'Save and Earn' invest scam victims seek help

NAGA CITY—The allure of easy money proved too irresistible for some Nagueños, who have fallen prey to an allegedly fraudulent investment scam operating via social networking website Facebook.

Over the weekend, BICOL STANDARD spoke to one of those who were allegedly duped by said alleged scam called "Save and Earn."

Jessa (not her real name) divulged that an online paluwagan scheme which was launched on Facebook earlier this year enticed her and many other Naguenos with its promise of multiplying one’s invested money no less than ten times.

Heading the operation was the Cajot family, including Nancy D. Cajot, Clarence Lillian Cajot, and Jio Cajot, all residents of Phase II, Blk. 1, Lot 24, Villa Obiedo Subdivision, Cararayan, this city.


Jessa said you could become a member by meeting with Nancy Cajot at E-Mall, SM City Naga,  remittance centers, or at the Cajot’s Villa Obiedo home.

Members were encouraged to invest money which would entitle them to what were called slots. Each slot costs P100, which would be converted into P1,000 within just 15 days under the “Save and Earn” scheme.

After joining in late July, Jessa patiently waited for her pay-out. A surprise, instead of cash, however, greeted her on the day of the supposed pay-out.

“Pumunta ako sa bahay ng mga Cajot for my pay-out dahil may usapan na kami ni Nancy Cajot pero ang naabutan ko ay si Clarence “Cla” Lillian. Sabi niya wala daw si Nancy at hindi uuwi. Nagtaka na ako, kasi wala nang pay-out at bigla nagbago na ang bilang ng araw ng pay-out. Sabi ni Cla Cajot, 25 to 30 days na raw ang first pay-out,” she said.

When she checked the “Save and Earn” social media group, Jessa said the members were already in a heated discussion.

It turned out that other members were having problems with “Save and Earn,” as well.

“Nagkaroon ng group chat,” Jessa said, “at nalaman ko na marami na palang member ang hindi nakaka-pay-out at maraming member ang sumali na malaki ang pay-in dahil sa dami ng invites galing sa Luzon, Visayas at Mindanao. Merong taga-Singapore, HongKong, Canada, etc.”

What Nancy allegedly did next sounded off alarm bells.

“Nagpost si Nancy na deficit ang fund ng 10 million,” Jessa recalled.

“Lalong nagkagulo ang mga members hanggang sa nagpameeting siya [Nancy] at hindi dumating, kaya nagpatawag ng pulis ang isang member at nagpa-blotter,” she added.


On August 10, eleven members of "Save and Earn" went to the Naga City Police Office to have it put on record that they arranged to meet with Nancy Cajot to retrieve their money, but she did not show up.

On Tuesday, August 11, several members went to the local police to air their gripes.

Among them were Lyzle Movilla y Felices, and Ruperto Movilla y Cervantes, both residents of Sampaloc, Apalit, Pampanga. The Movillas said they were coordinators of the Apalit, Pampanga Group of “Save and Earn.”

In the record, they stated that Nancy Cajot promised to return their capital investment of P4090.00 late in the afternoon of August 11. She, however, failed to show up, and her whereabouts could not be located.

In another record, Lennie Modino y Caballero, 29, of Tabuco, this city, said that he arranged to meet with Nancy Cajot at a restaurant along Elias Angeles St., but Cajot again did not appear.

Similar complaints flood Naga City Facebook groups at present, where Save and Earn members are appealing for help to locate the Cajot family.

The members said that the Cajots have deactivated their Facebook accounts.

As of press time, a complaint is yet to be filed by the alleged victims.

It would be recalled that around a week ago, locals who were duped by a similar fraudulent investment scheme by a company called One Dream Global Marketing filed complaints at the National Bureau of Investigation Office in Naga City.—BICOLSTANDARD.COM