DE CASTRO, Mardane Gizelle A
 323. DE GRACIA, Angela Marie M
 324. DE GUIA, Anne Rose R
 325. DE GUZMAN, Aljon D
 326. DE GUZMAN, Catleya L
 327. DE GUZMAN, Pristine B
 328. DE JESUS, Nerissa N
 329. DE JESUS, Philip Edward A
 330. DE JESUS, Tracy Ann DJ
 331. DE LA CRUZ, Alma Isabel T
 332. DE LA CRUZ, Gizle M
 333. DE LA CRUZ, John Rafael T
 334. DE LA FUENTE, Larry V
 335. DE LA ROSA, Barbara Irene Y
 336. DE LEON, Dino S
 337. DE LEON, Girlie Venus E
 338. DE LEON, Isaac D
 339. DE LEON, Kaycee Ann B
 340. DE MESA, Jennifer D
 341. DEE, Celine Melanie A
 342. DEE, Czarina Angelie B
 343. DEINLA, Josalee S
 344. DEL FONSO, Westly Rey V
 345. DEL ROSARIO, Delañarose A
 346. DEL ROSARIO, Mary Grace O
 347. DELA CRUZ, Carissa Leonor Xyza I
 348. DELA CRUZ, Dana Genevieve C
 349. DELA CRUZ, Dennis L
 350. DELA CRUZ, Jan Michael S
 351. DELA CRUZ, Jastine Marie B
 352. DELA CRUZ, Jemuel B
 353. DELA CRUZ, Julian Rodrigo A
 354. DELA CRUZ, Kenneth Lloyd G
 355. DELA CRUZ, Rozanne B
 356. DELA CUESTA, Jay Marie C
 357. DELA ROSA, Bryan Lloyd L
 358. DELA ROSA, Maridel P
 359. DELFIN, Cherry Marie E
 360. DELFIN, Estelle Marielle F
 361. DELGADO, Honey Rose E
 362. DELGADO, Romella M
 363. DELGADO, Tristan Matthew T
 364. DELOS ANGELES, JR., Domingo P
 365. DELOS REYES, Angelico Zenon M
 366. DELOS REYES, Mark Erwin W
 367. DELOS SANTOS, Glenn D
 368. DELOS SANTOS, Madelyn C
 369. DELOSO, Omar P
 370. DEMAIN, Nathaniel P
 371. DEMAISIP, Ma. Josephine Gerardine N
 372. DESUYO, Jo-ana Marie P
 373. DIAL-QUIGAO, Ma. Ramelisa D
 374. DIALOGO, Karlo M
 375. DIAMANTE, Mary Joy Anne A
 376. DIANA, John Ronnel D
 377. DIAZ, Fideliz Cardellie B
 378. DIAZ, Jan Jason Jendrik C
 379. DIAZ, Maria Lovella M
 380. DIEGO, Marshall Ellis M
 381. DINSAY, V, Frank Eduard C
 382. DISCIPULO, Gierne Gail Q
 383. DIZON, Erika C
 384. DIZON, Rose Angelique P
 385. DIZON, JR., Arthur B
 386. DOCTOLERO, Julie L
 387. DOMEYEG, Carla O
 388. DOMINGO, Riyah Lalaine L
 389. DOMINO, Jenny Jean B
 390. DORIA, Loreto B
 391. DORINGO, Seychelles June M
 392. DRILON, Christian A
 393. DRILON, Patrick C
 394. DULAY, Jericson D
 395. DUMALASA, Sean Paulo M
 396. DUMALOS, Cirille Anne L
 397. DUMANAT, Janellee A
 398. DUMAYAS, Daryl Ray F
 399. DYCHITAN, Pamela Marie F
 400. EBDANE, Bayani S
 401. ECALNIR, Erol Roudel C
 402. ECHAVEZ, Ronna Lissa E
 403. ECHIVERRI, Kingjohn Ericson M
 404. ELMIDO, Jan Christopher P
 405. ENDALUZ, Marie Jourgen B
 406. ENRIQUEZ, Claire Joy G
 407. ENRIQUEZ, Gabriel Alfonso C
 408. ERANDIO, Athena Louise F
 409. ESCALADA, Ryan Carlo P
 410. ESCOLANO, Paul Medard L
 412. ESCOTO, Jamie P
 413. ESCOVILLA, Joseph Patrick O
 414. ESGUERRA, Rafael Rodrigo S
 415. ESPARAGUERA, Miguel A
 416. ESPELETA, Camille Angela M
 417. ESPERANZA, Annaliza G
 418. ESPINA, Carlo Eduardo M
