Why do we have to wait for Jesus' second coming? | by Fr. Joey D. Gonzaga

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by Fr. Joey D. Gonzaga
Dean, Holy Rosary Major Seminary

We wait for Jesus' second coming because He said that He will come again. We call his coming again at the end of time second coming. What does second coming mean? The term "second coming" is not a question of repeating something which has already taken place. It is rather about completion or consummation of Jesus' one and only coming.

What will Jesus Christ do, when he comes again?

His second coming will precede the resurrection of the body and the last or general judgment. Let us recall that immediately after death each of us will be judged individually by God. We refer to this reality as particular judgment. The last or general judgment will not change the particular judgment.
At the particular judgment, only the soul goes to hell, purgatory or heaven. At the general judgment, our soul will be joined by our respective bodies. Consequently, those souls who were in heaven will stay in heaven now with their glorified bodies at the general judgment. They will live forever with God. The Lord will be their eternal inheritance.

Those souls who were in hell will remain in hell now with their bodies at the general judgment. They will live in everlasting horror and disgrace. Eternal loss of God will be their everlasting inheritance.
What about those souls in purgatory, where will they go? At the general judgment, purgatory will cease and the souls in purgatory together with their bodies will eternally enjoy heavenly glory.
What should we do then, as we await for the second coming of our Lord?

The "signs" that the Bible speaks of-tribulation, darkening of the sun and the moon, stars falling from the sky, universal conflagration and many others-are not meant to frighten us but to exhort us to repentance and conversion. They exhort us to prepare every day by doing the will of God through the loving service we render to others.

When we are spiritually prepared to meet our Lord we will never be afraid of death. Are you prepared to die now?

God bless!


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