Legazpi City wages all-out war vs. overcharging tricycle operators

LEGAZPI CITY—Councilor Raul Rosal today said the LGU is declaring an all-out war against the allegedly abusive tricycle drivers of this city.

Photo via Councilor Rosal
Rosal said he appeals to the riding public to exercise their right by not paying the excessive charge and to file a proper complaint at the offices of the Bicol Communicators and Environmental Rescue Group (BCERG), Philippine National Police, Public Safety Office (PSO) and other deputized enforcers.

The proper fare, he reminded, is only P8.00 for the first kilometer, and an additional P1.00 or fraction thereof for every succeeding kilometer.

Rosal rallied support for the Tamang Singil Advocacy Program, which had already caused the impounding of several vehicles.

The councilor also explained that the program had long been in operation. Several complainants, however, would not see through the entire process, making it difficult for the PSO to file appropriate action.

Meanwhile, his brother Mayor Noel Rosal also asked Legazpeños to cooperate with the program.—BICOLSTANDARD.COM


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