Miss Bicolandia 2015 qualifications announced

The City Government of Naga has released the requirements for the 2015 Miss Bicolandia Beauty Pageant.

The candidate, according to the announcement, must be:

At least 17 but not more than 25 years old on the date of the proclamation night.
at least 5'5" in height (barefoot) based on the Naga City Health Office standards.
Single, of good moral character and reputation, and has never given birth
A Filipino citizen, a Bicolana by birth or by blood or a resident of the Bicol region for at least three consecutive years
At least 4th year high school
Able to communicate and understand any Bicol dialect
Of good health and can perform her future tasks of representing the Bicol region as an ambassadress of goodwill.

Application forms are available at municipal and city halls or local talent scouts.

The Miss Bicolandia beauty pageant is the longest-running and most prestigious pageant in the region.—BICOLSTANDARD.COM Pirming enot. Pirming bago.


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