Ragay Treasurer's Office looted; suspect identified via CCTV

RAGAY, Camarines Sur—Police have launched a manhunt operation to trace the whereabouts of a robber who broke into the Municipal Treasurer's Office of Ragay and carted away more than P50,000 in cash at around 11:48 on Sunday, July 19.

CCTV footage showing suspect entering the Municipal Treasurer's Office of Ragay
Photos: Jener Villarez/BICOLSTANDARD.COM
Footage of the robbery was caught on CCTV, allowing the police to identify the suspect as of Mhark Garcia Saavedra of Tagbilaran City or Baclayon Bohol.

According to the video, the suspect entered the building at 11:49 a.m., then came out at 12:17 p.m. carrying a green bag which belonged to the cashier, Mrs. Ma. Luisa Hipolito.

Contained inside the bag were some P30,000 which belonged to the LGU, around P20,000 of Hipolito’s personal money, and her bank book.

The robbery was discovered at around 5:40 p.m. when security guard Noel Baloloy reported for duty.
Baloloy, the police said, noticed that the Treasurer’s Office was open, and thus informed the police.

The authorities immediately checked the CCTV footage to see whether someone entered the establishment.

In an interview with BICOL STANDARD, Municipal Treasurer Digna Isidoro said it was a good thing that the office has not withdrawn the money for the employees’ salary, otherwise the robber would have been able to have access to a larger sum.

The Ragay Municipal Police Station has already informed Land Transportation Office Bicol Regional Director Noreen San Luis-Lutey to seek the office’s assistance in capturing the alleged robber.

Suspect Saavedra, the same footage revealed, drove a red Nissan Nabarra pick-up vehicle with plate number DEE99.

Meanwhile, Mayor Ricky Aquino has appealed to the public to contact the police if they recognize the suspect or have any information on his whereabouts.

Aquino, in an interview with BICOL STANDARD, said that they will tighten security and deploy a round-the-clock security guard to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Sipocot robbery

A separate report indicates that Saavedra may have also broken into and robbed from the municipal building of Sipocot, Camarines Sur in the same weekend.

Some P2,000 of cash was also found to be missing from said office, but it has not been confirmed if the same suspect was behind the incident.

Government employees, it would be recalled, were out for a long weekend as Friday, July 17, marked the end of the month of Ramadan and was declared public a holiday.

The police said they are currently preparing to file a case against Saavedra at the Provincial Prosecutor’s Office.

Bacolor robbery

The name of suspect Saavedra, according to police records, also came up in a break-in and robbery at the municipal hall of Bacolor, Pampanga on April 26 earlier this year.

He was able to loot more than P800,000 in cash and check from the vault of the Municipal Treasurer’s Office of said town.

Also known by his alias, Ruel Falcosantos Diaz, the 33-year-old Saavedra is a businessman and comes from a rich family.

During the April robbery, his image was also captured in a CCTV footage.

Saavedra is facing a case before the Provincial Prosecutor’s Office in City of San Fernando.—Report by Jener Villarez, BICOLSTANDARD.COM

Ragay Municipal Treasurer's Office
Photos: Jener Villarez/BICOLSTANDARD.COM


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