Naga City pet hater still on the loose; kills cat

NAGA CITY—Another pet, this time a cat, was killed by an arrow shot into one of its hind legs, a local veterinarian confirmed.

TOP: Another victim of the unidentified suspect who injures pets in Naga City; BOTTOM: Arrow taken out of the cat Photos by Dr. Manny Victorino
In an interview by BICOL STANDARD, Dr. Manny Victorino of Animal Palace Veterinary Clinic, Barangay Tabuco said the cat was brought to their facility from Diversion, Naga City, where it was hit by the improvised weapon.

It took the owners two days to catch the cat, which had been evading capture.

When it was caught, its owners discovered that the arrow had pierced through its stomach.

The cat died from infection and complications, Victorino said.

Around two months ago, he recalled also having treated a dog which was injured by a similar arrow at Sabang, Naga City. Unlike the cat, however, the dog survived because the arrow did not hit a major blood vessel.

Dr. Victorino's patient two months ago
Photo by Dr. Manny Victorino
Victorino is among the growing number of Nagueños who have raised howl over the incidents of animal cruelty.

A few days ago, photos of a dog which was shot dead with an arrow at Barangay Tinago circulated online.

On social media, the photos have since ignited a lengthy discussion, with netizens offering opinions on animal abuse and pet owner responsibility.

Other pet owners, who claim their dogs are also victims, have joined the discussion.

Meanwhile, the Naga City Police Office said no pet owner has approached their office to file a report.

The suspect/s behind the incidents have yet to be identified as of press time.—BICOLSTANDARD.COM


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