 419. ESPINOSA, Carol-v S
 420. ESPINOSA, Jose Joven Paulo M
 421. ESPINOSA, Ma. Monica Leticia T
 422. ESPIRITU, Aizelle Marie D
 423. ESPIRITU, Elaine Rose Z
 424. ESQUIVEL, Ron-erwin D
 425. ESQUIVIAS, Ma. Carmela Florentyna A
 426. ESTEBAN, Gelie Erika P
 427. ESTELLA, Jessrey G
 428. ESTOLAS, Benjamin Jose S
 429. EVANGELISTA, Abigail F
 430. EVANGELISTA, Carlo F
 431. EXMUNDO, Reisa Marie J
 432. FABICO, Krizia Yvette O
 433. FABILE, Abigail M
 434. FACUNLA, Jeffrey M
 435. FALCIS, III, Jesus Nicardo M
 436. FARCON, Jose Florinio Y
 437. FELIX, Christine Angelica D
 438. FELIX, Razel Ann P
 439. FELIZMENIO, Marinella P
 440. FERNAN, Harry Gwynn Omar M
 441. FERNANDEZ, James Abalos
 442. FERNANDEZ, Kae Dee C
 443. FERNANDEZ, Meriam Consuelo B
 444. FERNANDEZ, II, Antonio Timothy A
 445. FERNIN, Michael Jayson S
 446. FERRER, Jefferson Wilfredo P
 447. FERRER, Julius Abraham C
 448. FERRER-LEGASPI, Jan Adrienne B
 449. FLORDELIZA, Henry C
 450. FLORES, Danilo S
 451. FORTALEZA, Karen F
 452. FRAGANTE, Criela DF
 453. FRANCISCO, Oliver G
 454. FRIAS, Jerome Bart M
 455. FUCOY, Alyssa Agustina A
 457. FURUYAMA, Ken D
 458. GA, Marianne Aiza T
 459. GADOR, Ken R
 460. GAHOL, Ralph Laurence M
 461. GALAGAR, Philip S
 462. GALAN, Cherie Amor C
 463. GALANG, Roi Andrei S
 464. GALAROSA, Michael Vincent C
 465. GALENDEZ, Ellen P
 466. GALIT, Emmanuel P
 467. GALIT, Neil Brian P
 468. GALLEGO, Erika Marie V
 469. GALLITO, Patrick M
 470. GALON, Harold A
 471. GALOS, III, Reparado B
 472. GALVEZ, Micaela Kristina V
 473. GAMBOA, Josine Alexandra S
 474. GAMILLA, Kristia Anne S
 475. GANDIA, Tephanie M
 476. GANZON, Pearl Margaret C
 477. GARCIA, Cesar Domini C
 478. GARCIA, Gil, Ii E
 479. GARCIA, Lordie Grace D
 480. GARCIA, Vianne Marie O
 481. GARGAR, Ma. Edaliza J
 482. GARINGAN, Francesse C
 483. GARMA, Angelica C
 484. GAUDIEL, Kristine T
 485. GAUNA, Maria Rufa Theresa S
 486. GAVIOLA, Gian Franco G
 487. GAYOS, Edgardo Alexander O
 488. GELVEZON-TABITA, Salvacion
 489. GEVERO, Sergie V
 490. GIBA, Analyn M
 491. GIDUCOS, Mohammad Jamalul J
 492. GIRONELLA, Genesis John R
 493. GLEYO, Marco Ray S
 494. GLIPONEO, Lizglen L
 495. GO, Eden Jerby C
 496. GO, Rom- Raison E
 497. GODINEZ, John Henley C
 498. GONZALES, Claudine Joy C
 499. GONZALES, Edwin Prince I
 500. GONZALES, Jeffrey Jay C
 501. GONZALES, Sharwina W
 502. GRAGEDA-FLORES, Joanna Mayelle T
 503. GRAIDO, Helen Maureen V
 504. GRANTOZA, Camille Jennifer L
 505. GRATELA, Merl Margaret O
 506. GREGORY, Ma. Nenita Yumi N
 507. GREPO, Carla Regina P
 508. GREPO, Jesse Raphael R
 509. GRUBA, Katherine Therese
 510. GRUESO, Niña A
 511. GUBAT, Bennet A
 512. GUCO, Jammelle Marie A
 513. GUERRERO, Ellis Emmanuel M
 514. GUIANG, Francis Gil D
 515. GUIANG, Mary Algen E
 516. GUINIGUNDO, Dan Abraham G
