LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Youth, unite against the commercialization of education!

The education crisis intensifies under the Aquino administration. As students continue to fall victim to repressive anti-student policies, the Filipino youth is further alienated from their inherent right to education.

For one, tuition deregulation breeds the commercialized nature of education, where continuous, annual and exorbitant tuition and other school fees become a perennial woe to the toiling Filipino masses. At present, there are 313 higher education institutions (HEIs) approved by the Commission on Higher Education (CHEd) to increase tuition and other school fees for the incoming academic year. In Bicol region alone, out of the 23 HEIs who signified intent to increase tuition and other school fees, 18 have been approved.

And now, with the passage of the K to 12 curriculum, the Filipino youth is further exploited under the pretense of a so-called education reform. In the end, the K to 12 curriculum is but geared towards producing more labor reserves to be sent overseas to compensate for the insufficiency of good and sustainable jobs in the country. While the government should focus on creating jobs for its citizens through development of national industries, it abandons its citizens to work abroad where they are often driven to extreme and inhumane working conditions.

These are but some of the myriad of problems in the current educational system, under which only an alarming increase in dropout rates and out of school youth can emerge. The worsening state of commercialized education under the Aquino administration literally kills the Filipino youth.
This is why the National Union of Students of the Philippines in Bicol call for the Bicolano and Filipino youth to unite against the blatant disregard of the current administration to the plight and calls of the Filipino studentry. As Aquino has proven time and time again that he favors capitalist educators over his own “bosses”, we are compelled to unite, fight and be firm in pushing for a nationalist, scientific and mass-oriented education.

by Em Mijares
Regional Coordinator
National Union
of Students of the

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