Php100-M poured into Legazpi seaport repair

A hundred million pesos' worth of repair works will start this July to restore into full operation the Legazpi City seaport damaged by Typhoon "Glenda" last year, an official of the Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) in Bicol said Saturday.

Legazpi City seaport
Photo by Cristan Pago via
Carole Mendizabal, PPA port services division manager, said the project funding would come from the PPA central office.

The PPA engineering construction work had a timeline of 365 days starting next month, and would be fully operational by July next year, Mendizabal said in an interview.

Repair and restoration works will involve the 100-meter berthing area along Barangay Baybay shoreline here, which was damaged when Glenda hit Albay last year.

The damaged area is approximately 50 meters by 12 meters, which practically eaten up the waterfront quay operational area for loading and discharging activities of foreign or domestic tramping vessels at any given time.

The strong winds and waves brought by Glenda ruined a portion of the port by six inches, from its original surface level.

There is a noticeable gap of five inches between the undamaged retained wall of the inner structure and the edge of the damaged reinforced concrete deck and pile.

Mendizabal said the damaged area had been cordoned off since July 25 last year to prevent serious accident to people, equipment and vessels.

Legazpi Port, which seats on a 1.1-hectare lot, is one of the major and busiest ports in Bicol catering to domestic and foreign vessels.

The port has 535-meter quay facilities that can accommodate five to eight vessels during regular operations, but with the damage caused on the 100-meter berthing facility, it can only hold about four sea vessels now.

It accommodates inbound foreign vessels that bring in commodities such as coal, rice and palay, gypsum, crude minerals, fertilizer and salt; while domestic vessels cater to inbound and outbound cargoes which include, among others, cement, coal, sugar silica sand, copra fertilizers, sand and gravel, transport equipment, limestone, iron and steel, refined petroleum products.

Legazpi port is considered a century-old pier built in 1910 and through the years, it has been developed as a major seaport in Bicol.

A new two-storey passenger terminal was built at the pier site last year. (PNA) 


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