 517. GURO, Mojahid S
 518. GUTIERREZ, Ricardo Jesus E
 519. GUTIERREZ, JR., Eduardo R
 520. GUZMAN, Roger Joseph S
 521. HAMDAG, Princess D
 522. HAO, Louie Lynne T
 523. HARDER, Irene Estela T
 524. HATOL, Michelle Marie U
 525. HAULO, Oilie S
 526. HERNANDEZ, Ana Victoria S
 527. HERNANDEZ, Charmaine M
 528. HERNANDEZ, Jason A
 529. HERNANDEZ, Michael Vincent T
 530. HERRERA, Grethel L
 531. HERRERA, Mara Kristina G
 532. HERRERA, Michael Kris Ben T
 533. HERRERO, Vanessa T
 534. HIRANG-OLAVE, Katrina Isabel P
 535. HIZON, Jaybee S
 536. HIZON, Kenneth James Carlo C
 537. HIZON, King James Carlo C
 538. HUFANO, Jack Bryan D
 539. IBARRA, Joahnes Crizelle T
 540. IBARRA, Lucille Mae L
 541. IBAÑEZ, Charmaine C
 542. IGNACIO, Azyleah V
 543. ILAGAN, Ma. Karla Josee C
 544. ILORETA, Debbie Joy I
 545. INFANTE, Seth M
 546. INTAL, Pauline Grace R
 547. INTIG, Estela Joy M
 548. ISIDRO, Evangeline M
 549. ISIDRO, III, Maximo S
 550. ISLES, Maychelle A
 551. IWAY, Lourdes Mary L
 552. JAMILLA, Nicole Rose Margaret D
 553. JATAYNA, Emmanuel A
 554. JAVIER, Karen O
 555. JAVIER, Paolo Miguel V
 556. JAVILLONAR, J-ann Violeta J
 557. JAVIÑA-RODRIGUEZ, Jean Violette A
 558. JONGKO, Jan Michael R
 559. JUANENGO, Ma. Katrina Nadine G
 560. JUMAWAN, Ruel O
 561. JUNI, Noel S
 562. JUSI, Czarina Vijulet N
 563. KADATAR-MALDIS, Feliza C
 564. KALANG-AD, Manuel, Jr. C
 565. KIAT-ONG, Aaron A
 566. KO, Marianne Karyl C
 567. KO, Richard V
 568. KOGA, Ken B
 569. KUA, Kesterson T
 570. LABASTIDA, Mae N
 571. LABAYO, Hale Oliver M
 572. LABRADOR, Ernielineo B
 573. LACAP, Danielle Angela R
 574. LACO, Reginald L
 575. LACSINA, Clarabel Anne R
 576. LADLAD, Joseph C
 577. LAGASCA, Kamille Deanne M
 578. LAGUING, Robert Paul G
 579. LAGURA, Valerius Rufino B
 580. LAQUI, Dahlia D
 581. LARES, Yaye D
 582. LARINO, Emily Joy A
 583. LASQUITE, Jesus Franco B
 584. LAURITO, Karen F
 585. LAURITO, Roderick C
 586. LAWYER, Christian Apollo U
 587. LAYLO, John Albert B
 588. LAYOG, Francis Mark H
 589. LAZARO, Phoebe Ann F
 590. LEAÑO, Czarina Janis Rhaetia
 591. LEAÑO, I, Conrad Ezra M
 592. LEDDA, Joanna Katrina L
 593. LEE, Marvin Andrew C
 594. LEGARDE, Ludanielle N
 595. LEGASPI, Jenelyn B
 596. LEONARDO, Micaella N
 597. LEONES, Christine S
 598. LEYSON, Brian B
 599. LIAO, Michelle D
 600. LIBATIQUE, Jewel F
 601. LIGGAYU, Ryan M
 602. LIM, Christian Louie U
 603. LIM, Cristine C
 604. LIM, Gretchel N
 605. LIM, Innah Samantha S
 606. LIM, Ma. Margarita S
 607. LIM, Ryan Jade D
 608. LIM, Shery Paige A
 609. LIMBO-CABUHAT, Verna S
 610. LIMQUIACO, Jared G
 611. LINGAO, Cherylette P
 612. LIRIA, Carmel G
 613. LIWAG, Vernice C
 614. LLANERA, Mary Ann B
 615. LLANILLO, Jasper June G
 616. LLAVE, Miguel Leander L
 617. LLESIS, Arbie S
 618. LO, Rhodora P
 619. LOBO, Jemuel Paolo M
