BEWARE | Naga City canine hater strikes again, kills dog with arrow

NAGA CITY—A dog was shot dead with an arrow by an unidentified person at around 1 a.m. at Blumentritt St., Barangay Tinago, a few meters from a barangay tanod outpost.

Top left photo shows the arrow that wounded and killed the dog Racho. The rest of the photos show the injured dog. (Contributed photo)
In an interview with BICOL STANDARD, dog owner Engr. Tali Reyes Pabines said they were roused by their dog Rancho’s cry for help in the middle of the night.

They found the dog lying in a pool of blood with an arrow sticking out of its neck. The arrow was long and had a sharp metal point.

Alarmed, his family contacted their relatives to seek for assistance.

They obtained the number of Dr. Badiola, the veterinarian at Bicol Pet Lovers (BPL) Veterinary Clinic and asked if they could bring the injured dog.

Recognizing it was an emergency case, Badiola told them to proceed to the veterinary clinic.

Meanwhile, the barangay tanod told them he saw a beat up red pickup truck stop in front of the Pabines residence and speed away after the dog yelped.

He was, however, unable to take note of the vehicle’s plate number.

Pabines arrived with his dog at the clinic at around 3 a.m. The dog was subjected to medical assistance, but was already weak from profuse bleeding.

The dog died a few hours later.

The veterinarian explained that even if they were able to bring the dog to the clinic immediately, its chance for survival was very slim.

Pabines said he will arrange for the incident to be recorded in the police blotter.

Lamenting the loss of their pet, he said he fervently hoped the culprit will be caught to avert similar incidents.

“I fear that one of these days, these arrows would hit not an animal, but a person, and cause considerable injury,” he said.

His family took to social media to warn others about the dog shooter.

They were surprised to discover that a few who read their message also had similar experiences in recent months.

Many condemned the cruelty and urged local authorities to capture the suspect.

This is the third time this month that a dog was reported to have been shot with an arrow in Naga City.—BICOLSTANDARD.COM
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