National Museum recognizes cultural significance of 2 Bicol sites

Barit Bridge, Iriga City
Photo: LGU Iriga
NAGA CITY—Two cultural properties in the Bicol region have been recommended for declaration as National Cultural Treasures and Important Cultural Properties by the National Museum: the Ruins of Cagsawa Church in Daraga, Albay as National Cultural Treasure and the Barit Bridge in Barangay Santiago, Iriga City, Camarines Sur as Important Cultural Property.

The highest designation of National Cultural Treasure, the National Museum said, pertains to “a unique cultural property found locally, possessing outstanding historical, cultural, artistic and/or scientific value which is highly significant and is important to the country and nation.”

On the other hand, an Important Cultural Property is defined as a cultural property that possesses “exceptional cultural, artistic and/or historical significance.”

The declarations were made as a result of the National Museum’s own research, recommendations from other government agencies, or in the majority of the cases in 2015, petitions made by property owners or concerned parties.

Nominated properties were, when necessary, evaluated by dedicated panels of external experts convened for the purpose and approved subject to the confirmation of the Director of the National Museum.

The purpose of declaring selected Philippine cultural properties as Important Cultural Properties and National Cultural Treasures by the National Museum is to, first and foremost, highlight their significance to the entire world that they are officially recognized as an intrinsic part of the patrimony of the Filipino people and are central to the legacy that the present generation should take special care to steward for the generations to come.

In practical terms, these declarations under the law serve to facilitate, through agencies as the National Museum, the National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP), the Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone (TIEZA) and others, measures for the protection, preservation, and promotion by the national government of these exceptional and outstanding cultural properties.

The declaration is signed by National Museum Director Jeremy R. Barns.—BICOLSTANDARD.COM

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