 620. LOMOTAN, Jonathan Joseph R
 621. LOPEZ, Jayson Pangilinan
 622. LOPEZ, Joseph S
 623. LOPEZ, Marco Angelo Felix L
 624. LORENZO, Ann Margaret K
 625. LORENZO, Jan Michael D
 626. LORESCA, Lovelyn C
 627. LORETO, Emmallaine Leonille V
 628. LOVERIA, Roman Carlo R
 629. LUCIDO, Le Iris T
 630. LUCMAN, Hijara-stephanie B
 631. LUCMAYON, Juris Anne G
 632. LUMAAD, Roseanne E
 633. LUMANLAN, Ralfh Aldrin M
 634. LUMANOG, Erlaine Vanessa D
 635. LUMBRE, Charmaine Joy V
 636. LUMINARIAS, Coleen Claudette R
 637. LUNA, Alden Reuben B
 638. MABA, Samaira C
 639. MABULAC, II, Bienvenido L
 640. MACALANDA, April Fleurenz Rose C
 641. MACARAEG, Mc Guelvin S
 642. MACARAMBON, Sa'aduddin L
 643. MACASPAC, Teresa Micaela M
 644. MADARANG, Patricia A
 645. MADARIETA, Ma Cristina M
 646. MADKI, Normalah S
 647. MADLANGBAYAN, Mariel C
 648. MADRIAGA, Marie Kris C
 649. MADRID, Kristoffer Gabriel L
 650. MADRID, Riceli G
 651. MAGABO, Regine Joy L
 652. MAGALANG, Sandra Mae T
 653. MAGALLANES, Cliff-cyril A
 654. MAGALLANES, Clyde L
 655. MAGALLANES, Katrina Mae P
 656. MAGAT, Kristianne S
 657. MAGBANUA, Mary Angela R
 659. MAGDAMIT, Moiselle G
 660. MAGDAONG, JR., Jorge B
 661. MAGHIRANG, Ariel P
 662. MAGPANTAY, Regine Empress P
 663. MAGPILI, Joe F
 664. MAHINAY, Richelle Lou B
 665. MAIGUE, Rameses M
 666. MAIRINA, Renie R
 667. MALALUAN, Krisandra Ann D
 668. MALAMUG, Jena Lemienne Mae A
 669. MALATE, August Lizer M
 670. MALAYLAY, Levi Anthony B
 671. MALICAD, Yentl D
 672. MANALO, Kriselle Joy B
 673. MANALO, Samantha Grace N
 674. MANAYON, Diana P
 675. MANCELITA, Marga May L
 677. MANDOCDOC, Lisette A
 678. MANGAWANG, Ma. Felora A
 679. MANGELEN, Aljuhari U
 680. MANGUBAT, Loida C
 681. MANIEGO, Kristine Rossellini P
 682. MANILA, Antonio Ceasar R
 683. MANTOS, Beryl B
 684. MANUEL, Karen Kaye C
 685. MANZANA, Phillip Miguel C
 686. MANZANERO, Doren May F
 687. MANZANERO, Jeronimo U
 688. MAPALO, Ma. Carla P
 689. MAQUIRANG, Maria Cecilia S
 690. MARCELLA, Ma. Rosann M
 691. MARQUEZ, Maria Gwendolyn B
 692. MARQUINA, Marlon R
 693. MARTIN, Nico Robert R
 694. MASACOTE, Ma. Angela D
 695. MASANGKAY, Kristel Joy A
 696. MATALANG, Mylalyn A
 697. MATEO, Oliver P
 698. MATIAS, Jamie Angeli T
 699. MATIAS, Marvin A
 700. MATIBAG, Marc Justin Basil D
 701. MATILING, Lorraine Kier J
 702. MATIONG, Hennessy Keshia T
 703. MEDIJA, Joy Ann V
 704. MEDINA, Eilyn E
 705. MEJIA, Janine Angela T
 706. MENDIOLA, Raiza Nicole G
 707. MENDOZA, Jose Maria G
 708. MENDOZA, Mark Evan V
 709. MENDOZA, Mary Catherine L
 710. MENDOZA, Niña Suzette M
 711. MENDOZA, Othello, Ii M
 712. MENDOZA, Roxanne Marie A
 713. MERCADO, Edwina A
 714. MERCADO, Kenneth N
 715. MESINA, Mari Janine Evan D
 716. MIGUEL, Ellis L
 717. MILANES, Rainier Anthony M
 718. MILLENA, Rebeca G
 719. MINA, James Anthony R
