VGov Peña no-show at indirect contempt hearing; case submitted for decision

MANILA – The Commission on Elections en banc ruled today that the parties to the case involving Atty. Gabriel Ariel Abonal vs Vice Gov. Fortunato “Ato” Peña for indirect contempt is deemed submitted for decision, after ten days from today (June 2).
Camarines Sur Vice Governor Ato Peña
Vice Gov. Peña did not appear during the hearing. Instead, he filed a motion asking the poll body to give him more time to file his comments to the said petition.

The poll body, however, did not yield to Peña's motion.

Petitioner Abonal and respondent Peña were both given ten days from today to file their corresponding memoranda, thereafter the case is submitted for decision, the Comelec said.

The petition to cite Peña for indirect contempt stemmed from the Comelec en banc resolution declaring Abonal as the duly elected board member for the 2nd district of Camarines Sur. This happened after the poll body nullified the Certificate of Candidacy of former board member Romulo O. Hernandez who has been disqualified because he had been elected for three consecutive terms already.

Notwithstanding the proclamation made by the Comelec en banc which declared Abonal as the winner, Peña refused and continuously refuses to recognize the petitioner as a member of the Provincial Board.

Hence, a petition to cite Peña for indirect contempt was filed.—BICOLSTANDARD.COM Pirming enot. Pirming bago.

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