Sunday, June 21, 2015

3 arrested for slay, possible rape of Nabua teen

NABUA, Camarines Sur—Three suspects were apprehended at 5 a.m. Saturday for the killing and possible rape of a 19-year-old girl here.

Jomelyn Bigayan
Jomelyn Bigayan
The victim, Jomelyn Bigayan, was discovered lifeless, naked save for a bra, and bathed in her own blood in her bedroom at her residence in Barangay San Antonio Poblacion here.

The fourth-year student of Nabua High School also had an injury on her head, believed to be from a blow from a hard object.

Melvin Bigayan, the victim’s father, reported the incident to the police at around 8 a.m. on June 19.


Jomelyn, her father said, was unaccompanied by guardians on the date of the incident.

At that time, Mr. Bigayan was staying at the house of his father as he (the grandfather) was ill.

Upon finding his daughter’s body, Mr. Bigayan washed her body, because, according to him, he wanted a closer look at the injury.

Her skull was cracked, and her arms bore many wounds, he said.

He also cleaned the room of his daughter’s blood.

When the police arrived, he had already brought Jomelyn’s body to the sala.

They also discovered that the doorknob at the residence was forcibly opened.


Initially, the police said everybody, including the father, was a suspect.

The investigation of the Scene of the Crime Operative, however, only yielded three suspects: Nicolas Parma of Sta. Lucia, Nabua, Jason Hermosa of San Antonio, Nabua, and Jumar Macaraig of Iriga City.

The arrest was led by Senior Inspector John Murray C. Cutaran, Officer-in-Charge (OIC) of the Nabua Municipal Police Station, under the supervision of Police Superintendent Walfredo Gimpaya Pornillos, OIC of the Camarines Sur Police Provincial Office.

All three suspects were seen by a witness drinking with the victim on the night before she was found dead.

When interviewed by BICOL STANDARD at the Nabua Municipal Police Station earlier today, the suspects were pointing fingers at each other and denying their involvement.

As of this afternoon, the suspects are facing the charge of Rape with Homicide.

Meantime, the investigators are waiting for the results of the medico-legal examination.


A call for justice for the slain high school student has been reverberating on social media since the news of the incident broke.

The victim is a cousin of Jessa Rose Bigayan, who was involved in a controversial case in Naga City.

Jessa Rose, an employee of a large mall in Naga City, died in a hospital shortly after being found injured.

Her case was so alarming that the local government issued a statement condemning the incident.

Reports said she either leapt from or was pushed out of a tricycle she rode to get home.

The driver of the tricycle was identified as the suspect of killing and possibly attempting to rape Jessa Rose.

Charges were dropped, however, against the suspect, as the prosecutor found no probable cause.

Sympathizers of the Bigayan cousins on Facebook underscored the chilling parallelism between the two violent incidents: both were young, female, possible victims of sexual assault, and discovered with their skulls cracked.—BICOLSTANDARD.COM Pirming enot. Pirming bago.

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