Naga City police neutralizes Criminals Using Motorcycles?

NAGA CITY—Notorious members of the so-called “criminals using motorcycles” (CUM) appear to have been neutralized following the arrest of Jason Lador, a resident of Anayan, Pili, Camarines Sur, who has been tagged as one of the suspects in the string of robbery holdup cases here.

Naga City Police
Naga City OIC Police Director Supt. Narciso D. Domingo told the BICOL STANDARD that apart from Lador, there is still an ongoing manhunt operation for his alleged partner, identified as Ruben Flores, who was his back rider when he was apprehended.

It will be recalled that the local police here had a brief chase from Dayangdang to Calauag, before Lador was finally pinned down by the operatives.

During the police interrogation, Lador confirmed that Flores was his partner in the perpetration of the criminal activities here.

Domingo said he created a special task force of trained policemen who will track down suspected criminals who focus on the major streets here in their operation.

Meanwhile, he confirmed that the local police force have intensified their campaign against the proliferation of illegal drugs.

Based on their official records, he said, at least forty 40 percent of crimes recorded in the city are drug-related.

As these developed, it now appears that the so-called Criminals Using Motorcycles have been silent in their operation.

Recently, what have been occupying the police reports are cases involving robberies in residential areas and in motor vehicles left unattended along the streets.

“We will not stop until after these criminals are put to jail,” said Domingo.

Their accomplishments, he said, will serve as evidence of their sustained efforts against criminality.

“As of now, we are focused on resolving drug-related and petty crimes here in Naga,” he said. —BICOLSTANDARD.COM


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