LIFESTYLE | 4 ways to be more professional at work

Photo by kaboompics / Public Domain
by Teresita V. Gonowon
Acting Work Order Officer,

Professionalism means going beyond merely showing up at work and accomplishing the day’s tasks. Rather, it entails adopting or acquiring attitudes and values to help one distinguish oneself as a true professional.

Be punctual. Punctuality is one of the sure marks of a professional. Whether for everyday work, for meetings, team discussions, or work occasions, it is crucial to be punctual. Punctuality signals respect for one’s superiors, co-workers, and subordinates. To be more punctual, consider taking into account your travel time, and the items you need to prepare for a particular event. Take note of any meetings you set up with colleagues using a calendar, and make sure you periodically check the clock or your watch.

Be organized. No one—whether from your office or outside of it—likes to deal with a disorganized mess. Keeping yourself organized is another way you show respect for other’s time and efforts. Make use of binders, folders, or other organizational office supplies to keep your desk clean and clutter-free. Be neat and orderly in the documents you prepare or are assigned to keep. Remember: these pieces of paper are a reflection of your attitude and values.

Be well-groomed. It is not only your work that should appear clean; you do, too. Make sure that you are clean and neat, so that you look ready to face your colleagues and clients. It is not necessary to have an expensive wardrobe, but it is important to follow the expected attire of your workplace. Avoid anything revealing or inappropriately loud, as these may distract from the quality of your work or the professional attitude you are trying to project.

Maintain a positive attitude. Doing your work with a smile not only makes you look more professional; it also eases the tension and helps you achieve your goals more easily. Being honest, responsible, and industrious will also inspire your co-workers to keep the atmosphere in the workplace positive and pleasant. Once in a while, you must also expect to receive feedback, which may be positive or negative. When you are given a compliment, be gracious. On the other hand, be humble and open when you receive constructive criticism.

Following these tips towards becoming more professional will lead one to success, not only in one’s current position, but also in his or her entire career path. In the long run, it will contribute to an individual’s happiness and well-being, as he or she performs duties even outside of one’s profession.