 720. MINDARO, Cesar Augustine N
 721. MIRANDA, Gian Carlo E
 722. MISCREOLA, Herbert B
 723. MONSANTO-NEDAMO, Kristine Athena H
 724. MORADA, Neil John M
 725. MORAÑA, Aimee C
 726. MORAÑA, Chleriza Vinky C
 727. MORO, Karl Kristjan B
 728. MOSCOSO, Chad Martin D
 729. MUSNI, Czarina Golda S
 730. MUTIANGPILI, Jhoana Marie P
 731. NADAL, Jordan V
 732. NADONGA, Jeremae R
 733. NAGPALA, Carlo Benedict L
 734. NARAG, Christopher B
 735. NARTATEZ, Carell Ryza E
 736. NATIVIDAD, Angelique Margret T
 737. NAVARRO, Danielle Mae D
 738. NAVARRO, Elvira Denise DM
 739. NAVARRO, Kristina R
 740. NAVARRO, Peter John T
 741. NAVIDA, Veromic E
 742. NAYRE, Maria Liza L
 743. NEPOMUCENO, Tarcila B
 744. NG, Kenneth S
 745. NGO, Angelo Bernard O
 746. NIEVA, Aubin Arn R
 747. NISPEROS, Benedict G
 748. NIÑOLAS, Hazel B
 749. NOBLE, Alexis Joseph R
 750. NOCOM, Roger T
 751. NOR, Mark Esmael R
 752. NUEGA, Gregory A
 753. NUESTRO, Noel G
 754. OBEJAS, Kim David M
 755. OCABA, Barbara Anne B
 756. OCAMPO, Jo Marianni P
 757. OCFEMIA, Rea Niña O
 758. OCHOA, Ma. Claribel M
 759. OCHOCO, Neil Eric E
 760. OCLARIT, Janet K
 761. OCTAVIANO, Clarence T
 762. OCTAVIANO, Leslie Anne O
 763. OCUPE, Raymund L
 764. ODIVILAS, Thea Amor O
 765. ODTOJAN, Leodeeanne Cl T
 766. OJA, Redemtor A
 767. OLBES, Maricel N
 768. OMBAWA, Nassiym A
 769. OMNES, Reynaldo R
 770. ONG, Evangeline C
 771. ONG, Kimverly A
 772. ONG ABRANTES, Raymund Christian S
 773. ONGSON, Cherry Amor V
 774. ONOFRE, Charlon Jay M
 775. ONTAL, Benedict D
 776. OPORTO, Rule Amethyst L
 777. ORCULLO, Hazel Beth D
 778. ORIOSTE, JR., Alfonso L
 779. ORTAL, Philip Marion A
 780. ORTIZ, Jet Mark O
 781. OSDON, Charity Anne
 782. OSORIO, JR., Ramero S
 783. OSOTEO, Maureen Kascha L
 784. OZAKI, Kazuma B
 785. PAA, Juman B
 786. PABLITO, Joshua P
 787. PABLO, Niña Gracia L
 788. PACETE, May Flor E
 789. PACHECO, Leslie Ann M
 790. PADLAN, Glaiza May M
 791. PAGANAJE, Gladys U
 792. PAGDILAO, Kimberly Rose L
 793. PAGUIO, Angela Michelle A
 794. PAKIL, Ben Taib M
 795. PALAD, Daneia Isabelle F
 796. PALATTAO, Claudine M
 797. PALLONES, Jhoy DR
 798. PALMIERY, Fritzielyn Q
 799. PALOLA-DE VERA, Elizabeth C
 800. PAMATMAT, John Red C
 801. PANCIPANCI, Maria Socorro T
 802. PANELO, Daniel Von Evan O
 803. PANGAN, Ma. Angela B
 804. PANGILINAN, Edmund Christian S
 805. PANGILINAN, Rafael D
 806. PANOPIO, Ashleigh P
 807. PAQUIT, Sherlyn P
 808. PARADO, II, Medardo T
 809. PARAGAS, Mary Niña S
 810. PARINGIT, II, Eduardo G
 811. PARO, Annie Rose D
 812. PARONE, JR., Briccio G
 813. PARREÑAS, Ma. Princess F
 814. PASCUA, Faye Angela M
 815. PASCUAL, Carlo John R
 816. PASCUAL, Karen Kate C
 817. PASICOLAN, Sheila P
 818. PATAC, Valerie Gayle J
 819. PATAG, Neil-san G
 820. PATAY, Dixie Jane N
 821. PATINDOL, Jan Danelle A
