133K with no bio in Cam Sur

NAGA CITY—Provincial Commission on Elections (Comelec) spokesman Alex Marpuri reiterated the Commission’s call for those with no or incomplete biometrics to visit their respective election officers before the deadline on October 31, 2015.

As of March 31, 2015, 137,617 registered voters in Camarines Sur still have no or incomplete biometrics, Marpuri said in an interview with BICOL STANDARD.

This figure, he said, will be updated after a hearing on July 20.

Among the towns in Camarines Sur, Pili has the largest number of voters with no or incomplete biometrics, with 14,856, according to the latest information released by the Commission.

Already, Comelec has been employing various means to facilitate registration, including setting up satellite booths in barangays, and keeping their offices open even on Saturdays.

Marpuri added that the Comelec national office is studying a proposal to draft a Memorandum of Agreement with private employers to give employees one to two days of leave credits to allow them to go home to their provinces and have their biometrics registered.

He clarified that voters may only have their biometrics taken by their respective election officers in the town or city where they are registered.

“We hope to reduce the number of voters with no or incomplete biometrics by at least 90 percent on the date of the deadline,” Marpuri said.

At present, the biometrics registration, which includes taking the voter’s photograph and signature, takes only around 5 minutes.

“As the date of the deadline approaches, and more people rush to beat it, we expect that voters will have to wait for much longer periods of time to have their biometrics taken. That is why we are appealing to the voters to not wait until the last minute,” he remarked.

Earlier this week, the Comelec national office has already published the list of registered voters with no or incomplete biometrics on its official website.—BICOLSTANDARD.COM