INSPIRING IDEA | Cam Norte’s Senior Supt. Fama launches V.I.P.S. in support of Oplan Lambat Sibat

DAET, Camarines Norte—An inspiring innovation in crime detection and prevention has been devised by the Camarines Norte Provincial Police Office, under the stewardship of Provincial Director Senior Supt. Harris Reyes Fama.

Camarines Norte Provincial Police Office Director Senior Supt. Harris Reyes Fama
Dubbed Visibility In Placard and Signboard (V.I.P.S.), Provincial Director Fama’s project involves the installation of signages, on which the cellphone numbers of the nearest police station or substation are indicated, in strategic areas such as schools, malls, markets, hospitals, terminals, barangay halls, tourist destinations, and other places of convergence.

“The commission of crimes, accidents, and other emergencies often happen in places where victims cannot immediately call for police assistance,” Senior Supt. Fama said in an interview with BICOL STANDARD.

“There is a need to address this problem. If these incidents will be reported on time then the police can act promptly and will be able to save lives and protect properties,” he added.

“It’s a way for the police to be omnipresent,” Fama explained, noting the problem of a limited number of police patrols in comparison with the number of streets and roads.

Likewise, the Provincial Director hopes it will deter malefactors from committing crimes, as ordinary members of the community may instantly report the incident to the police.

“Through V.I.P.S., the community will feel that the PNP is there to serve and protect them,” Fama said.

Positive feedback

V.I.P.S., Fama shared, has only been in operation for a few weeks. It was launched on July 31, 2015, during the culmination program of the 20th Police Community Relation Month Celebration.

Already, however, the project has earned praises from local leaders, the tri-media, as well as members of the community.

Fama, who went on local radio program Bag-ong Kasurog to promote the project, said he was overwhelmed with the amount of positive feedback that V.I.P.S. received.

“Local government units assured their support to the project and pledged to give additional funds for the creation of more signages and placards to be put up at all barangays and schools in their respective municipalities,” the provincial director said, beaming.

Municipal police stations in Camarines Norte are also showing strong support for the project, he said.

“Here in Camarines Norte, we are united against crime,” Fama remarked.

Lambat Sibat

V.I.P.S., Fama said, was conceptualized in support of the Philippine National Police’s Oplan Lambat Sibat, an idea proposed by Interior and Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas.

Oplan Lambat Sibat combats crimes with a deliberate, programmatic and systematic approach, with the goal of enhancing the peace and order situation throughout the country.

In line with such objective, Fama also envisions a safer Camarines Norte, a goal which he hopes that locals also share.

With V.I.P.S., Fama is empowering everyone to share in the responsibility of ensuring peace and order in the community.

“Peace and order,” he concluded, “should not be the sole responsibility of the police. All members of the community must be proactive and help in crime detection and prevention, if we genuinely aspire to have a safe and crime-free society.”—BICOLSTA NDARD.COM

INSPIRING IDEA | Cam Norte’s Senior Supt. Fama launches V.I.P.S. in support of Oplan Lambat Sibat

INSPIRING IDEA | Cam Norte’s Senior Supt. Fama launches V.I.P.S. in support of Oplan Lambat Sibat