 822. PATIÑO, Juril B
 823. PAUIG, Ferdinand T
 824. PAUIG, Jose Bernabe T
 825. PAYAWAL-ANGELES, Marianne T
 826. PAZ, Ivyrose B
 827. PEDRAJAS, Christine T
 828. PELAYO, Jasper C
 829. PEN, Kenilma E
 830. PENACHOS, Patrick I
 831. PEORO, Rolly Francis C
 832. PEREZ, Bernalyn A
 833. PEREZ, Mikko Paolo A
 834. PEREZ-ONESA, Sofronia
 835. PEÑA, Gideon V
 836. PEÑA, Irene V
 837. PEÑA, Patricia Ruth E
 838. PIERAZ, Iñigo Gabriel C
 839. PIJO-SERATE, Annabelle S
 840. PILAPIL, JR., Rene G
 841. PILARES, Ma. Kristina E
 842. PILLOS, Christian F
 843. PIMENTEL, Charity E
 844. PIMENTEL, Korina Mae V
 845. PINEDA, Glaiza V
 846. PINGOL, Evan Carlos D
 847. PIZARRO, Raymund Erwin M
 848. PLATON, III, Vicente Jan O
 849. PLECERDA, Kurt Francis O
 850. POBLADOR, Maria Celia H
 851. POCOT, Laarnie B
 852. POLOYAPOY, Randy T
 853. PONCE, Kathrina May R
 854. POSADAS, Allen Joel G
 855. PRESBITERO, Julian Santos B
 856. PRIMICIAS, James Joash B
 857. PRINCESA, Belen Cristina R
 858. PUA, Elisa N
 859. PUECA, Jenette O
 860. PULLANTE, Irish Rosanne M
 861. PUNO, Railla Veronica D
 862. PUNZALAN, Jan Dexter B
 863. PURA, Sheryl N
 864. QUERIDO, Leo Joseph G
 865. QUILANETA, Mark Peter M
 866. QUIMPO, George Philip W
 867. QUINTANA, Aldrin Mark M
 868. QUINTO, Ramiila L
 869. QUITAIN, Xel Alessandra R
 870. QUODALA-FORMOSO, Joanne Janice Q
 871. RAMIREZ, Almyrrh Krista F
 872. RAMIREZ, Princess L
 873. RAMIREZ, Susana Grace Q
 874. RAMIREZ, Virlynn Rose R
 875. RAMIZO, Jalou C
 876. RAMON, Arnel G
 877. RAMOS, Jan Aldrin C
 878. RAYMUNDO, Katrina Veronica G
 879. RAZON, Arvin Kristopher A
 880. REAL, III, Jun Edward L
 881. RECTO, Michelle Anne B
 882. RED-LOCK, Karen Christine S
 883. REDOÑA, Dem Thomas T
 884. REGIS, Redem Tor F
 885. REGONDOLA, Maria Cristina L
 886. RELAMPAGOS, Neil Melton V
 887. RELENTE, Ernest John G
 888. RELLOSA, Rasiele Rebekah DL
 889. REMULLA, Jammy Kate S
 890. REMULLA, Nikka Bianca A
 891. RENEGADO, Jonathan G
 892. RESTAURO, Ruth N
 893. RETUYA, Kenneth P
 894. REY, Floyd Ericson M
 895. REYES, Celerino S
 896. REYES, Elmer C
 897. REYES, Graciello Timothy D
 898. REYES, Lee Realino F
 899. REYES, Neil Noe C
 900. REYES, Rose Ann P
 901. REYES, Roy L
 902. REYES, Stephanie Faye B
 903. REYES, IV, Clemente L
 904. RICARDO, Ruth V
 905. RICO, II, Danilo R
 906. RIGOR, Miguel Justin R
 908. RIMANDO, Czar Alexis D
 909. RIMBAN, Kris Francisco D
 910. RIOS, Odenna M
 911. RIVAS, Reina Carmel S
 912. RIVAS, Vaia G
 913. RIVERA, Jan Michael A
 914. RIVERA, IV, Gelacio C
 915. RIZADA, Julius Frencie M
 916. RIZADA, Resci Angelli R
 917. ROBLES, Anthony M
 918. RODRIGO, Renante C
 919. RODRIGUEZ, Ana Margarita A
 920. RODRIGUEZ, Francia Romlina S
 921. RODRIGUEZ, Paola Krista C
 922. ROLEDA, Dimitri Luis T
 923. ROLUSTA, Stephanie Joy A
 924. ROMA, Shiree Amor P
