Sandiganbayan convicts Ex-Gov. Typoco of falsification of public documents

MANILA—The Sandiganbayan has pronounced former Camarines Norte Governor Jesus “Atoy” Typoco Jr. guilty of falsification of public documents.

Former Camarines Norte Governor Jesus “Atoy” Typoco Jr.

In a 30-page resolution penned by Associate Justice Rodolfo Ponferrada., Typoco and former Provincial General Service Officer-in-Charge Noel Reyes were meted a sentence of a minimum of two years and four months to a maximum of eight years of imprisonment in addition to a fine of P2,000.

This case stemmed from the procurement of medical supplies for the Camarines Norte Provincial Hospital in 2005.
Said supplies, which amounted to P1.645 million, were purchased as part of Camarines Norte’s Medical Indigency Program.
A public bidding was purportedly conducted on 18 May 2005 with a Notice of Award issued by Typoco, Jr. on 19 May 2005. However, prosecutors presented evidence to prove that the delivery, inspection and payment for the medicines were effected a month earlier, in April 2005.

In her testimony, State Auditor III Nemia Noora from the Commission on Audit (COA) cited the following deficiencies in the procurement of medicines: (1) alteration/tampering/erasures in the purchase order (PO), inspection and acceptance report and sales invoice; (2) non-submission of the list of individual recipients of the medicines; (3) undated and unnumbered Request and Issue Slip approved by Typoco, Jr.; (4) undated Report of Utilization approved by Typoco, Jr. resulting to COA’s inability to determine the actual date of disposal of the medicines; (5) absence of an invitation to the COA to attend the alleged bidding.

Justice Ponferrada found that “there was conspiracy between Typoco, Jr. and Reyes as shown by their respective participations in the alteration of the date of the PO in question.”

The resolution reads: “This alteration or change in the original date of the subject PO (purchase order) constitutes falsification of official document because it affected not only its veracity but it also changed the time when it was prepared and approved to make the document speak something false…when in truth and fact the PO in question was already approved on April 21 without any public bidding.”

Meanwhile, the Sandiganbayan acquitted Aida Pandeagua (Buyer II), Angelina Cabrera (representative of supplier Cabrera’s Drugstore and Medical Supply) and Arnulfo Salagoste (Provincial Health Officer). Similarly, charges for violation of Section 3(e) of Republic Act No. 3019 (Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act) against Typoco,et al. were dismissed for lack of sufficient basis.

In a recent development, the Office of the Ombudsman found probable cause to charge Typoco, Jr., in a separate case, for violation of Section 3(e) of Republic Act No. 3019 (Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act) for his involvement in the fertilizer fund scam.