3rd Penafrancia Short Film Festival on; road shows start

The Archdiocese of Caceres, through the Caceres Commission on Communications, presented the three finalists of the 3rd Peñafrancia Short Film Festival on August 3, 2015. Below are the synopses of the entries.

SIMONG LAWOG, (Director: Boboy Aguay)
A story of three lives - BELEN wants to succeed in life in the barrio but his son who wants to be a teacher became paralyzed due to accident; RAMON a poor boatman who always brings his passenger, a lay minister to give communion to a blind man - Gurang Ente. GURANG ENTE - the blind man alone at home. Where do they find hope? Belen, Ramon, Gurang Ente and all the poor - to whom shall they turn to?

LABOY NIAMO (Director: Arjanmar Rebeta)
"Laboy Niamo" (Our Mud) is a short film based on the prayer "Lord's Prayer." Within this short film, there are mini stories that reflect on the last petitions on the said prayer: Give us this day our daily bread; and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil. These are stories about poor (material, psychological and spiritual). These are stories about blessings, forgiveness and guidance. These are about living "mud" being empowered by the grace of God with the help of Ina.

KATIKOT (Director: Kim Kryshan Anciano)
Right after Theo met a car accident which led him to his death, his soul cannot continue its journey.
While his soul wanders around the area where his accident happened, he saw a beggar who asked for bread and water inside the church. He wonders how the beggar can see him in his soul state. He found out that the beggar's name was Niño who presented himself to be a beggar to give Theo his final test.

The schedule of the road showing of the Short Films will be on August 15-16 at Emily Theater (Ticket@P100). There will be road shows in the parishes and schoools from August 12-September 10, 2015. The Awards Night and Gala Dinner will be on September 6, at the Avenue Hotel The Tent.

Tickets are available at Basilica Souvenir Shop, St Pauls Bookshop, SM Mariae Shop, Hypertech Computer and Avenue Hotel.