 925. ROMATAN, Rolynda Ezra B
 926. ROSALES, Anna Jenny Marie A
 927. ROSAS, Franz N
 928. ROSETE, Jennifer M
 929. ROTAP, John Paul R
 930. ROXAS, Erwin E
 931. ROÑO, Albert Michelson D
 932. RUBIO, Jairus B
 933. RUEDA, Rodave B
 934. RUIZ, Caroline Socorre L
 935. SABA, Cristian P
 936. SABUGO, Karen Joy G
 937. SACAR-GUILING, Minerva M
 938. SADIARIN, Elizabeth Joy M
 939. SAILE, Barbara Mae J
 940. SALANG, Patricia Concepcion A
 941. SALAS, Maria Patricia S
 942. SALAZAR, Hanne N
 943. SALGADO, Joliza Janelle D
 944. SALI, Mohamad Jumer C
 945. SALIDAGA, JR., Porferio A
 946. SALIMO, Karen M
 947. SALIVIO, Yani N
 948. SALOMON, Johnittee Z
 949. SALUD, Jan Raphael R
 950. SALUDES, Ma. Elena R
 951. SALUDO, Aaron Marc T
 952. SALVA, Pierre Albert L
 953. SALVADOR, Henesty Z
 954. SALVADOR, II, Lincoln Raymond B
 955. SAMAMA, Mohammad Omar A
 956. SAMANIEGO, Diana B
 957. SAMONTE, Debbie N
 958. SAN MIGUEL, Isaiah G
 959. SAN PEDRO, Danielle Francesca TC
 960. SANCHEZ, Alma Sonia Q
 961. SANCHEZ, Ehrnest John C
 962. SANCHEZ, Jette Roy G
 963. SANCHEZ, Jeza Mae Sarah C
 964. SANCHEZ, JR., Raymond C
 965. SANDOVAL, JR., Danilo R
 966. SANLAO, Art Miguel B
 967. SANTIAGO, January Faith B
 968. SANTIAGO, Joyce C
 969. SANTOS, Jose Justin T
 970. SANTOS, Leo-aries Wynner O
 971. SANTOS, Raphael D
 972. SANTOS, JR., Manolo Aris M
 973. SAQUILABON, Christian Lel M
 974. SAQUING, Dennis C
 975. SARSAGAT, Warren Wyndell D
 976. SATO, Paul Tristan B
 977. SAWIT, Ramon Jeriel S
 978. SERAPIO, Angeli I
 979. SERRANO, JR., Ismael T
 980. SESO, Alexander D
 981. SEVERINO, Emilia Concepcion D
 982. SEÑAGAN, Richard Horace D
 983. SHARIEF-TABAO, Sorayah M
 984. SIAPNO, Liwawa D
 985. SIBULO, Marianne C
 986. SIENES, Anna-marie S
 987. SIGUA, Sheryl E
 988. SILVA, Juan Karlo B
 990. SINCO-GASPAR, Imee Rose S
 991. SINGCO, Jon S
 992. SINSON, Marcus A
 993. SISON, Jasmin M
 994. SIY, JR., Wilson E
 995. SIÑEL, Rachel Ann A
 996. SOBERANO, Junalyn P
 997. SOLA, Camille A
 998. SOLARTE, Rex L
 999. SOLIMAN, Nellaine Annabelle L
1000. SOLLER, April Gayle U
1001. SOLMIRANO, F. Alfontino A
1002. SORIA, Felice Suzanne D
1003. SOTTO, Priscilla Angela O
1004. STA. MARIA, Rafael Gregorio V
1005. SUAREZ, Zarah Patricia T
1006. SUAREZ, JR., Delfin M
1007. SUAREZ-ROTUGAL, Arra Jolly A
1008. SUCGANG, Justin DJ
1009. SUDIO, JR., Wilfredo P
1010. SUPNAD, Karen Feliz G
1011. SUPNET, Rani Angeli C
1012. SUPREMO, Ed Michael E
1013. SUPSUP, Beverly Joyce M
1014. SUYU, Richard L
1015. SY, Diana Willen T
1016. SY, Jerick Anthony J
1017. SY, Rizza Anne O
1018. TABALOC, Carlo C
1019. TABAYAG, Ernalyn J
1020. TABUGON, Jonathan O
1021. TADEO, Anna Camille M
1022. TADILI, Ernani T
1023. TAGLE, Ma. Rizza Blesilda V
1024. TAGUIBAO, Angieli Kim M
1025. TALA, Darlene Alvina P
1026. TALBIN, Noraiza Mae Keith M
