Soldiers, cops to get full medical assistance

MANILA—Rep. Scott Davies S. Lanete of the third district of Masbate has authored a bill granting full medical assistance to wounded soldiers and policemen while on duty.
Rep. Lanete
In filing House Bill 5933, Lanete said the death of the fallen 44 and the wounding of other PNP Special Action Force (SAF) members raised awareness on the risks of uniformed men face while fulfilling their duty.

Lanete said the Mamasapano incident revealed the real situation of the soldiers and policemen with regard the benefits they are receiving.

According to Lanete, the members of the PNP stationed in dangerous zones only receive a hazard pay of P240 per month and a combat pay of P340 a month while soldiers who assigned to dangerous areas received a combat of only P240 per month.

“Although laws are already in place to provide financial assistance to wounded uniformed men while on duty, these laws are not adequate to help and alleviate their physical, mental, psychological and financial sufferings,” Lanete said.

Under the proposed “Medical Combat Pay Act,” the medical assistance shall cover all expenses necessary to the immediate care and recovery of the wounded uniformed men including their post-care and recovery.

All wounded policemen and soldiers shall be entitled to the medical combat pay the moment they are admitted in a hospital or medical clinic.

Likewise, they are entitled to continuing medical assistance until such time a qualified physician declares them fully recovered, both physically and psychologically. (Congress)


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