EDUCATION | Developing a love for learning

Photo by DariuszSankowski / Public Domain
by Leila A. Turiano
Don Lazaro Madara Memorial School

When the word “learning” is mentioned, many people would roll their eyes and groan. Studying is definitely not everybody’s favorite pastime. A lot of people get bored with the mere thought of learning and studying, and would rather do more “fun” things, like going out with friends, playing games, or watching movies.

However, I believe that the human race cannot stop studying, because there is always something new to learn, and how else will we be able to understand the world if we do not try to learn about it? As intellectual beings, we must process these information. Even if you are no longer a student, learning is still important, because not only will it help you become a better individual, but it will also contribute to the welfare of the society.

There are many ways to develop a passion for learning:

1.      Discover your learning style. There are many learning styles which can only be effective for particular people. Some people are auditory learners – they learn by listening.  They learn more effectively when they read aloud, or listen to the information. They also find studying with music effective. Other people are visual learners, who learn by seeing. They possess a photographic memory, which allows them to retain information effectively by recalling the visual properties of the object they are studying. Studying by highlighting text and drawing diagrams is helpful for these kind of people. Meanwhile, other people find it more effective to learn by doing. They are called kinesthetic learners. They sometimes create physical movements or even dance routines corresponding to certain information in order to be able to learn more quickly. It is also helpful to know whether you study more efficiently alone or with a study group. Some people find it hard to concentrate with other people around, so they need to study in a quiet place in order to learn. Others find it more helpful to study with friends instead, where they memorize and quiz each other to be able to learn the information. Discovering your personal learning style is a good way to develop love for learning because by finding the way of studying that’s best for you, you will be able to find learning easier and more enjoyable.

2.      Learn something new everyday. Learning is not only confined within the classroom. Even after you have already graduated, and even earned your Ph.D., you can still learn new things because the world is full of secrets to discover, understand, and learn. Trying to learn something everyday is not only a good way to exercise your brain, but it is also a way to develop love for learning because learning can become a hobby. Learning is a skill – when it is done everyday, one can develop an urge to learn something new, and with intrigue comes interest.

3.      Make a journal of your learnings. Of course, learning something for yourself is good, but it can also be very helpful for others if you share it with them. Using this same technique, centuries of people have contributed to all the information that we know now. Imagine if you can become one of those people! That is why it can be helpful to record your learnings. It doesn’t have to be fancy – you may just list your daily learnings however you like. What is important is that the information is recorded. This can become a great way to ignite a love for learning, because by listing and compiling your learnings, you develop an interest for learning, and you can see your progress, your learning achievements, and your overall work.
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