Naga City police deny 'most dangerous city' tag

NAGA CITY—The Naga City Police Office refuted the claim that it was the "most dangerous city in the Bicol region" as reported by a local media outlet.

Photo via Naga City Police Office
Said outlet, which claimed to have compiled data from the Police Regional Office 5 in Legazpi City, noted that Naga City had the highest number of index crimes in the months of January to July 2015 as compared to the other cities in the region, except for Iriga City, which did not have available data.

Senior Supt. Narciso Damaso Domingo, OIC City Director said in an official statement that the label is "not only offending to the Naga City Police Office (NCPO) but also an outright insult to the very peace-loving Naguenos."

"While it is true that Naga City may have the highest index crimes among the 7 cities of Bicol, you must had checked your facts before jumping into conclusion. First and foremost, it would be unfair to compare Naga City- w/c collects about 50% of the total internal revenue allotment (IRA) among all other cities and with hundreds of thousands regular visitors."

Domingo explained, "While it is true that Naga City had the highest, you must had checked first what are these index crimes? Our data shows that 48% of these index crimes was theft (salisi, pickpocketing, shoplifting, etc.), 39% were physical injuries resulting from reckless imprudence (vehicular accidents) and 8% were robbery incidents (akyat bahay/establishments).

As you see, 95% of these are crimes against property and traffic accidents which is a phenomenon akin to Naga, the center of economic activity in the region where thousands of motorists/motorcycles come and go to do business. Naga City had contributed only 3 murder cases out of 322 incidents in the entire Bicol Region for the period from January to August 2015 (2 of these were cleared/solved by the way)."

The City Director further explained that the peaceful celebration of the 2015 Penafrancia fiesta, in which an augmentation team of 700 cops were deployed, could dispute the "most dangerous city" label.—BICOLSTANDARD.COM


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