Divino Rostro novenary masses begin in Naga City

The Novenary Masses in honor of Divino Rostro begins today. This is a devotion to the Holy Face of Jesus (Divino Rostro in Spanish) which we venerate at the advent of the Peñafrancia Celebration.

This devotion started in Bicol Region when a priest named Fr. Pedro de la Torre, a priest from Spain who worked in Bicol as missionary brought his personal devotion to the Philippines in the Bicol lands. He brought a replica of the Divino Rostro, a copy from a miraculous image in Osa De La Vega, Spain. The original image in Osa de la Vega was known to be miraculous as it was the source of devotion in overcoming the dreadful disease of Cholera Morbo in 1834, 1855 and 1865 in Spain.

When the same epidemic broke out in the Philippines in 1882, Bishop Casimiro Herrera thought of bringing the Image of Our lady of Peñafrancia to Naga Cathedral for imploring her maternal protection and help for the people from the dreadful disease. Fr De la Torre, thinking of similar catastrophe in Spain, brought the Image of the Divino Rostro to the same Cathedral. Bishop Casimiro Herrera together with the priests made a promise…
"should the dreadful disease spare Naga, the Divino Rostro will be pompously venerated with special festivities together with the Virgin of Peñafrancia."

After three days, the dreadful disease disappeared. It those times of great relief and healing, the Divino Rostro and the Lady of Peñafrancia were venerated together by the people in the cathedral.
Thus it became customary now that during Penafrancia Fiesta, the image of the Divino Rostro is brought together with the Virgin of Peñafrancia in the Procession. The priests together with the Bishop carries the andas at the start of the procession to fulfill the same promise of devotion and for the healing and well-being of people of Bicol and of all the pilgrims and devotees of the Divino Rostro and the Lady of Peñafrancia.

Divino Rostro now is known for the devotees for special healing and for intimate encounter with Jesus in his passion.

This year, 2015, Novena Masses is on September 2 – 10 at the Old Shrine of Our Lady of Peñafrancia (Now Our Lady of Peñafrancia Parish) in Peñafrancia Avenue in Naga.

The Feast Day of Divino Rostro is September 11, 2015, the day of the TRASLACION, when the images of the Divino Rostro and the Virgin of Peñafracia are brought together to the Cathedral. (via Archdiocese of Caceres)


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