PBB 'banned' only in my house, Salceda clarifies

LEGAZPI CITY—Albay Governor Joey Salceda clarified this morning that he only "banned" Pinoy Big Brother 737 in his house, after he was quoted that he was "banning" said reality show following the eviction of Barbie Imperial.

"'Yung lahat ng TV sa bahay pina-off ko muna," he posted. "I just don't relish rituals of faked sympathies. So much plastic in that program. Barbie deserves to be treated better. Their loss, our gain. Banned muna ang 'PBB' till the other Albayano is to be defended.

The other Albayano referred to is Thomas Franco Rodriguez.

Some media outlets took the governor's statement to mean that he was imposing a ban on the reality show in the entire province, an interpretation the governor just laughed off.

"Hahaha talaga naman makagawa lang ng headline," he commented.

Salceda, who identified himself early on as a supporter and friend of the teen nicknamed "Doll Along Da Riles," posted on Facebook everyday this week, asking for Albayanos to vote to save her from elimination.

"Its okay, Barbie. Come home to Albay," Salceda posted.—BICOLSTANDARD.COM Pirming enot. Pirming bago.


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