1027. TAMESIS, Chris C
1028. TAN, Alfred Edison C
1029. TAN, Andrea G
1030. TAN, Diana Fe B
1031. TAN, Jayvee R
1032. TAN, Joseph E
1033. TAN, Reyena Luz M
1034. TAN, JR., Melvin S
1035. TANGKIA, Louie Marz A
1036. TANQUERIDO, Lyle Rose M
1037. TANSECO, Oliver S
1038. TANTOCO-BRIONES, Jecylene T
1039. TAY, Jonathan John V
1040. TAYCO, Clifford L
1041. TEJADA, Jedyne Venita O
1042. TEJADA, Trina Bianca O
1043. TELOW, Tania Stephanie T
1044. TENORIO, Al Brain C
1045. TEODORICO, Ron Fruto G
1046. TIBON, Rex Elmer G
1047. TIMBANG, Clarisa A
1048. TINAGAN, Dann Peter Douglas E
1049. TINAGAN, Jennifer Simone J
1050. TIONGSON, Frank Lloyd B
1051. TIONGSON, JR., Virgilio A
1052. TOLEDO, Lauren Angelic J
1053. TOLENTINO, Rio Therese E
1054. TONGOHAN, Gifany Ten-ten L
1055. TORION, Alvin A
1056. TORRES, Genevieve L
1057. TORRES, Maria Jerzy Aprille D
1058. TORRES, Raul Marie Ii C
1059. TUAZON, Lea Anne S
1060. TULIAO, Paolo C
1061. TUNG, Bryan Kevin O
1062. TUPAZ, Mikhail Valodya M
1063. TY, Catherine Anne T
1064. ULTRA, Ferminlino C
1065. UY, Michael Marlowe G
1066. VALDEPEÑAS, Via Monina C
1067. VALDEZ, Albert M
1068. VALDEZ, Francis Earl Anthony B
1070. VALERIO, Jay-r M
1071. VALERO, Michael Ferdenand E
1072. VALLADA, Ariane Mae V
1073. VALLE, Andrew P
1074. VALLECERA, Virgil B
1075. VALLEJO, Raymond V
1076. VALLES, Daryl Ritchie A
1077. VALMORIA, Michael M
1078. VALPARAISO, Janice Ivy G
1079. VARGAS, Akira G
1080. VARGAS, Crisanne Del B
1081. VASQUEZ, Albert T
1082. VEDAN, Veda Marie D
1083. VEGA, Daniel C
1084. VELASQUEZ, Jenin Rosanne H
1085. VELAZCO, Joseph Brian Anthony A
1086. VELOSO, Maria Erika E
1087. VICTORIA, Chaucer A
1088. VICTORIANO, Michael Gerard T
1089. VIDAL, Mirabel R
1090. VIEJO, Michelle Anne P
1091. VIERNES, Rhodalice Michelle S
1092. VILCHES, Alessandra C
1093. VILLA, Ralph N
1094. VILLACORTA, Jose V
1095. VILLALOBOS, An-ja B
1096. VILLAMOR, Niva C
1097. VILLANUEVA, Carla Carmela F
1098. VILLANUEVA, Christian Daniel P
1099. VILLANUEVA, Diega D
1100. VILLANUEVA, Drina A
1101. VILLANUEVA, Michelle A
1102. VILLAR, Loris Marriel B
1103. VILLARICO, Niel John A
1104. VILLARINO, Frances Jan C
1105. VILLENA, Katrina Jorelle P
1106. VILORIA, II, Jessie Villamor J
1107. VINZON, Albert Lawrence A
1108. VIVAS, Angelica F
1109. WAGAS, Darling Chyrmyth
1110. WAKAY, Aileen Joyce L
1111. WEE SIT, Joseph M
1112. WILLIAM, Mhelanie C
1113. YANGSON, Jerson T
1114. YAP, Bojhee Bobby A
1115. YAP, III, Enrique A
1116. YSON, Pamela Marie R
1117. YU, Anne Janelle O
1118. YU, Jamie Liz F
1119. YUMUL, Jena Mae M
1120. ZABALA, JR., Genie R
1121. ZACATE, Zandy A
1122. ZAMORA, Harvey Ecker A
1123. ZANTUA, JR., Emilio V
1124. ZORETA, Jeanina Melle A
1125. ZUBIRI, Jennie Lyn T
1126. ZULUETA, Marian Lucille D

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