IN CALABANGA | Yu, Medroso, Severo battle for mayor looms

CALABANGA, Camarines Sur—Political observers here predict a three–cornered fight for the mayoralty race in the next local polls.

From L-R: Ed Severo, Evelyn Yu, Ruben Medroso
After repeatedly announcing over the local radio stations last month that he will give way and even extend his hundred percent support in case former mayor Evelyn Yu would decide to run again for the same post, Mayor Eduardo Severo is now out to challenge his former political mentor.

Last week, residents of this town were surprised when a meeting of punong barangays was called, allegedly for a consultation conference.

During the said gathering held at Severo’s residence, those who were invited did not have any inkling that that gathering would trigger his breakaway from his original party.

Later that night, a representative from the Provincial Capitol of Camarines Sur appeared to announce that former governor L-Ray Villafuerte is amenable to the idea of supporting the Severo-Robles tandem in the forthcoming polls.

Ramon Robles is the incumbent vice mayor.

Many barangay leaders reportedly registered surprise as the said political plan was not part of their  agenda for the meeting.

There were several punong barangays who immediately left the place when that issue was discussed, saying that they did not buy the idea.

On August 2 it was also learned that Camarines Sur District Rep. Leni Robredo also declared that her candidate for mayor of Calabanga is former mayor Ruben Medroso, who many believed already retired from politics.

Those who attended the said meeting confirmed that Robredo is not open to fielding and supporting Severo for mayor.

Meanwhile, on the same date, leaders of former Congressman Luis Villafuerte and former mayor Evelyn Yu gathered to proclaim their support for Mrs. Yu.

An overwhelming majority of barangay leaders, incumbents and former officials trooped to the LRV Village, at Barangay Dominorog to announce their support for Yu.

As this developed, Mayor Severo has not sent word on whether he will still honor his previous pronouncements over media that he would not fight Yu, in case the latter decides to run for mayor again.—BICOLSTANDARD.COM